Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December 2013

December 1-
^The Katz's live in a beautiful place.

Dec 2-
^We took the kids to mini golf at Golfland instead of an expensive park this year. :)
^It's hard not to micromanage. :)
^The we got shakes and played in the arcade a little.
^The sunsets are beautiful! In the evening, Afton came with her kids, we ordered pizza and hot tubbed. The Katz have a sweet pool!

We had so much fun with the Katz's! We didn't have much of an agenda, but it was fun to spend time with friends that have kids similar ages and just be together doing the typical stuff. Thank you so much for having us! 

Dec 4-
^We woke up early to leave. Crazy to see there was already L.A. traffic!
Ed's way to stay awake. :)

Dec 5-
^A neighborhood friend told us about a live nativity they have done for years. We braved the cold and took the kids. We ate pizza in the car beforehand and were there early enough that the line wasn't too long.
^Weather in the teens always feels cold though! I love to try new family traditions. We'll hope for warmer temps next year. :)

^Right after the nativity, I got the night off and went to Bunko with friends. Always an enjoyable, much needed night. These girls are great company. And super cute in their sweaters.

Dec 6-
^Our ward had a Christmas party complete with Santa pics. :)

Dec 12-
^Ed and I met Brian in our singles ward. So glad we've stayed in contact. Helped us learn of his band "The Lower Lights" earlier on. :) We've started the tradition of attending their Christmas concert at the Masonic temple in SLC. So fun to see them live. Melissa and Justin came with us this year. :)

Dec 14-
^Our neighborhood had a morning of cookies and crafts with Santa. Our kids get to see Santa the whole month of December! 
Ed is an expert sign maker and made a sign as a prank for one of the neighbors. :)

Dec 15-
^What a beautiful sight! These pictures make me happy and make me love my little family. This train is a favorite around here. No touching! :)

Dec 16-
^The kids were excited to take a train (trax) downtown this year to see the lights. :) Ed drove with Madison in the car since he was on call, and then we all drove home together. We went early enough that there wasn't too many crowds.
^Pretty lights and atmosphere. Christmas has a lot of family traditions. Glad for an excuse to be with family.

Dec 17-
^Neighborhood treats. :) Fun to give and receive.

Dec 18-
^Nancy Hanson came to our ward RS activity and did a fireside while we ate dinner and dessert. She is great! 
^Glad to have friends surrounding me.

Dec 19-
^Sarah's spelling is getting better. She is funny. Kai reminded Santa for the 3rd time what he wanted at preschool. :)

Dec 20-
^Our neighborhood friends put together a party. We went to a movie and then went to dinner at a Thai restaurant that was so delicious!
^Ugly sweaters were worn. Ed's moustache face was on one of them.

^And hilarious white elephants were given. Another thing that Ed's face ended up on. Ha! Jokers.

Dec 21-
^Pretty sure Madison is the most cuddly of all the kids. :) No one's complaining.

Dec 22-
^Christmas Sunday outfits every year.
^My brother Landon had baby Chase enter the world in quite the traumatic way. He came so quick! But things are looking up and he is doing well after 9 days in the ICU.  Cute, tough little babe! Glad you're here safe! Your parents are amazing!

Dec 23-
^Cam came to decorate cookies with me. Can't skip cookie month in December. A must!
^Stew and Nicole had us over for fondue. So sweet! Lots of family time all around in December!

Dec 24-
^Our neighborhood has a lights contest. Ed's middle name is "Clark". Well, not really. His middle name is "Ed", but he loves to decorate. With no intention of winning, he always outdoes himself and does a great job. I'm glad he has the energy for projects even if they take a while.  

^This wasn't quite all the lights, but you get the idea. Pretty great and fun to look at. 
Some freezing caused some of the lines not to work. Either way, we got 3rd place. Little reward. Not too shabby! We'll take it!

^Some traditional Christmas goodies we enjoy.
^Christmas Eve evening was spent with the Johnson side this year. We all met at Cami's for dinner and festivities.

^Love my fam!
^We got home and did Christmas jammies and Christmas ornaments.
^The kids decorated a cookie for Santa.
^Stockings were hung...or laid.
^Santa came. :) 
Our house feels so homey and warm with Christmas decor.

Dec 25-
^Kids and their stuff
^Retro gifts that were mine...passed down.
^We went to Grandpa and Grandma Harman's for brunch on Christmas after gifts. Grandpa makes a mean breakfast!!
^Then we went home and did absolutely nothing. Took naps, loafed and went to McD's for dinn. That's right. Disgusting, I know. :)

Dec 26-
^Ed went skiing with Stew the first part of the day and then I dropped Sarah off with him the second half of the day. She seems to be a natural. Fun daddy daughter time.

Dec 27-
^Still loving the train.

Dec 28-
^We've had multiple things breaking around here lately. Awful timing. Started with the van door-still broken. Next the disposal-fixed. Then the dishwasher-fixed. Then the furnace-fixed. Blah!

Dec 30-
^Aunt Cam brought Land's kids over to play one day. Fun with cousins!

^Neil and Jodi's babe came early morning. :) Meet baby Olivia. :)
Later we had a post ragnar party with (most of) our team. Always a party with these peeps!

^Ed has started to make a video for the recap of each race. Always anticipated and fun. Watch here.

Dec 31, 2013-
^This baby girl is the cutest and so excited to close out this year. :) Crossing our fingers for 2014!
^ We celebrated with the Parker's again this year. :)
^Happy New Years! Well wishes for 2014!

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