Thursday, March 26, 2015

February 2015

February 1-
^The cuteness that sponge curlers produce. Sarah looked like Annie! :)

 February 2-
^I'll lay off so many food pictures this month since this food is pretty much my life now. Sorry. :) It has been a pretty significant life change. ;) Started 21 Day Fix though. Loving it. 
^Ed took Kai up to the mountain. These are the moments that will be remembers. Quality time being active! Yay! Great daddy!

^ In action.

 Feb 3-
^I cleaned out Ed's closet. Ahhhh! Feels so good! He just had to make the final approvals. Love cleaning out and organizing! Totally picture worthy. :)

 Feb 4-
^Sarah was in the top 2 of her class to be part of the spelling bee. So proud of her. She was 3rd out I think. Good lesson for her though. She did well. Fun to see your kids excel. 
^Heart Attacking people and delivering decorated cookies for activity days. :)
^Isles and isles of food that are packed full of preservatives and sugar. Going away from this. Hard!

 Feb 5-
^Loving the results this exercise program is delivering! 30 minutes. Sweet!
^ A MUST cookie decor month! And I didn't even eat any!! That is unreal for me!

 Feb 6-
^Madison helps me with my shake daily. Moved up a rank with my new job as a Beachbody Coach. Feeling stressed with the newness, but feeling confident it will be a great addition to our lives...and others as well. 

 Feb 7-
^My complete car-guy husband, took a man day and took his car to the track to race. No question he had a great time.
^End of the season for Sarah and Jr. Jazz. She'll try anything and like it. She had fun. :)

 Feb 8-
^Sweetness moment.
^It even looks yum!!

Feb 9-
^Working out among my child always gets tricky. We make do. We make it happen!

Feb 10-
^Getting shutters in our main room brightened our spirits and put the blinds from upstairs in our basement. Love home improvements!
^Got to see Kristen for a few hours while she came through town and we worked out together. :) #fitfriends.
^Another day up on the mountain with Dad. Kai is a natural! Good teacher.

Feb 11-
^I invite any and all who want to join to exercise with me. Keeps me accountable. Love the company!
^ Valentines nails!

Feb 12-
^Nails for M too. 

Feb 13- Adult PROM-
 ^Pre-party selfie!
 ^We met up with our group at Brio for dinner.
^Fun bunch!
 ^ I would definitely suggest it. The food was served family style (filet included) and it was delicious!! The dessert especially! ;)
^House treats.
^ Dance pics. Ryan's, Miller's, and Holmes's.
^Spens's,  Parker's, Strong's, and Yeates's.
^Kelly's, Shepherd's, Davis's, and Stout's.
 ^Bechek's, and Ogden's.
^Group pics.

After pictures we watched lip syncs that people in the group provide. We are hoping for better participation next year. ;) We filmed ours the night before. Hassle in the moment, but fun memories forever. WATCH HERE. 

We make the group do one too. :) WATCH HERE. 

^I'm always amazed how alive people become while dancing. It's the best!! Love to see everyone loosen up and have fun! Such a fun event. (That would be the Miller's on the floor during Rock Lobster. hahaha. What a pleasant surprise!)

Feb 14-
 ^Visiting grandma and swinging while Daddy took to older kids to ski. :)
^Pretty flowers babe!

^Maybe next year we'll all make it up! Fun to see the progress.

Feb 15-
^Seeing progress from my program. Tried this dress on a week before and couldn't get it zipped. Smallest tag size I've probably ever fit in. Felt good.
 ^My beautiful girls! Twinner braids. Made Madison look less like a baby.
 ^Church at 1pm is rough for this girl. Luckily Daddy has the magic touch.

 Feb 16-
^Took the kids to Airborne for the holiday. First for me. Fun activity.
^Treat after. :)

Feb 18-
 ^ Healthy snacks for all. :)
^Ed has been so great at helping me prep food. So lucky! Love the support. 

Feb 20-
 ^Left overs!! Madison usually omits the bread and goes straight for the protein. :)
 ^New toy. :) Use it daily.

Feb 21-
^The kids will be joining me on many runs this year. Activity for us all. :)
 ^We had a Mardi Gras work party for Ed. Fun to finally meet the people he is with every day. :)

 Feb 23-
^Someone mentioned I should save a cookie to eat when I finished my program, so I did. :) Finished my 21 Day Fix program and saw great results. Almost 5 pounds gone and 4.5 inches. I can totally work it into a lifestyle. So glad I have new tools. 
^ I mistakenly took a mouse away from Nimbus one day and thought I trapped it under a bowl. When Ed got home and reported there was no mouse in the bowl I instantly regretted my decision. Sure enough a couple weeks later I went to get something from food storage and found mouse poop everywhere! So gross! Never had a mouse my whole life. I've always had cats. Lesson: Never take a mouse away from the cat!! 
^An active Activity Days! Teach them young! ;)
^Chillin' with the family. FHE.

Feb 24-
 ^Working more is taking too much time away. So I started scheduling in kid time activities to make sure no one is neglected. They love the library. It's taken me way to long to come here!

Feb 25-
^Love my cousin Mindy. BFF's forever. :) She came and spent a few hours chatting. We've been buddies since we were babies.

 Feb 27-
^Chinese program at school. Sarah is doing great in her Chinese immersion program.
^She did a great job and loves support of family.
^M likes it dark when she sleeps. :) Notices a lump in the bed and uncovered her face. Precious girl!
^Our family got together as a late Christmas present for each other. All the adults went to dinner (missed a pic of the whole fam :( ), and then a few of us went bowling after. Good times with family. Different dynamic without the kids. Good once in a while to focus on each other.

 Feb 28-
 ^Tried out a new work out with friends. Great work out and company. Love doing active things.
^I painted some shellac nails for a little party. :) Cute girls. 
^A smile for the picture, but the night ended very different than how it was planned. Ed rarely gets called in on the weekends, so it's extra hard when he does now. We missed out on a fun date. Less cool for both of us. At the store with the kids in jammies and cereal for dinner.

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