Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November 2013

Nov 1-

^ Just waiting at Texas Roadhouse. Family weekend out. :)

Nov 2-

^Trying to enjoy some of the last warm days. Park with the kids. Never gets old. 
^Yard clean up day. Giant amounts of leaves. I still love fall.

^Date night with friends. Dinner and bowling! :)

Nov 4-
^Healthy family night. 1/4 mile with kids and then scones and hot chocolate.

Nov 5-

^Exercise class most days at the church with fellow friends and awesome teacher Gretchen. I love showing up and being told what to do. :) For free too.

Nov 7-

^Must-dash time! Headed to Ragnar in Vegas with friends! Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then BK for dessert. Shakes that were disgusting. Didn't really hit the spot. Seriously how hard is it to mess up ice cream? Hate BK. We made it to St. George late and stayed at Tom's parents house. SO nice of them.

Nov 8-

^Let's drive to Vegas. Look at them must-dashes, and the sweet car decals. :)

^Sexy! Or not...
^The guys with their awesome team spirit. Yes, they're real! The staches. Love our shirts. :{
Spencer, Nick, Ed and Thomas.

^Pre-start pics. Feeling good. Having fun! Perfect time to act young and immature again. Ed found a girl with matching shorts. Probably because I bought his in womens target clearance for $5. :[

^Glad Ed is sharing in the running events!

^Run #1 for me. 5.5 miles. Started off great! Weather was top notch, lost my stache around mile 4 though, and also got lost. Me and Suzy were the head of the pack, but missed a turn somewhere and ended up adding 1.5 miles uphill to our run. So frustrating!

^Notice stache earrings. Ed's first run. 2.4 miles. Nice time!

^Post first-run dinner at Cheesecake Factory. MMM! Hope we weren't too shmelly! :{

^Run #2 for me. 5.8 miles. Still great weather. Running in the dark on the side of a highway with desert off to the sides was interesting. I think it made my pace faster though. :{

^Run #2 for Ed. 3.1 miles. 12:44am. Less cool. We went back to Brock's hotel for a quick shower and a few hour nap before our last runs.

Nov 9-

^Run #3 for me. 5.1 miles. So fun to see my second cousin, Amber, at the end of my run! She was running too! I haven't seen her since I was a kid! We keep in contact through social media, but fun to give her a squeeze.

^Celebratory dancing post run for me! A full hour of it. Pure happiness.

^Ed's last run. 7.3 miles. Hard to be the last runner when everyone else is finished and run in the dreadful heat. He did great though!
Victory! 16.4 miles total for me. 12.8 miles total for Ed. Our team did well. 189 miles. 58th place out of 340 teams. 27:54:18.8. total time. We got an extra Saints and Sinners medal for running Wasatch Back and Las Vegas Ragnar in the year.
^Mustdash Van 2
Ed, Lindsey, Nick, Tom, Spencer, Kira
^Mustdash Van 1 and 2.
Jon, Ryan, Andy, Trevor, Josh, Ed, Tom, Nick
Brock, Lindsey, Kira, Spencer

^ We replenished calories after the race. Then I went to the pool for a nap while the guys took naps. Brock and his buddies were trying to get beat up at their pool by wearing their medals. :) Ed brought his 1 piece suit to go along with the white trash stache. Sick!

^Buffet dinner at The M was the best I've had in Vegas. Then we went hot tubbing at Brock's pool and back to our hotel for bed.

Nov 10-
^"Egg and I" post drive home. Another fabulous restaurant!
Special Thanks to Neil and Jodi for taking our kids while we ran. :) Adult time is so important.

Nov 12-

^Sarah lost her first tooth! Fun milestone. :) Such a big girl. Daddy helped her pull it out. She lost the other bottom tooth four days later with a babysitter while she was brushing her teeth. It got rinsed down the sink. Whoops! Tooth fairy still paid her.

Nov 13-

^Sarah is loving gymnastics at the rec center.

Nov 14-

^Keaton and Madison pre-party. I failed to get a picture with the ladies, but me and a couple friends had a Toms shoes party at the clubhouse. Good excuse to mingle and shop. :)

Nov 15- Ed turns thirty-gr"eight"!
^Ed and I went out to Flemmings for steak and had pumpkin pie for his birthday. :) Glad there is a day designated to Ed where I get to focus on all the positive things about him. He has a lot of shining qualities.  He is fun, relaxed, responsible, a giver, optimistic, driven, a great daddy, the first to give hugs, charismatic, handy, smart, and of course good looking.  And he loves me. :) Love you babe! I'll never feel old with you around. Ha! Happy Birthday to you!

