Friday, March 21, 2008


We usually post our best, but things aren't always happy cheery. I hate to be a downer, but I'm really homesick this week, and from the last couple weeks. I just don't feel like I have a lot friendships here where efforts are reciprocated. Nobody has done anything wrong. We're all just in different places, everyone has their own stuff going on, thier own schedules, their own company in town...I want a best friend that can just do nothing with me. I have had them in the past. Somehow I feel so lonely. I KNOW at least my family would like to spend time with me. Sorry to whine. No pity please, I'm just expressing. I know we are the only ones that can truly make ourselves happy, but it sure is nice to have family and friends around to help you get there. I want to be with family. Ed is at the top of the list! He's been such a hard worker the past few weeks. While Sarah and I appreciate the time we're able to spend at home, we just hope hubby and daddy know that we love him and miss him dearly when he's gone.:)


Landon and Debbie said...

Hey Linds,
Just know that although I don't live far from family, I can empathize with you. Landon has very long days too, and although I have family and friends is just so busy. Every stage is different, but where you are at, is I think the hardest, cuz Sarah is still so little and you still are just adjusting to this new stage of life. Going from working 5-6 days a week and just going going like you've done, then to the tasks of motherhood, Wow...a big change! I definitly had some very low time trying to figure it all out, and how I be the most productive and stay the most sane. Prayer is the best advise I could give. I prayed ALOT and you can keep truckin :) I really love you and miss you and your cute family so much too, I always look forward to our reunions. Keep up the great work. You are a great mother, and Ed couldn't of been luckier to have met you. Please call me whenever... I am sorry cuz I definitly feel like I have gotten stuck in the whirlwind of life and want to call and do alot of things but I plain just forget. So we'll talk more, but just know that you are loved.

Julia Wade said...

feelin' the same way as you do, linds. maybe you'll just have to come to north carolina and have ed be a cardiac profusionist here. :) I MISS YOU!! it's hard to be away.

Heather said...

I wish you guys were here so that we could just hang around doin' nothing, I would LOVE that!! It's hard though, I mean everyone has their schedules and stuff, but I can't wait until you guys are back in Utah. You know you can call me anytime :) I love hearing from ya.

Eve said...

Lindsey- I feel the same way all the time. We should totatly hang! Let me know when you need a friend to do nothing with.

Jen said...

Hey Linds,

It's hard to not have pity parties for yourself when you are a mom! Life is so different when you through kids in the mix! Some of my most favorite memories are the nights we stayed up late Nertzing with you guys or just doing any thing with you guys cause you didn't have kids so you could come & hang out any time & not have to worry about schedules & we could put our kids to bed & play all night, but then life happens & we have to grow up! It is a lot of fun when they do get older, but I can't say that you don't have those lonely moments, cause you do. I think it is part of motherhood, so my advice to you & to myself as well is to NOT GET LOST in motherhood. Still have YOU time & do the things that you enjoy for yourself. Keep running, it helps! :) Love ya!

Lindsey Harman said...

Thank you for all of your comments. I realize it's somewhat unfair to say that I have no available friends when I'm basing that off of people's availability according to MY schedule. It IS nice to hear that other people feel that way though. Maybe I come off as a distant friend without knowing it?