Saturday, December 8, 2012

November 2012

November 2- Sarah's school had free skating at the old Classic. We didn't try skating this time, but we brought their razor scooters. The kids loved it. We made it a family night and got pizza there too.

^ Then later that night we got together with the Ryan's and played games and ate Halloween candy while the kids watch a movie and eventually fell asleep. :)

Nov 5- In the morning we got together and helped Dad clean out his garage. Then later, we got extended family pictures with the Johnson family, and got pizza and hung out at our place. 

^ The PIE has delicious GIANT pizza's! More than enough! Love my family! Nice to relax after the stress of pics. :) 
P.S. Auzi loves Cami!

Nov 6-
^ We voted!! I got more involved in this election than I ever have. Even if it didn't end with the result I was hoping it was nice to be more involved and educated. God Bless America!

Disclaimer: LOTS of Ragnar pics, but that's what happens when you have so much time on your hands sitting in a van for 2 days. :)
Nov 8- Let RAGNAR begin!!  I organized a Ragnar team this year. With much anticipation and planning, our team (Cirque du Sorelegs) made it together. We rented vans in SLC and caravanned down to Vegas. We carb loaded at Macaroni Grill which ended to be a funny thing, but it did the job. 
^We found our hotel and got to bed.
Van 1- Doyle bros- John, Mark, Kevin, and the gals Steph, Shelley and me.

Nov 9-
^Here we come in our bright colors! 10:30am start time. The temperature dropped 20 degrees from the night before!
^The van in it's glory with it's lovely inflatable animals- thanks Kira! Team #347

^We started up the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. As you can see the 20 degree drop delivered snow to begin. It was freezing and windy!!! Hence the reason I snuggled in a little too close to Kevin's arm for the pic. So sorry! ;) So unintentional, but gave us all a good laugh when viewing afterwards. :) 
I was the runner #1. 19.1 miles total.
Run 1- 10:30am. Downhill. 7.1 miles. I love downhill! Fastest average mm for me. (7:15 mm!!) =50:29min.
^Feelin' good after first run! Check out those cool socks!! With the cold most of our florescent clothes were covered.

^Apparently everywhere got cold and Utah got a bunch of snow. Ed and the kids built a snowman. Ed took the kids all weekend Thursday-Sunday. Glad he is willing and good at it. Thanks babe! I pumped during the trip and Madison took bottles from Ed with no hesitation. Nice to have a little freedom. :)
^At our first exchange we met our teammates from Van 2. Couple: Spencer and Kira Thunell, bros: Tom and Nick Hanks, and Brock Keddington and friend Andrew. Check out the sweet florescent get up they found! Jealous. They looked awesome! Those might be womens shorts...:) I can't explain the photos they took. What happens in Vegas...
Run 2- 7pm. Uphill. 6.4 miles. Lots of stoplights messed with my time :(. 9:05 mm =1:01 Still freezing and windy!

Nov 10-
Run 3- 6am. Ending Uphill. 5.6 miles. 9:15 mm =51:01 min 

^Dance Party after! Stiff muscles and all! Music going non-stop made the trip! Good times!
Van 1 is done!! Last exchange 'til the end!
^Van 1, and the gals
Our team finished 108th out of 518 teams. Official time-30:07:00 with a 0:09:09 mm pace. What a great team! Well done everyone! Team took 55th out of 319 team in the mixed division :) Good for not pushin' it. :)

We got showered and went out for dinner and walked around/mingled a bit after. Nice to see everyone cleaned up a bit in something other than sweaty running clothes. :)

Nov 11- We slept in a little, got breakfast and drove home. 

^ Beautiful view. Even desert. Fun weekend, but eager to get back to my fam.

Nov 12-
^ We got to have cousins stay with us for a couple days. Elle and Crew. Sarah made sure to dress Crew up.

Nov 15- Ed's B-day!
^Ed worked, but got off early enough so we went and saw Skyfall, got food, put the kids to bed and chilled. Ed checkin' all his bday messages, and he got a watch for his bday. :)

Nov 16-

^Madison has emerged and the scooting has turned into crawling! Itty Bitty girl.

^The baby food-making production. Tedious, but I think Madison seems to like it best. 
My friend had a couple extra tickets so Meg and I snagged them and went and saw the last Twilight show last minute. Good excuse for girl time and definitely entertaining. :)

Nov 17- Primary Children's has a day that they let kids come check out the OR. Since Aunt Melissa and Ed work there we took the kids.
^They loved it! They got to dress up like surgeons and do pretend surgeries.
^They look so official. Fun to change it up. Not every day you get to hold medical tools, etc.

^That evening Ed and I went out to celebrate his birthday at Spencer's Steakhouse. It was good. :) Love you Ed. 40 is sneakin' up! Can't believe it! So young at heart! ;)

Nov 19-
^For FHE we put up our fake tree, set up the train and had hot chocolate. Kids are so easy to please sometimes. Sometimes they are the only motivation to do certain things that take work too. ;)

Nov 20-
^This discovery stage is the cutest!

Nov 21-
^Can't resist taking pics of these Utah sunsets. Even if a photo doesn't do them justice.

Nov 22-THANKSGIVING- Ed and I got up at 6am to put our brined turkey in the oven. We hosted Thanksgiving this year.

 Rub a dub dub
^My 3 kids in the tub! 3!!
^Aunt Jodi brought some cute crafts for the kids.
^The 6 eldest cousins. :) Sarah, Avery, Crew, Kai, Zachary, and Elle.
^All of the food was delicious!! I missed the dessert pics. :(
^Living away from Utah so long our friends became our family. Now that we are back our family get to become our friends. Thankful for family this year! My Aunt Heidi and Mom's friend John joined us this year too.
^We had Thanksgiving lunch instead of dinner since Ed had to fly out at 1:30pm. Workin' man! I dropped Ed off at the airport and then came back and hung out with my family for the night.

Nov 23-
^Sarah told me she learned how to write cursive. Good effort. :)

^Another beautiful sunset.
^We bought 1/4th of a grass-fed cow. :) It filled our whole deep freezer! Think we're set for a while. :) Thanks Jodi for doing all the arranging!

^ Even though I still think these will be around, I needed to take a picture of our last box just in case. :)

Nov 26-
^Multiple reasons why I love walking in on this.

Nov 28-
^Had a girls night with Steph and Rachel. Complete with a new warm drink for me, cookies, cards, candy, and girl talk. Felt like a teenager again. One thing is for sure- I will never grow out of girl friends and girls nights.

Nov 29-
^Madison is standing!! The top two are Madison. She resembles both Sarah and Kai. :) The bottom left is Sarah the first time she stood. The bottom right is Kai the first time he stood. Love my kids!

^Kai got to have a play date over here with  3 other boys finally! I like the sight.
^We also watched my friend Meg's little angel, Keaton and daughter, Addie that morning for a little bit. 8 kids total. The babies slept and the older kids entertained each other! I like it!

Nov 30-
^Madison is movin'! Standing, crawling...all over! She can't be stopped! I love a determined girl.


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I love your updates Linds!!!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

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