Saturday, February 28, 2015

Welcome 2015- January

Jan 1- New Year's  Day 2015
^New Years Day we went to Big Hero 6 with the kids. Then we headed over to the Katz's to spend some time. We went to an early dinner at BJ's and then played games when we got home. Always good times!!

Jan 2-
^Then we went back and slept at the hotel. Which was a pretty cool set up. The next morning we headed back to Vegas.
^Our second Vegas experience wasn't as amazing, but we still made good use of time. Arcade games, 
^and ice cream before bed.:)

Jan 3-
^We left early morning and got Sarah home in time for a birthday party, and in time to get the the store and stock the refrigerator. Got ready to start a detox/cleanse the next morning, which means the family will be eating similar.

Jan 5- Lots of FOOD pics to come. We are changing our focus a bit around here. Healthy changes coming!! :) Passionate about health. Trying to take hold of nutrition.
^Meal Plans and Food Prep!!!
^Every day's meals planned. Lots of fresh food!

Jan 6-
^Lots of obsessing over food this month.  I do like food pics. Makes me hungry though.

Jan 7-
^Madison happily samples most everything I eat. 
My precious angel is having a hard time settling down long enough in her crib these days, and she can climb out, so we lay with her in our bed and that does the trick. Neither of us are quite ready to give that up yet. My babe is growing and we're fighting it. :(
^My church calling is Activity Days. The girls are grateful to do anything, and they are cute. Learned about inner beauty. :)
^More food!

Jan 8-
^And more! Such a variety and new foods that I either had never eaten, or never cooked myself. Quinoa, lentils and mashed cauliflower anyone? Super healthy. Those energy balls are AMAZING!

Jan 10-
^I went to a Beachbody meeting with my friend Angie who interested me in coaching. Then met up with Mom and Cam for lunch to celebrate Mom's birthday!
^We had a treat meal night so we went to Huhot with Tom and Talitha. :) Yum!! Then we played some games.

Jan 11-
^More variety

Jan 12-
^Mostly fresh is what we buy now. Perimeter of store. Real/whole fresh, non-packaged foods.

Jan 13-
^A sampling of the getting-to-sleep process. ;)
^Ed's the project man. He added overhead and under cabinet lighting to the kitchen. Talented, handy, DIY man. Looks good Ed.

Jan 14-
^Madison jumps in and exercises with us once in a while. :)
^Ed took the kids up skiing. Great dad/kid time doing something active. They love it! Pretty soon the whole family will be able to go.

Jan 15-
^Check out how colorful this food is! No artificial coloring. :) Healthy options prepped and ready to eat!
^Fish tacos. Clean-eating. Kids are going along with it. They eat what we eat.:)
^Trying to keep it real. Still enjoying food that tastes yummy. Just in much smaller quantities. ;) Some is better than none, right? Leaning control.

Jan 16-
^Work outs and play time with a big box.
^And dance parties. Whatever works.

Jan 17-
^The band is finally back together! :) Little loud for Mads as you can see...
^Rockin' it! Always a good time.
^Ed took the kids up the mountain again. Sadly Kai had a minor crash that put him out for the day, but it was nothing serious. He was better within a day or so. :) Thanks goodness!
^Date night! Finding ways to improve, yet still enjoy. Lettuce wrapped burger.  For the first time ever, maybe, I didn't finish the crepe. So delicious though!

Jan 18-
^Sarah and Madison helping dad with waffles. And other yummy food. I'm trying to share ideas. That's why there are so many food pics! It was our life this month!

Jan 19-
^Trying to homemake more and get away from cans and packages. Fresh food tastes amazing. My first time making homemade Chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles). So good!!! Healthy habits.

Jan 20-
^Madison joins in on exercise and on the shakes after we're finished. Such a helper! ;)
^Going for all natural ingredients. Sugar is in everything!!!
^Yummy soup! Dinner group is still working okay. Hopefully they still like the food. I think it's delicious!

Jan 21-
^Got a new fitness/nutrition program. 21 Day Fix. Curry is approved. Trying to keep up with everything! Eating healthy takes time. Trying to read for book club too. All my free time is taken up coaching and eating and reading. Not as much down time now.

Jan 22-
^Feeling good! Modifying by eating quinoa, but making rice for the family. The kids actually like the quinoa though. Lots more water intake!

Jan 23-
^Another meal eating out, trying to be more healthy. This is after I ate one fajita. The rest came home as leftovers and fed me for at least a couple more days. And that's what was served as one meal!!! Unreal. Time to change.

Jan 24-
^Sarah at Junior Jazz. She has fun. :) Learning some coordination.
^Cleaning the toy room is always a challenge. Rather than cleaning the few toys on the floor, Kai opted to take a nap. Thought it got quiet...:) Stinker.
^Ed had a fun day skiing with the big kids. He and his siblings were able to go for the day. Fun family time.
^Out for MIL, Marianne's birthday. Fun night. Yummy food and more family time! :)

Jan 25-
^I offered and they accepted. Excellent!

Jan 26- My Birthday
^M is loving showers now. Babe is growing! :(
^The kids wanted to walk home from church. In January and it was warm enough!!
^Every. Day. "Mommy, can I have some shake?" :) Happy to share the healthiness, as long as she doesn't drink it all- which she tries...
^Birthday's are very needed. A day where you feel extra love. Ed surprised me with a much needed new phone! :) Got special deliveries from very thoughtful friends, and went to dinner with Mom and sis. Great day!

Jan 27-
^Bday week is great! Breakfast with friends. 
Sarah and her kitty. She's getting so big too. :( Beautiful girl. Love it when I can get a real smile out of her.

Jan 28-
^Supportive friends giving fruit as treats. So sweet!

Jan 29-
^Pure joy on these guys faces. Recreating music is fun. Being a part of this and trying is just fun. Great hobby.
^Another bday dinner with my SIL's. Excellent night and food. Thanks Melissa and Nicole!

Jan 30-
^A run and then meeting baby Charlotte and meeting with Angie, my mentor. :)
^Then, a dinner at Flemmings! Food=road to my heart. ;) Mmm red meat!
^Great company too. We always have a great time and conversation with the Yeates. They join us for many special occasions.

Jan 31-
^Stayed at Hotel Monaco. Great hotel. Slept in, got breakfast and headed home. :) Great little overnighter. Thanks for dining me for my birthday Ed! Love you!
^Great weather for a run when we got home.
^Ed and our littles on the mountain again. :)
^Curlers for these little ladies since we were home on a Saturday night. Kai is a good sport. Cute boy.

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