Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 2013

Feb 1- I took another California/hair trip and left the kids home this time. I wish it was easier to leave for a few days here and there. Oh well! Those sweet children are worth it. Leaving mid-30 degree weather for 60 degree weather was a nice break. Even if it gets complicated.  The warm sun on my skin when I arrived was just what I needed. Afton hosted me this time and she was wonderful! She let me take her car, fed me delicious salads, etc. throughout, drove me around and was just so hospitable. It was so fun to catch up and be with such a driven, sweet, positive energy for a few days. I'm so lucky to have such supportive loving friends near and far. Priceless relationships. Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible.
^23 clients this trip. Busy, but not too busy so I had some down time to enjoy-and pump.;) I worked Thursday afternoon, ran with Afton Thursday evening and worked and Friday and Saturday all day and got out in the evenings. Not bad.
^Some girls got together Friday evening for dinner. I love seeing anyone/everyone, and miss those I didn't see.

Feb 2-
^I got to spend Saturday evening with Kaylynn and Brook. So fun to catch up. We had a great evening out. They know how to eat well and have fun. ;) Thanks for dinner/dancing. :)

Feb 3-
^I spent the night at Kaylynn's and went for a run/walk with her on my favorite trail Sunday morn. Oh the many things I miss... Then I flew out.

Feb 4-6:
^Home to these cuties. They are getting better at playing imaginatively together- and making messes. ;)  Cute little turkeys. They are good sports.

Feb 7-
^There are many days I miss CA weather, but also many days I am driving in UT and have these beautiful breathtaking views of the mountains. Utah is beautiful. Blue skies and snow capped mountains or beautiful white snow covered everything in winter...blooming beauty in all the spring colors and cool air... refreshing hot summer/water activities, warm nights....crisp fall leaves and colorful's pretty great! SOO ready for spring season!
^I hosted Bunko with friends, or shall I say Hunko for February. ;) We had some good food, fondue  and some sexy prizes. :)
^Guaranteed fun with these gals. Always look forward to it.

 Feb 8-
^We went to dinner with my momma. Good to get out. Love invites.

Feb 9-
^Not too many picks of this lady and bath time. Sadly she gets fewer bath's than I remember the other kids getting, but she loves them when she gets them. :) Happiest girl. Love.

Feb 11-
^Longest story ever, and long day, but to condense- check engine light went on, parked in an empty lot while we figured out what to do. Came back less than an hour later to no car that was apparently towed minutes after I left. Tiny tow signs listed on 4 light poles in the giant parking lot. It was towed. They wait for people. Rotten, filthy, dishonest people/job. $214 cash. Over an hour of waiting to get it out, being lied to... bad day. Luckily Ed was able to fix the car and it wasn't anything too serious. Lucky to have a handy man.

 Feb 13-
^Cookie Day! Lot's of work, but always well worth it for a creative outlet and cute cookies. Mom helped this time.

Feb 14-The Katz's came into town Valentines evening. :) Hooray! The kids couldn't sleep until they got here. Sarah and Sydney stayed up until 12:30am before we made them go to sleep. So fun to have such good friends both us and our kids are so fond of. We love visitors!!

Feb 15- Austin had a birthday while in UT so we were lucky to be invited to the dinner celebration at Pizza Factory.
^Delicious breadsticks and company
^This peanut is happy to be eating real food now. She is such a happy girl.

^Two peas in a pod. I love this. They played so well together and were so excited the whole time.
^Spoiled. Having friends to ride in the car- Sarah was in heaven.

Feb 16-
^The kids dancing.  So fun! Those Katz kids have some dancing skills!
^Picture testers...

