Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013

Oct 3-

^Sarah was a champ at her dentist appointment. She has/had 6 cavities though!!! I promise we brush, but we will be brushing and flossing more. :) She had a couple cavities filled and acted so grown up. No crying, just cooperative and pleasant. All were pleasantly surprised.

^One of the last T-ball games for Kai. He really liked T-ball, and was able to stay more focused. He can hit the ball without a T, and throw. The throwing to the ground needs some work, but he did great and looks so cute in his little uniform. :) Good job buddy!

Oct 5-
The prep for what I planned to be my last marathon (possibly ever- we'll see. ;) At least for now) was pretty grueling. It was hard to find people to run long distances with, I had some injury/discomfort in my ankles(possibly tendonitis) and unfortunately my family was not able to come to the race. Way less fun/motivating. But now I will have completed my goal to run a marathon between each child. No plans for another, but this covers me just in case. ;)

^My dad was able to drive down with me to the race Friday afternoon. My friend, Valerie(from high school), saved us! She stepped in last minute and let us stay at her house the night before the race. She ran as well, so she also gave me rides in the morning and her her husband helped accommodate my dad too. Lifesavers! 
Pics before the race. 
The thought crossed my mind while I was training to try and qualify for Boston, but with injury and difficulty keeping fast pace, the thought left my mind quickly...until race day. :) I thought I could at least start with the BQ pace group for my age group and see if I could keep up. (3:35 finish- 8:20mm)

^Race morning didn't go quite as planned. Nothing wrong, but I can't say I ever felt fantastic during the run. Weather was perfect though. Nice and cool! I finally visited a potty at mile 11 which is when I saw the 3:45 pace group balloons approaching. This is when I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to catch my balloons. :) Either way, I pushed it. I finally shed my jacket at the half way point. I felt tired much of the way. Hit the typical crash around 19. My calves started to threaten cramping around mile 22. The volunteers rubbed them with icy hot. My dad met me at mile 23 to run with me the last few miles. By then I felt spent. I was vocal in my exhaustion. I let out tired gasps/moans the last couple miles. :) Looking back at my pace I'm pretty surprised that I was going as fast as I was. It sure didn't feel like it. Especially the end, I felt like I was crawling. 

^I finished! I knew I could. 3:42:56 was my official time. 8:30mm. My goal each marathon is only to improve, and that I did. (355:50) I felt mild disappointment about not qualifying for Boston, but had I done that I'd have had to run another marathon which didn't sound amazing, so...bittersweet. :) I feel proud and accomplished and completely ready to be done with this experience. :)
We grabbed our stuff at Val's, and headed back on the road to get home. Less than a day in St. George. :) Thanks Dad for coming to support me. The thought of having no one there was depressing. Val, thanks for your hospitality. So fun to catch up. You are a treat. Marathon #5 complete! Ed went to Priesthood session, and I was happy to find celebratory donuts in the fridge that evening. No guilt whatsoever! Love you fam! Thanks for the support from afar.

Oct 6-

^Sometimes you can't resist taking a pic that is so cute, and other times you can't resist taking a picture because it is SO grose! Boogers galore Madison!

Oct 9-
^Madison had her 18 month appointment at 19 months. :) She's as cute as they come, and she's on the charts again!! 
Height: 30inches  (6%)
Weight: 21lb oz (6%)
Head: 45cm (10%)
2 shots.
Same curve. Little Petite-y. :) Keep her baby-like! She is such a joy. So much fulfillment with her! We love you Madison! 
My kids have been very similar at this age: Started mild tantrums. Walking has evolved to running. VERY Social! Likes to be held by anyone, especially the neighborhood girls that beg for her! Generally really happy. Has a good vocabulary 25+? Knows body parts. Stepping up and down stairs.  Likes to climb. LOVES books! Sings words of songs or tune, "Twinkle, twinkle" and "tick tock" and "EIEIO". Does actions to pat-a-cake. Pro with a spoon. Eats a fair amount of most foods, but starting to be a little picky. To bed in 7 o'clock hour and sleeps until 7am+. Greets us with a big "hi" when we walk in the room. Takes one nap late morning or early afternoon around 2+ hours. Has most of her teeth. Not loving baths, but loves showers and snuggles. Binki in bed and the car. LOVES her small, pink giraffe blanket that she puts the corner in her ears and eyes.

Oct 11-
^Kai at the pet store for a preschool field trip. :)

Oct 12-
^Ed is a festive outside decorator. The kids love it, as do I. 

Oct 17-
^Finding Madison in a similar spot I found Kai at this age...:) Yikes!

Oct 18-
^We headed up to Midway with the Johnson family for a weekend of hanging out. Friday we got together in the afternoon and went to the tennis courts, started a puzzle, had dinner and dessert, played some rock band and Dad of course fell asleep amongst the chit chat in the evening.

