Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014

Feb 2-
^Bathtub hairdo's
^What mustache?

Feb 3-
^I started a dinner group with some people in my neighborhood. I cook 2 nights in the month for 6 families. They do the same, so I get 10 nights/meals I don't have to cook. I love it so far!

Feb 4-
^I love it when CA clients come to UT to get their hair done. :)

^I asked for a belt rack and Ed made one. :)

Feb 6-

^I hosted HUNKO for 2 groups this month. Always fun.

 Feb 8-
^Ed and I were on a decor committee for an adult stake dance. 50's theme. Turned out cute.

Feb 9-
^RS weekday committee meeting. Madison's random sleeping as a result of 11am church.

^More books with daddy. 

^She is cuter than ever and super hyper in the evenings.

Feb 11-
^I got to go to Sarah's school and present to a few classes about my job. Part of their careers/tool day program.  

Feb 13-
^V-day prep

Feb 14- Valentines

^Pinterest gave me some good ideas for our food on V-day. Heart shaped everything.

^One of the best cookie months...

^Since before I had Madison, I made these little tutu's. When I found out I was having another girl, I was excited to keep them for a photo shoot at some point. Valentines seems like a good time, but Madison didn't cooperate. Oh well. They still looked adorable.

^Little ballerina
^Littler ballerina
^Daddy made strawberry shakes for dessert. Then Kai fell off the counter and a chair caught his chin on the way down. Possibly needed stitches. At least it's under his chin.
Ed and I made a lip sync and set up for our prom party. Sarah helped test the backdrop...

 ^...and so did I. :)

Feb 15- Prom: "Making Memories Of Us"

^Sheppard's, Price's, Spens', Stout's

^Ryan's, Davis's, Yeates', Strong's

 ^England's, Goyal's, Ogden's, Holmes'
^Dinner beforehand. Sexy bunch!

Prom was fun this year. Everyone dressed up, we went to dinner and then came back to our house for pictures, lips sync viewing (contest), and dancing. Such good participation this year! Can't wait 'til next year! Thanks friends/neighbors!
Watch our lip sync here. We all had a good laugh. :) We know how to have a good time! 

Feb 16-
^We celebrated Aunt Heidi's bday by doing a puzzle.  I love my family.

Feb 17-
^Snuggle bugs.
 ^We made President's Day a family day by taking the kids to lunch at Iceberg and going to the rec center to swim.
 ^Later in the day Ed sold his Harley. :( :) I hasn't been practical for UT, so it was good, but Sarah cried the whole drive home afterwards. We both remember being attached to those sorts of things as kids too.

 Feb 22- Cancun, Mexico
We planned our 10 year anniversary trip this year to double up with a work conference for Ed. Our families were nice enough to take the kids for the week.
 ^Hello Cancun! We welcome mid 80's. :)...and instant humidity and frizzy hair. ;)
^We had not problem getting into suits and ordering food poolside and doing nothing. ;)
Later that night we went to Hacienda Cecil for some Mexican food.

 Feb 23-
Lovely view from the room. Our/my white body burned day 1!! I totally lathered up, but somehow it must have got wiped off the bottom half of my legs. I could tell they were fried instantly when we got inside. Whoops! We just chilled the first couple days and read books. 
^In the evening we went to a delicious restaurant- Fred's. Steak rarely lets me down. :)

 Feb 24-
 ^The conference started for Ed. Since he was gone 8-12, I slept in and then ran. Less desirable on a treadmill, but at least there was a view to outside.  Then I got breakfast and went to the pool until he finished. Most days consisted of eating and relaxing. 
 ^There was an evening reception for the conference that night with Mexican food. Then we went for a walk on the beach and got dessert.

Feb 25-
^After Ed got done in the morning, we went on an excursion to Selvetica. It was so much fun! We zip lined over the jungle. It was a zip-line course with about 12 different zip lines. (Sadly they told us no cameras and wanted to charge a fortune for the ones they took so that's why I don't have any pictures of it.) :( It was super fun though! We even went upside down. :) After zip lining we rode ATV's through the jungle, but we don't have pics of that either. We met a really nice couple on the excursion which made it even more fun. After ATV's they had a mini zip line into a a little cavern.  
^Here's a video of Ed doing flip. :) 
 ^The group of guys that took us out were super personable and funny. When we got back from the swim they fed us late lunch and we went home. Fun day!
^That night we went to Sa Si Thai. Eating out on trips is one of my favorite things. As you can see I like pics of my food. :)

 Feb 26-
^Wednesday we went out for another activity in the afternoon. We rode mini boats through mangroves to a location where we went snorkeling. The Mudricks went as well, so it was fun to see them again. 
Good times!

Fun to click with people on vacation. :) We met up for dinner with Mudrick's and went to La Desteleria. Yummy Mexican and fun atmosphere.

^French toast from my breakfast, and then our yummy selection of food at dinner. Tres leeches and fried ice cream! Yum!

^We all tried beef tongue tacos! My friends suggested them, and they were actually okay. Weird to eat a food that is tasting you while you're tasting it. ;) The fish tacos on the left were a little better. :)

Friends: Rebecca and Dan Mudrick- they live in Ohio. And Us. :) 

^A snippet of the mariachi surrounding our table. Great evening. We hope to see our new friends again sometime.

Feb 27-
^Breakfast. :)

Lots of reading at the pool. I already finished a book!
 ^Dinner at La Capilla in the hotel.

It rained late afternoon into the evening this day.

Feb 28-
^Today we set out into town to Market 28 for some cheaper Mexican gift finds for the kids. After we got our goods we hung out at the pool. Had to get nachos at least once. :)
 ^Then we got ready for dinner and our last night in Mexico and took at quick pic at the beach.
This trip was a few months earlier than our 10 year anniversary, but ended up being over the day Ed proposed and I said "yes"- so it was still significant.  I think it's safe to say we'll make it to 10 years. :) Love you Ed.
^We went to Lorenzillo's for dinner tonight. We sat out on the water.  Mostly seafood, so not our fave, but still good. :)

 Mar 1-
^Figured I'd end out with our last day of the trip even though it's in March. :) We spent the morning at the beach. Ed swam, I got some last rays, we took our last views and then headed to catch our flight. I am a colorist in a different way than hair. :) I love to color when I fly. Mindless thing that makes the time fly and I finished reading 2 books. That's huge for me! :)

It was a successful trip. We were ready to come home. It made me grateful for my life. We missed the kids, schedules, routine and real food. We were so lucky to have family willing to watch the kids. Thanks to all that helped! Everything went well overall. :) Kai had an emergency room trip, our van suffered a little damage and died, our fire alarms beeped...but we all made it through. :) Back to normal life.


Unknown said...

I love all the pictures! Whoever that is with the Walmart bag on her head looks special ;-)

Your Cancun trip looks amazing!! We'll have to take a tropical vacation soon. It was great seeing you last month!

J said...

I'm so glad you keep updates on your blog. I've always loved looking at blogs but now that I'm away and don't get to chat much with anyone back home, this is a nice way to see how you're spending your time. It looks like you are keeping busy and have a lot going on!! So much fun! So many good things come out of being a planner. Look at all the fun groups you have going on in your ward/neighborhood!