Nov 16-
^Some friends in the neighborhood set up a date night. We went to Thai food and then played laser tag. It was a lot of fun! Can't remember the last time I've been. Ed is good with a gun. He was Galaxy. I was Minnie Mouse.
Yeates's, Strong's, Ryan's, Moore's, Us, Parker's, Spens's
As usual I opted for dessert after laser tag, so we got shakes. :)

Nov 17-
^Sunday afternoon we headed to Vegas with the Yeates. We have been talking about a trip for a long time, and even though we've traveled quite a bit lately, and it seemed silly to take such a short trip, we packed it full of fun and made it work. :) We stumbled upon a restaurant we've been meaning to try when we got there. Food portions are giant!!! Food was creative and great. Make sure to share if you go there. :)

Nov 18-
In the morning the guys went golfing while Michelle and I went to breakfast and the pool. 
^Then we got ready and went out for lunch and did a little shopping.
^We got a sweet deal to do some racing. Super fun! 
^Not all cars were created equal. Glad we got 2 races!
^We did some more quick shopping before we headed to "Illusions". It was fun to see magic up close. Michelle is good at getting the hook up! We got moved last minute to the front of the viewing area. Nice! I would suggest the show.
Me, Jan(the magic man) and Michelle
After the show we headed out for a late dinner at The Lux. It was delicious! Such great food and company this trip!

Nov 19-
^The rooms were a little comical. Total Vegas. That's a mirror on the ceiling. ;) Michelle and Todd had a great view of the strip from their room. We stayed in The Palms. I would suggest it. 
We ate well on the drive home of course. Cheetos, DQ and corn dogs! That's what road trips are all about.
Many, many thanks to my sis Cami for taking the kids for us. We are lucky to have people to help facilitate our need to get away once in a while. Thanks to Holly and Maddie too.

Nov 21-
^Cannery for the first time with the ladies I VT. Neat! I love storing food! :)

Nov 22-
^Ed in his Christmas light assembling/set-up gear. Climbing to the rooftop this year. :)

Nov 28- Thanksgiving
^Ed and I both exercised in the morning. Then Ed manned the turkey this year. Later afternoon we visited his grandparents and then had dinner with the Harman family. Randy helped the kids with some fun crafts and then we ate. As expected, everything was delicious! Especially the turkey. :) This is our 3rd year to brine the turkey. 
^Harman Family complete with Randy, Audrey and Charles this year. (Just missing Reese)
^When we got home I headed out for a little black Friday/Thursday shopping with Alisha and Jenn. I only made it to one store with them before having to go home and finish packing for CA, but glad I saw what it was like. Not sure I'll go again unless I have mapped out stuff I need.

Nov 29- We got up early and drove to Yorba Linda, CA to stay with the Katz for the weekend. David's parents have such a beautiful home and were so nice to let us use their space while they were gone. Kristen greeted us with a delicious Turkey Pot Pie for dinner. It was so good! Poor Ed wasn't feeling to hot.

Nov 30-
^One thing you can guarantee when with Kristen is delicious food. She made delicious ebelskivers the first morning. Yum!
^Since it was the warmest day of our trip we headed to the beach. The kids loved it! It was mid 70's. A nice break from UT. Sarah isn't pictured, likely because she collected shells and played by the water the whole time. Madison and Kai liked it too.
^The sunsets were so beautiful!
^I just love Kristen and her family. She is such a breathe of fresh air to me. We get along so well. I feel so comfortable and understood around her. I feel totally accepted by her. I love that our kids grew up together and play so well together (most of the time). I learn so much from her. I miss her. I'm glad that seeing each other has been frequent. I cherish her friendship. So beautiful in every way!
We got a sitter and went out to dinner in the evening. Wood Ranch. Good!
^Then we decided to miniature golf. Ed came with a creative idea to change the way we hit the ball. We all got to add to it. Like pool, between legs and backwards, like bowling, left handed, 3 putters at once, etc. Kristen came up with a creative way of standing on one leg while shaking her other foot in the air and then took a full swing and hit her foot. Ouch! Funny to watch though. 
^Great way to finish out November! Love you Katz!

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