Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome 2014- January

January 1-
^New Years Day I got together with my Mom, Aunt Heidi and Cami to puzzle for a while. Never enough time together. :)
Then later we went to bring dinner and meet Neil and Jodi's new babe Olivia. Precious.

Jan 3-
^Sarah is social. Period. The kids had playdates and stopped for snack time.

Jan 4-

^The view from my room is amazing! The clouds were hugging the mountains and it looked so cool!

Jan 6-

^I started a dinner group with some ladies in my neighborhood. Loving it so far! Cook for a few hours  one day and prepare 6 meals- and then receive 6 meals throughout the month! Good deal!

Jan 8-

^Silly baby Mads is going to wean herself from these binki's if she keeps the biting up! We are down to 3 and we're not buying more! :)

Jan 10-

^We threw a surprise 60th Birthday party for my mom. :) First dinner with the gals and then surprise cake and ice cream with friends, etc. Such a delightful evening. Such a beautiful mama! Happy sexy 60th!

Jan 11-

^Before and afters of yet another DIY project of Ed's. :) He has great ideas and executes them well. Good job babe!

We were all sick for more than a week here with a range of things. Sore throats and then colds that turned into long-lived sinus infections and coughs. Horrible sleep, headaches, and clogged sinuses. Days without any taste. Many bathtubs. Hope we've had our bout of sickness for the year!

Jan 15-

^ These two have become good friends during the day while Sarah is gone at school. They are such good buddies. :) Clearly we've been lax about doing anything but recovering. We hardly made it out of jammies. I did make yummy granola though!

Jan 18- Ed and I finally made it to the temple to see the new session. So glad. I loved it and it renewed my faith.

Jan 21-
^My boots covered her whole legs. :)She is good at self entertaining and super cute and happy.

Jan 22-
^Tubs are a favorite, and so are books, books, books and daddy time.

Jan 24-
^Nothing cuter than sleeping babes. Found Madison pressed up against the side of her crib dangling out the sides. :)
I read a book!!! 1.5 already! Divergent and The People Code. Lots of resolutions this year. :) Really liking the goal of a book a month and I'm pretty positive I'm going to like this new hobby! 
People Code: "In the end, the quality of your life comes down to the relationships you develop. Successful lives are always illustrated by successful relationships."
I couldn't agree more. Good, true, meaningful relationships will be my drive this year.

Jan 25-
^ Cute kids and a day date with Mom. It's Birthday week!! :)
^Night date with Edward. He knows how to feed his woman well. :) Love my steak! Yummy Flemmings. Thanks for a nice date babe.

Jan 26- My 32nd Birthday!
^Ed made me crepes (swedish pancakes). Mmm Mmm Good!
^Birthday love notes around the house. :)
^Ed is a very creative, thoughtful gift giver. :) I didn't even know he knew where my medals were. They probably would have hung in my closet forever. This is a much nicer display of accomplishment. I love being thought about. Knowing I'm worth someone's time speaks volumes. :) Love the gift Ed. You always surprise me.
^The first piggies made an appearance! My baby is growing! Love/hate.
My family came over for my birthday. Ed cooked dinner, and we had my favorite cheesecake mom made. :)
 ^Cute kids. Cousins too!

 ^I got the day off, I took a nap, I ate well and I was surrounded by people I love. Perfect day.

Jan 27th- Cam took me for lunch and later we celebrated with friends for dinn. :)

 Jan 28-
^Her vocabulary is growing like weeds! All these books! Animals are her favorite. Especially cows.
Nicole took me to dinner tonight. :) Sadly, I either got food poisoning or a stomach virus. Lost my dinn. More sickness?!! No fair!

Jan 29-

^Little snippet of her cuteness!
Friends took me for dessert! What a wonderful Bday week! Crazy to say I'm kind of tired of eating out. :)

Jan 31-
^Chinese New Year program for Sarah at school. :) She is doing great!

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