Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August 2012- Part 2

August 19th-
Kai is a true boy. Fell asleep with gun in hand. :)

August 22nd- Girls Trip #4
This little lady got to join us on our girls trip.
^Maren came in town at the beginning of August for a month, so Kristen decided to book a flight and meet us in Utah for our 4th annual girls trip. We picked Kristen up at the airport Wednesday morning and got started right away with the things we do best on girls trips. Eat and Shop. :) We spent the day at City Creek Mall. It was a successful trip even with babies in tow. :)
^After shopping we headed to get our usual pedicure. Kristen loves babies and is always so helpful. Especially since she was baby-free this trip. Lucky gal!
^Always love being pampered and the result.
^After pedicures we brought our pretty little toes to eat at Brio.

^Everything was delicious!
^We were going to make and decorate sugar cookies like old times, but decided to relax instead, chit chat and watch a true chick flick, "Bring it On". You can see how long we lasted. :) Harman Hotel is where we had our sleepovers this trip. :)

August 23rd-

^Thursday morn we got ready for a day in Park City area for shopping. Girls trips are not complete without some ugly photos, and driving Ed's car. :)

^On our way we stopped for brunch at Kneaders. Lucky us, Kristen is great at taking photos and likes to practice, so we ended up with some fun profile shots. :)

^Fun to take photos when we're all done up for each other. Thanks Kristen.

^P.S. Kneaders French Toast is divine! I can't believe I had never had it! Yum!

^Shopping was successful at the outlets.

^And we might have stopped at Kneaders a second time that day for a little snack...

We got back from Park City and then headed to Salt Lake to eat dinner at Tucanos. I was dared to eat chicken heart. We all tried it. I don't recommend it, but everything else was great. :)
^Very full!

^We raced home after dinner for some massage appointments. Maren's first! I love massages!

^ After some relaxing massages, we picked up some shakes and played nertz. Good times!

August 24th- SARAH's 5th BIRTHDAY!
^Before our goodbyes we took some last photos together. I absolutely loved seeing these girls! I love how comfortable we are together. I love that we started the raising of our families together. There are some true bonds between us. Until next year...
^After our goodbyes we got on with Miss Sarah's special day! She got the typical birthday decor, a present to start the day, and her "S" shaped pancake.  We had a busy day! She had her 5 year old well check, Kindergarten assessment with her teacher, and most importantly her "friend" birthday party. Wouldn't you guess? A Princess Party.

^The girls dressed up like princesses, got to wear some make-up, and we started right off with princess themed games.
^First they decorated their princes. Made their bodies and drew their faces onto balloons. Then they pinned kisses on the prince (Flynn). Then they played Red apple(light)/Green apple(light). Then they played musical chairs to princess music. Then they had a ball and danced with the princes they made. Sarah may or may not have kissed her prince multiple times during their dance- Wonderful future ahead of us/her! Watch out! ;)
^Princess Sarah. (Sarah actually means princess in Hebrew. :) Learned that this year.)

^ The sidekicks and party helpers. Couldn't have done it without ya!

^Her friends were so kind to shower her with wonderful gifts. Thanks everyone!
^Then we ate cake. She requested a castle this year.
 ^Free time and party favors.

Our Sarah Bear is 5!! So grown up! Blossoming beautifully and we just love her! She is such a thoughtful girl, rule follower(usually) and big helper. She loves to learn. She is a great artist, a wonderful singer and she calls me "beautiful" and Ed "handsome" all the time.:) A wonderful little princess to start us off on our parenting journey- We look forward to the years to come Miss Sarah! 

 August 26th-
^ We had the family over for Hawaiian haystacks and a little "family" party.

^The kids played some games- Red apple/Green apple.
^Duck, Duck, Goose. One of Sarah's faves.
^Sarah's cute cousins that came to celebrate with her. (Missing: Bri, Forrest, Felicity, Alexis, Avery, Zack and Tanner)

^She loved being showered multiple times over the weekend. Thank sweet family and friends.
Sporting her new princess dress up.
She got lots of barbies, a doll house, a kitchen, artsy stuff, etc. 100% girl!

August 27th-
 After over a whole year we reunited with Ryan and Maren for some gaming and of course treats and pics.
An old favorite- Peach Cobbler... with peaches from our tree.
Candy, candy, candy- in this instance Big League Chew.
^We played Canasta- the boys kicked our butts! We drank root-brew as we call it, not Henry's though.  :( And played Scattergories and stayed up way too late! Well worth it though. Gotta take advantage. These visits are way too far between.

^Can't believe our first born is starting "real" school! She is so ready though. None of us are sad, just excited! Let the learning begin. We know she'll do great! Cutie patootie!

^We just can't get enough! So... the Layton's graced us with their presence again! Hip Hip! This time we made Strawberry shortcake, got some better candy, and played some different games. 
^Love to "Settle" and we played Canasta again. Dudes kicked butt again- it must be Utah, because we always killed the guys in CA. :)
It's gonna be a while 'til we can get together again. The important this is that we make it happen. So great to see you Laytons!

 August 30th-
^More show off of bday presents. 

 August 31st-
^If you know me well, you know that I love listening to yodeling. I have done it all my life, and as a family tradition we went every year to Swiss Days to hear Kerry Christensen yodel. I hope to keep this tradition. I haven't been for so long(since we've lived away), that I had to make it happen this year! I went up with the kids and Mom and Deb. Never disappoints! 

^Such a fun, happy affair. After we got scones and headed out to get Sarah back for school. Hopefully there'll be time to shop next year! :)

^After Swiss Days and Sarah's school we headed up to Bear Lake to spend the weekend with the Harman Family in a cabin! Happy to spend a weekend with this type of scenery and view! SO beautiful! I loved being in this setting. Nature is bliss. 

^We just chilled the first night, had dinner and watched a movie. Little Madison was thrown off a little and decided to join us late in the night. :) Stinker. But a cute one.

What a wonderful, busy month! Full of parties, friends and family! Goodbye Summer. Welcome Fall.

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