"FOREVER YOUNG" PROM  2013 begins. This was our 3rd Prom. Ed and I have started a tradition around Valentines where we throw a Prom party with neighbors. We go to a nice dinner and have a dance at our house after. Always fun to get dressed up and go on a nice date and have some fun. When else do we get to dance and be silly anymore? Being childlike is fun sometimes, loosens everyone up and shows us all a good care-free side that we miss. 
^11 couples met at Christopher's Steakhouse for dinner. It took a little longer than planned, but was still good and a fun way to start the night. 
^Kristen had a wedding earlier in the day and a reception in the evening, but we had to shoot a quick picture of us in our black dresses and with our hair/makeup did before the dancing began. Kristen did my nails and makeup and I did her hair. So fun to be girly. She's a beauty in and out! Love having her around!
^Hotties! Prom Pics. Ha! Top: Ryan's, Trayner's Bottom: Sudbury's, Parker's
^What good sports! They clean up nice! Top: Yeates's, Estrada's Bottom: Spens's, Stout's
^So glad my brother's and wife's came! Glad family are friends too. Land/Deb and Neil/Jodi.
^US. I always love Ed a little extra at Prom. Brings out a fun side of him.
^Prom 2013- "Forever Young"
^After dinner we got to the house took pics, recorded quick video, ate treats, mingled, danced and had a love poem reading for those who wanted to participate. We have a contest every year. About half the crowd wrote poems they recited for us. Then we voted on winners. Should have got some pics...
 Staci Stout came in first, Mike Spens in second and Brittney Trayner in third. 
Thanks for playing everyone! Parties are so much fun when everyone participates and comes out of their shell a little.
^Party favors. ;) Didn't know we had such a wild bunch! Check out the right pic. One left?! Sheesh!;) HAHAHA!
^Everyone at least slow danced to "their song". Lots danced to the upbeat music as well. Fun crowd! Thanks again everyone! Can't wait 'til next year!!!! Bring it!!

This year we handed out the paragraph of a song at dinner that each couple had to lipsinc to. Ed then created a video like he has done in years past. I love lipsinc's!!!!  Enjoy!
^"Marry You"- Bruno Mars.

P.S. If you are looking for any video editing, Ed has a little business on the side. He's great!

Feb 17-
^Chillin with friends is the best! Miss these days! Kai and Austin were twinners.

Feb 19- President's Day
^Took the kids to the Herriman indoor pool. They've been begging! Madison's first swim in a long time. She loved it as did the other kiddos! Looking forward to this summer! We spend a lot of days at the pool.
^Later, Kristen and I got to get out and got to dinner and do some shopping our last night. Can't stress enough. Love her. Spoiled this weekend. Thanks Kristen! Breathe of fresh air.

Feb 22-
^We took the kids to see Wreck It Ralph finally! Sarah got to bring her friend Eliza. They loved it. Fun family outing.

 Feb 25-
^Just another view of the beauty in Utah.  Driving up 10600 S. Can't help snap a picture when I get that "feel good" feeling from the scenery.

 Feb 26-
^A fun night out with the ladies in the neighborhood at Chocolate. Michelle had a birthday! She's so sweet. Glue of the neighborhood.

Feb 28-

^Holly (up in the right corner) recruited me to play in the last few games of Stake Basketball. Even though I rarely watch sports and haven't played basketball since Sophomore year in high school (Jr. Jazz)- we had a grand time. At least I did. ;) Ha! I scored a few points. Thanks for letting me be a number ladies. We got killed the first game, but won our second and third game. Double elimination put us out of the finals after Saturday morning's game.(I didn't play in that game, but the girls did great!) Maybe I'll play next year and actually practice and learn how to play. Even if I'm not great at something I like to try. I can be mediocre. :)

Come to me Spring!!!!!!!!!!  I need you!


Prilla said...

So was your car towed in the old lowes parking lot in sandy on 9000 S.? They tow from that one all the time! I know so many people that have been towed from there.

mj said...

Oh man, that prom video made me miss you guys like crazy! Nice work. :)

The Wiser Side said...

Looks like a fun filled month!! LOVE seeing pictures of you and your cute mom and brothers!

Lindsey Harman said...

Yes April. 90th S. tow lot. Ridiculous! :)

Anonymous said...

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