Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 2013

March 2-
^The crazy feline and his tail.

March 3-
^Studly little Kai in his suit

March 5-

^Ed went skiing at Solitude with Stewart. They had a great time and the weather was great. They came home with red faces.

^Naps for anyone other than the baby rarely happen anymore. That's why when someone decides to sleep in the daylight hours we get pictures. :) Cute boy. I'm sure I told him to go clean his room. I remember him telling me he was going to lay down, but then it stayed quiet. That could only mean a couple things. Either mischief or sleep. Glad it was sleep this time.

March 8- Madison's First Birthday

^Oh how we love this girl! Last year was a rough one. I'm sure she is what has kept me goin'. Such a sweet spirit to have in the home. She brings pure joy. I think she has been my easiest baby.
^I like to make a cake of the thing my kid likes at the time of their birthday. At this age, just like  Kai was, Madison's mostly fond of her little snuggly blanket, which happens to be a pink giraffe. :) So we made a #1 looking pink giraffe. You can see it resting on the top of her picture below.

^We had our family's over and ate yummy pizza from The Pie and had cake and ice cream.

^Madison loves attention. She got plenty! :)

^Our company. Best kind.

^Madison was hilarious with the balloons. That cute little tongue.

^After Pizza we let Madison go at her mini cake. You can see what she made of it. Ed made a video of Madison's first year of life that we were all able to watch after. Boy time flies! He did a great job. It was fun to relive her sweetness. Then, all the cousins loved helping her open gifts. Discovery age is fun.

March 9-
^Stew and Nicole invited us to a Uof U bball game.  Fun to get out. We had a great time visiting and watching the game!

March 14-

^I think this was Madison's first tub alone. Most tubs we give are quickies. She loved being solo in the tub and playing. My cute little beany.

March 16-
^The warmer weather makes me itch to run. When Sarah asked to join me on my run, I hesitated thinking she would slow me down, but that wasn't the case at all! I gave her little boosts up the hills and she seemed to pull me the rest of the way. Fun quality time together. 3 miles of an active activity and exercise together. Can't beat it.

March 18-

^Mads had her 1 year appointment. She is still itty bitty, but growing on the same curve. Just a little petite peanut. We adore her. 

Here's her stats: 
Length: 27 in (-1%)
Weight: 16lbs 11oz (-1%)
Head: 43cm (10%)

Changes from 9 months: 
Started eating mostly solid foods, Less preferred puree foods, Wants to feed herself the more solid foods like fruit and sandwiches, Started yogurt, Started holding her own bottle. Weaned completely to cows milk, Tried juice for the first time, Got her 4 top middle teeth, learning to wave, claps, no words yet- mostly babbles (ma- ma, da-da, la-la, ra-ra), scaling furniture and walking while holding onto a stroller, uses sippy cup, got a mini haircut, stopped nursing, started drinking whole milk bottles afternoon and night, sleeping 6:30ish pm-7ish am. 
She eats everything we do. So far no dislikes. She takes 1-2 naps.  Either 2 short at 9am and 2pm or 1 long at 10:30am. Size 2 diapers. Graduating to 3's soon.
Nicknames: Mad, Mads, Mi Mi, Mims, Mim, Meem, love bug, Moo Moo, Maddie.

March 20-
^Couch Time! Madison loves the couch. She climbs back and forth on it and loves it if people are sitting on it as obstacles to climb over.

 March 22-
^Sarah loves writing and drawing. We're finding all kinds of pictures and messages that she writes/draws on her own. I found this one stuck to her door. Pretty funny. :)

 March 23-
^We made use of our pass of all passes and took the kids to a fun center. Too bad after 20 minutes the fire alarm went off and we had to leave. :( At least it was free. :) 
Madison, we learned, has now discovered the stairs going up. Have to keep a better eye on her. I tried to keep them away as long as possible. She's mastered going all the way up. Hasn't tried down yet.
Sarah requested curls. I forgot to take the picture of her hair after. Curls she got. Like Annie.

March 27-
^Remember last month how I got towed and the whole situation was ridiculous. At least my appeal gave us something back. $100 of our $214. We have yet to see the check, but...Crooked business. 

^ My SIL, Jodi, texted me and told me she got some cute easter cookie-cutters and she wanted to decorate cookies with me. Decorate we did. Fun as ever.

 March 28-
^I love it when friends have a good idea and invite us along. Mads was super tired. It's not too often we get snuggles like this.

March 29-
^The kids got to go to a bday party Jungle Jims and had a great time.

^ Aunt Cami came and colored Easter eggs with us. :)

March 30-
^Our neighborhood has an Easter egg hunt and breakfast at the clubhouse before Easter every year. They also get bouncy houses for the kids. Fun! After, Sarah rode with me on my run. Then we had a picnic/nap on the grass outside.  Madison is wanting to stand and climb out of everything.

^We went with our friends, the Yeates's to a REAL game. A first for us. We liked it and the seats were great too. They won! :)

March 31- EASTER
We tried for many photo shoots throughout the day. :) Here's our first try. A little too bright outside I think. ;)
^Sarah- You can see how thrilled she looks about trying to smile with sun in her face.
^Everyone outside.
^The inside pics turned out much better. Cuties. Love Easter Dress-up.
^ Madison
^Easter get up. It's getting warmer it's helping the moods.
^The Easter Bunny came! She brought new hooded towels that someone in my neighborhood helped me make. :)

^We had to take an afternoon walk in the warm sun. The weather was perfect. The kids wanted to wear bunny ears for the walk.

^Mmm Mmm Easter food!! (Extra special since the next day I started no sugar for a month. Craziness) :)
^Grandma's and Granpa's joined us for Easter Dinner. Great Company.

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