Monday, June 2, 2008

Month 9!

^Our precious baby girl Sarah. Finally posting a picture from our first official Mother's Day reading our nighttime story.
^ Lets get those 2 new bottom teeth to work! Real Spaghetti and applesauce for dinner More on her face than in her mouth.
^ Happy to be able to get around to anywhere she wants. (video to come) A short break/pose in between crawling. In her process of learning to crawl I'm impressed with Sarah's great yoga skills. She's awesome at down dog and plank. The kitties are her favorite thing to crawl to. Auz will stay and let her pull on her hair. Nimbus runs and hides.
^Weighing in at 18 1/2 pounds (45%), Height: 28 1/2 inches (75%), and Head Circ: 17.72" (80%)

^The standing has begun! This was the first time she pulled herself up on her crib! Not only did she not want to take a nap, but she looks a little terrified about what to do next. Time to lower the crib even more!

Other milestones of the month:
-Starting to do actions along with us when we sing: popcorn popping, twinkle twinkle, and pat-a-cake! Loves it when we sing songs and likes peek-a-boo.
-Goes from tummy to sitting, sitting to crawling stance, tries to pull herself up.
-Starting to walk if we hold her hands.
-Stands pretty steady and confident when holding on to something.
-Knows 2 words, "dada" (most popular) and an occasional "mama". Looks when we call her name.
-Starting to understand words (i think) like kiss, up, eat, more and "hi". Starting to wave when we say "hi".
-Eating most any solid food cut up...grapes, toast, peaches, bananas, lunch meat, cheese, crackers, cheerios, etc. Yogurt is her new favorite.
-Can use sippy cup, but not very interested in water.
-Loves books, toys, chapstick, cell phones and remotes.
-Very social. She peeks her head to the side, screeches and stares at people until they look at her and then smiles.
-Very ticklish. We can get a good belly laugh if we sqeeze her legs and arms.
-Loves tub time!
-Loves to pull mommys hair and daddy's glasses and leg hair. OUCH!
-Naps are always a struggle these days. Sarah wants to play during naps. Unfortunately she hasn't learned how to sleep sitting up. :) There is usually always crying before naps and we're lucky if we get 2 good naps in.  Are we really that fun to play with?


Kari said...

Wow she is SO cute! She'll be asking for the car keys before you know it! It's amazing how quickly they progress, isn't it?!

Heather said...

What a big girl!! She is so funny, I miss her (and you!). Love the cute pictures!

Jokilyn said...

I LOVE hearing the updates!! It's a way to feel closer to her when we're so far away! She's so adorable (as usual!!) We miss you guys! Things are pretty crazy, but I'm trying to see what the likelihood of us coming to visit in the next couple of months might be! :) Cross your fingers we can make it work! Love you all!!!

Unknown said...

She is growing so fast. Seems like just yesterday you were pregnant! I hope we can come visit you soon. Money is kind of tight right now. You know how that goes. Anyway, you have one adorable baby.