Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Six months Sarah

Lots of pics'! I just can't get enough! Plus we bought a nice Canon XTI camera, hence the awesome pics'. It's so much fun to take pictures with a nice camera. Instant delight!

Sarah turned six months a couple weeks ago. I'm a little behind, but here's her latest:
-sitting up pretty confidently, but still a little wobbley
-babbling, imitating and screechy/screaming a lot, laughing more
-SO interested in eating food
-Started solids and loves far
-Sleeping nights from 6pmish-5am, feeds and back down 'til 7amish
-Usually naps short/long around 9am and 1pm, sometimes a short 3rd nap
-Growing hair
-Still loves baths
-Loves peek-a-boo
-6 1/2 months: 16pds (40%), 26inches (50%), 70% for head circumference


Heather said...

K Linz she just gets cuter and cuter and I didn't think that was possible! What a sweetheart.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Lady you have to help me, how did you get her to sleep through the night I am starting to go insane Cohen was starting to do 11pm to 6am and now he has gone back to waking up every 2-3hrs I am so exhausted I want to cry, please any advice would be appreciated