Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012

Dec 1-

^Ed makes delicious waffles! We're lucky he likes to cook.

^Sarah had her first dance recital at the Festival of Trees. They did the cutest dance to "Suzy Snowflake". She is loving dance so far.

^Ed goes all out. Sometimes I call him Clark. He made that cool Merry Christmas sign. Talented. The lights looked great babe. :)

Dec 3-
My friend Steph took some pics of Madison for 9 months. She did a great job!
^Sarah at the same age.
^HAD to capture her cuteness!

Dec 5-
^FHE Tree Decor night.

Dec 7-
^Madison's 9 month apt.
Like the older two, Madison is such a social baby. She loves exploring new people's faces and loves any eye contact she can get.

Length: 25.5 in (3%)
Weight: 14lbs 9oz (3%)
She is itty bitty! Went from 7% down to 3%. We're gonna work on that. She's wearing 6mo size clothes.
What's new?:
-steady sitter, pulling up on everything.
-Picking up objects, she can put her binky in herself. Starting to learn to put food in her mouth. She's graduated the bumbo and is now in a high chair.
-Using consonant sounds, ba-ba and da-da, understands her name and "no". ;)
- Wanting to eat everything we are. Losing interest in baby food if she see's real food in sight. Nursing 7am, 11am, 3pm and 6pm and one in the night. (I don't make much milk this time. We supplement some.) Starting to learn water in the sippy cup.
-Sleeps swaddled (she breaks free pretty quickly), with binki, and her giraffe blanket. Naps around 9am for an hour, 1pm for about 2 hours and in bed by 6:30pm. She's still waking once in the night around 4am, but I think it's because she's still small.
-She has her 2 bottom teeth.
^My cute Kai at his 9mo appointment

Dec 8-

^Sarah finds way to play and entertain Madison all the time.

Dec 10-
^FHE Gingerbread House Decor

Dec 12-
^When I watched Debbie's kids one afternoon for a couple hours, Lexi and Madison loved playing together.

^Ed's grandparents had their 70th wedding anniversary! Amazing!

Dec 13-
^Sarah had her last dance recital at the Dicken's Festival. She did great and gave us some cute little poses. After her recital we got dinner, ran into Santa, stopped off at cousins house and played quick before we took daddy to the airport. 

Dec 14-
^We had a post Ragnar shindig. I love making new friends. Good to see everyone again, eat food, visit and play some games. Fun bunch. Yay team! (We missed Brock and Andy)

Dec 17-
^Our neighborhood had a party at the clubhouse and invited Santa and Mrs. Claus. Sarah asked for a barbie house and Kai for a trumpet. :)

Dec 18-
^First round of neighborhood gifts! We have some great neighbors!

^The Ryan's invited us to the "Echos of Christmas" at Liberty Park. Good reason to get together with friends.  I love to be invited.

Dec 19-
Kai in his preschool Christmas program. He cracks me up. ;)

Dec 21-
^Sick baby. :( She was SO cuddly! She had a high fever for a few days and popped out 2 bottom teeth after being sick.

^We went with Stewart and Nicole to get dinner and see the lights at Temple Square. Somehow we failed to get the group shot, but our little family got one. Beautiful evening with family.

Dec 22-
^Ed took Sarah skiing for her first time. She loved it and picked up on it quick! Good job Sarah!

^ Our neighborhood friends had a party. We went to dinner and then had a ugly sweater and white elephant party. We (U fans) got BYU basketball tickets. Anyone?

Dec 23-
^Christmas outfit get up for church. Festive are we.(me)

^Madison's get up. An old one of Sarah's. No big deal it's a 3mo old size and she's 9 months!!

Dec 24- Christmas Eve
^Christmastime=family and food. Some of my favorite things. Especially the ris a'la monde.
^Now you see them... now you don't. Santa's wife may have eaten the cookies for him. ;)

^Christmas Eve with the Harman's. New Christmas Jammies.
^New Christmas Ornaments.
^Christmas Eve Loot!

Dec 25- Christmas Day
^Gifts from Santa
^Christmas morning.

^Ed got...
^Mom got...
^Sarah got...
^Kai got...
^Madison got...
^ We spent Christmas Day with the Johnson's at Neil and Jodi's but failed to get any pics. :( We ate and hung out. Kids were all passed out by the time we got home.

Dec 26-
^ My cute, creative friend Michelle organized a Les Mis party with this cute invite: 
French food, Stolen Bread, and girl's night out mingling at the Ivory Crossing clubhouse. Then the 7:30 p.m. showing of Les Miserable at the District. I don't want to go "On My Own", so if you want to see the movie, "Come to Me" with $10 before December 15th so I can get tickets and plan out the pre-show food. I don't want "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", so let me know if you can come. So excited for this movie! Feel free to bring a friend too! We can all lament the too much stuff for Christmas and wonder, "What Have I Done?"
I thought it was so cute and had a great time. Ed came as my date. Great show!

Dec 27-

^The kids were begging to go play in the snow and go sledding. Daddy took them. :)

Dec 28-
^Our new favorite snack. Dehydrated fruit. It's like candy.

Dec 29-
^Ed and I went to the "Octapella" concert in SLC. Some of his old friends sing in the group. It was great! And so was the chocolate cake we had to-go after. ;)

Dec 30-

^Christmastime brings friends in town. Fun to see Pat and Lindsay. 

Dec 31-
^Time to clean up Christmas. This cutie got tangled in the lights as I put them away.
^Our friends had a last minute party for NYE. We took the kids out to dinner and then went and hung out for a couple hours. Glad to be mingling with neighbors more. 2013 is going to be good. I feel it. 
Number 1 Resolution so far- Find Happiness in my role as wife and mother, simplify and let go of everything else bringing me down.

December Photo a Day-
1. Lincoln  2. Animated Christmas cartoons  3. Red CHRISTmas lights  4. Gifts we give and receive and sugar  5. Rainy  6. New stocking for new baby this year  7. Star  8. Last Years ornament  9. The Happiness Project  10. Wrapped empty gifts for decor  11. Wrapping paper  12. Celebration of 70 years married  13. Mine  14. Ours  15. O Holy Night  16. Our yard  17. Gifts  18. Hoping to be filled  19. Candy canes  20. Tree 1  21. Peace  22. Yearly Christmas cards  23. New this year  24. It snowed!  25. Unwrapped  26. Pretty food, great company  27. My flannel sheets and comfy pillow  28. December calendar  29. Dark. Inversion. Cloudy.  30.Untouched snow in my backyard  31. Baby playing in lights


Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Pat and Lindsey are in our ward now! So funny :) Small world.

the watkins said...

Great pictures. you have an adorable family!