Monday, March 10, 2008

What a week!

The past week was a little crazy. More eventful than most for sure! The week started with Mom and Cami leaving Monday.

Tuesday started out with a hair appointment for me, Ed worked, and then we went to the Cirque du Soliel show which was SO NEAT!! However, for the first and last time...I hope...we paid a babysitter $9-10 an hour to come sit on our couch and watch TV. I know some of you have already done this and are used to the idea...maybe, but we are not. I'm still in shock! Ridiculous! I understand if there was actually some child interaction, but my baby was already in bed! Not to denote the babysitter, and I am very grateful she was able to come, but that is way too hard to choke down when I made maybe $2 an hour and CA minimum wage isn't even $10. We'll just have to stick to trades.

Wednesday & Thursday I did more hair, Ed worked, and I got a calling in the ward as Faith in God Specialist in Primary. I'm super excited!!

Friday I did hair, Ed worked, and we had arranged a trade with another couple for babysitting. I was supposed to babysit at 7pm and Ed suspected his case would finish and he would be home between 7-8. So Kristen our neighbor was going to (monitor) watch Sarah until Ed got back. Unfortunately Ed's case went a lot longer than he thought it would and would not get him home until 10:30ish!! YIKES!! What a nightmare! So while I was babysitting, my baby was home, but being (monitor) watched!! Sounds a little irresponsible of me. I felt so bad, but there was only one thing to the people I was babysitting for and tell them I had to go home (8pm). :( Bummer for us all. I felt so trapped. Through it all I didn't end up getting home until 9:45pm!! I felt horrible that Kristen (who has a new 3 week old baby) had to care for my child because I couldn't. She was very nice about it, but it was definitely one of my bad mother moments!! I learned my lesson that we can't actually babysit unless Ed is already home. :)

Then later Friday night Ed filled up the tires in our baby running stroller so I could go for a run the next day. While we were brushing our teeth we heard a loud noise downstairs. We ran downstairs to find that one of the tires on the stroller blew. As Ed was trying to release the air from the other tires another one blew!! It was so loud it sounded like a gunshot. We were sure the neighbors would come check it out, Whoops!! Sorry for the loud noise ...and crap, we have to buy 2 new tires!!

Saturday I did hair, Ed had a work meeting and later the couple we traded with (from Friday) came over to babysit Sarah while we went to dinner. It was very nice. Then Ed got a second calling. Not only is he a gospel doctrine teacher, he is now second counselor in the Sunday School presidency! Busy man of mine.

Now with daylight savings Sarah will go down 1 hour later at 7pm, which is what we wanted. Now it will happen on it's own. Her clock still thinks it's 6!! Score!

Eventful, busy, good week!

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Heather said...

Wow what a week!! 9-10 $ an hr?? What!! I guess! Yeah I so would not do that. Anyway, sounds like you guys are really busy, but that's a good thing though. Right? :)