Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 2012

September 1st-
In Bear Lake at the start of my run- this scenic view in all of it's beauty. Oh the beauty of the earth! 
After my run and breakfast, we set out for a hike through a cave. While we waited for the cave we took  a Harman Family pic. (Missing Chris and Randy's family's)

Pics before he headed into the cave.  I think it's pretty hilarious that Forrest my nephew looks somewhat like a pedophile and he's okay with it. :) Forrest is hilarious!
^The cave was pretty neat and chilly. The kids all really enjoyed it and Madison fell asleep.

^We always play games on family trips. I LOVE games! Even if I'm a trash talker.

September 2nd-
^Beach Day! We rented a water trampoline and Perry's brought their boat. Love boating! We spent all day there and loved it!
^The cabin we rented had a sand volleyball court. The kids played in the sand a ton! Giant sand box. Everyone did their fair share of games on phones and ipads, took naps, read, and Grandma Harman brought paints and jewels for the kids to decorate shirts. Good times!

September 3rd-
 ^We cleaned up shop and on our way out stopped for raspberry shakes.
^We also drove through Brigham City to see the new temple in its glory.

September 4th-
^The kitties always find the small patch of sun coming through the window and lay in it. :)

^We got together with Torrey and Jenny. Great friends from AZ. It's been a long time! First meeting of the kids.

September 5th-

^Our little buddy Kai has started Preschool. He is so excited and so are we! Cute boy!

^Real food time! Yay! Madison trying peaches for the first time. :) She hasn't turned anything down so far. Applesauce, Peaches, Pears, Banana, Avocado, Squash, Green Beans, Carrots, etc.

^ One of the less-fun things about owning a home. When things break. Like sprinkler lines. Ed's a handy guy, so naturally he ripped things apart. :) Nice effort Ed. We had someone find it and fix it. Whew!

 September 6th-
 I hosted September Bunko. I look forward to it every month!

 September 7th-
^Goodbye Summer- Welcome Fall!

^ MADISON at 6 months!!
Cute little bean had some thrush so they have to give her some purple stuff to clear it up. Love her face.

Height: 24.5 inches (12%)
Weight: 13.5oz (7%)
Head: ?

Wobbley sitting up. Babbling. "aaaa" sound. Loves Food. Sleeping 7-8pm, waking once in the night- back to bed again and up at 7:30am. Naps once at 9am for an hour. Naps 1pm for a couple hours. Sometimes has a third nap. Starting to get hair. Kick Kickin those legs like crazy! So inquisitive and smiley. Happy, bright eyed, easy girl!

Sarah at 6 months: 16pds(40%), 26inches(50%), Head (70%)
Kai at 6 months: 16pd 4oz (30%), 2'3"in (70%), Head (20%)

^ We went to a little picnic party and the kids got their faces painted like pirates and got balloon swords. Happy kids! Our best pirate faces.
^Happy girl!

September 8th
^Uncle Stewart ran the Utah 100 race. All 100 miles!!! Started 5am, ended the the next day around 9am. 28hrs and 27minutes of running! Can you imagine!? Where he gets all the energy??? Amazing though! We had to go support his finish in Midway. You rock Stewart!! P.S. Midway is beautiful!!!

^We stopped by our friends, the Thunnell's in Heber and then stopped by Dairy Keen for lunch on our way out.

^We also stopped at the outlets on our way back. While I waited in the car for a bit I thought it necessary to show how ridiculous my hairline looks since all my hair is falling out from the baby. Look at that! Bleh!

September 10th-
^My friend Staci has been helping me decorate my kids rooms. Kai's room is almost done. :)

September 11th-
^Girls night out for dessert with some ward friends. :)

September 12th-
^Madison just being cute in pink.

September 13th-
^Not sure why it feels so neat to grow your own food and harvest it, but it does. :) Such an accomplishment. It's so neat to tell Sarah to go pick a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes. They are so sweet.

September 15th-
^Ed and I cleaned out the garage all day. Feels so nice to be organized!
^So we had some celebratory ice cream at Leatherby's. :) Sarah ate Kai's cone too since he didn't want it.
^Sarah's loving barbies, so we found a new way to store them so they stay nicer. :)

September 21st-
^Madison is starting to sit! My baby is growing up. Bittersweet it is. Such a punkin!

September 23rd-
^More leaning sitting.

September 24th-
^Let the baby food making begin! MMmmm Squash!

September 25th-
^Ed set Madison on my back while I was on the computer. She's happy to be anywhere.

^Sarah is such a helpful big sis! She chills with Madison all the time. She just loves her.

^Cute chick.

 September 27th-
^The kids and I hung out with Steph one afternoon and pigged out on pizza. Even on our way out of the restaurant. Rock Creek goodness. :)

September 28th-
^ While Ed was in CA for the weekend he sent the kids and I a little treat to tell us he's thinkin' of us. So sweet.

^Nummy feet!

 September 30th-
^Little sitter

We went to our cousin Josh's Bday party. The kids loved the favors! Fireman hats, whistles, and fangs.:) Aunt Nicole throws great parties!

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