Monday, June 16, 2008

Anniversary #4...Part II..Tahoe

Ed took me up to South Lake Tahoe for a night and we left Sarah all night with a babysitter for the first time. It was a very relaxed weekend. We got lunch, hung out at the pool, took a nap, had dinner and rode the gondola. The weather was perfect!
^As you can see the hotel room could have fit a family. Next time we'll bring friends. :)

^We took the gondola up Heavenly mountain where there was a beautiful view and some trails for hikes. It was beautiful scenery, but a little hazy from a forrest fire.
Sporting the gift shop items.

^ We stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn based at the bottom of the mountain. It was nice not having to drive anywhere.
On our way back we stopped in to see the Sacramento temple. 
Very Pretty
^My Hunk
Sarah loved our friend Beejay! She slept better for her than she does for me! Thanks Beejay!!


whitney said...

isn't that always the way... they always sleep better for other people. glad you guys could get away.

Patty said...

How fun for you! I want to take a trip. Do you want to watch all FIVE of my kids? Thats why we hardly go out. It's harder to swap when you have the most kids and no family around. Our Tenth anniversary in in August right after baby Brian turns one and we are going out for that, but not over night. My sitter is only 15. Sarah is so cute. Your friend Beejay looks just like my freind Kietra, they could be sisters, those same dimples.