Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas trip recap

We had a great time in UT! It was so great to see family & friends. This trip seemed a little less hectic and a little more relaxed, and of course we loved everyone oogling over Sarah. :) Nothing replaces the feeling of family wanting to see your baby, having their help, holding and love.

We arrived in UT Sunday evening (Sarah did great on the flight) and drove directly to the Harman household for an early Christmas dinner and rice alemond (Mormor's Danish dessert tradition where an almond is hidden in rice pudding and the one who gets it hides it in their mouth until everyone is finished. Then they get a prize.) Then we did our Christmas gift exchange.

Monday was Christmas Eve and since we flew to SLC we had a couple last minute gifts to purchase. We did some shopping in the morning and then headed to the newly remodeled Harker household (Johnson family) for a Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange.

Tuesday, Christmas Day Grandpa Steve made us his yummy hash-brown breakfast and the rest of the day was spent napping and later we went to the movie National Treasure. It was Sarah's first movie, and although we were nervous, after the first 15 minutes, she slept like a charm through the rest of the movie and then some. This good napping thing definitely carried over into Utah!

Wednesday was a relaxed day and then dinner with the Harman's at Mi Ranchito. Everyone is sick in cold started tonight. :(

Thursday was spent visiting with Land & Deb, playing Guitar Hero, meeting up with some of my friends, and watching a movie at Stew & Nicole's newly finished basement.

Friday was another relaxed day, lunch with some friends, a quick visit to Grandma Grace's (she's been sick) and then a later hang out at Grandpa Dave's. Poor Ed got the flu tonight. :(

Saturday was a rushed morning, but ended nice after meeting up with some family members at the Jordan River temple. Such a great and peaceful place! Later that afternoon we met up again at Cami & Aarons.

Sunday we went to church with G&G Harman, packed, stopped by Gma Grace's, had lunch with our Denver buddies the Cheney's right before our flight back to CA. Sarah was a trooper and had another good flight after she fell asleep. :)

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