Oct 19-
^Saturday we had breakfast, hung out and went out for shakes and greasy food. :) The men golfed, the women puzzled, chatted and listened to music...
^The rest of the family ate and watched a movie while Ed and I headed back to a neighborhood party quick. Our only chance at dressing up this year. ;) The theme was TV/Video. Fun to get dressed up and be with friends for a few hours.
^Holly and Matt took 1st with their UP costumes. Ed and I, 2nd as Seneca Crane and Effie Trinket of Hunger Games. Then we went back to the condo to sleep so we could wake with the fam.

Oct 20-
^We went to church, had lunch and then took a Johnson family photo and went to a park to play. Just what a family trip should be. Spending time together. :) I'm glad everyone was able to get away and make family a priority for a couple days. I think it definitely brings us closer. 

^All the cousins! (Two more babies coming! December and January! Congrats Deb and Jodi! )
^All the kids loved the park! And they love Aunt Cami and Uncle Aaron.
^Jodi and Neil did delicious fondue and homemade pie. Yum!

Oct 21-
^Sleeping all in one room can be difficult. And the only time Madison has slept in our bed for half of the morning. ;) We cleaned up and took the kids to school when we got back. :) Fun Trip! Memories made, relationships stronger.

Oct 22-
^Loving to do things on her own.

Oct 23-
^The beauty of fall in Utah is breathtaking and required me to take some photos of the beautiful colors in my yard. So pretty!

A friend invited us to the pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins. Happy to get the invite. The kids loved getting out in the crisp weather for an activity.
^Tractors to ride on.
^Pumpkins to pick.
^Wheelbarrows to push, haystacks to sit on, ....picture perfect scenes.
^I love flashbacks! Sarah at a pumpkin patch close to Madison's age.
^Kai ran wild! Good boy activity.

^Sarah brought her friend Lizzy.
^The bunch of us.
^Trucks full of pumpkins
^A fun corn maze
^Good company
^The pumpkin patch scene. Big wide open area. SO fun, yet very scary for us that evening. We were leaving at dusk, and despite my warnings to stay close, Kai darted off to our car parked on a second level and was seconds away from getting hit from someone leaving the patch. Not sure how he got past the car. It was like slow motion as I watched in horror. Freaked me out. We were lucky this time. We had a good talk. Gave me a reevaluation and I held him a little tighter that night. Thankful he was watched over.

Oct 24-
^Witchapalooza! My neighbor set up a girls night out to Gardner Village for their witch night. Lots of people dress like witches. It was the first time I've been and it did not disappoint! Dinner and company was great, but the show was AWESOME and hilarious! I loved it! I love musical theater! I was giddy.

Oct 25-
^Kristen came into town for a weekend with her sisters and I was lucky to spend half a day with her. We got lunch, shopped a little and of course got dessert! Always a treat. I'll take what I can get with this dear friend.

Oct 26-
^Ed and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm for an activity. We had lunch and played at the park, fed the ducks and saw the animals. Tuckered them right out! :)
^In the evening, we were invited to a pumpkin carving contest. The food was festive and fun!
^The kids had a great time! We love to party!
^Sarah's pumpkin turned out great! She did everything along except for cut the top off.
^Ed had a grand plan to win the creativity prize by putting our fog machine through the back of his pumpkin. Probably would have worked, except the fog machine died. :( Still a cool spooky pumpkin!
^Kai and I tag teamed and won the funniest pumpkin prize! Sweet!
^Well done everyone! #5 won scariest.
^The kids table did great too!
^Thanks Kris! Great host and company!
^Madison still happy getting ready for bed. Hyped up on all the sugar and attention from the party. :)

Oct 28-
^We started a tradition to make homemade chili and donuts the FHE before Halloween. Cami, Aaron and Mom joined us this year. :) We weren't prepped enough for the donuts so we decorated cookies instead.
^Many more were made and decorated, but eaten so quickly so this is what was left!

Oct 31-

^The kids were begging to wear their costumes since the day they got them. Good thing they were able to wear them all day on Halloween! Sarah in her school parade, Kai at his preschool party, and Madison's purple toes to support our friend Leah. :)

^Pumpkin decorated pizza Halloween night!

^Sarah: Ariel

^Kai: S.W.A.T.

^Madison: was Sarah at this age. :) Cuties.

^Ready to trick-or-treat!
^Sarah and Kai were all in this year! I swear they ran to every door. 6pm-8pm.  Our cousin Charles came to join us too. He wore the monkey Kai wore. :) Madison stayed happy in the wagon doped up on candy to keep her happy. ;) She went up to a couple houses. We missed daddy at work. :(
^Randy and Audrey and Charles. Welcome to the Halloween tradition Audrey!
 ^Me and the bunch
 ^ Daddy went out with the kids for a few houses when he got home from work. The kids scored big this year! Almost 2 full buckets each! If I gain weight, you know why. :)

^Ed finished another project this month. He covered the wood stairs and stained the railing. Great improvement babe! Next to come, new shelving for shoes! ;)
Take more pics Ed! There's hardly any of you this month! :(


mj said...

I love these monthly updates. And seriously, congrats on an amazing marathon!! Run another with me a few years. Chicago???

Joey and Nettifer said...

I love all the fun! SO are so creative and amazing. Good job on our marathon! You are a rock star. What a fun month!