Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping attemp #1: 7-25

We attempted a camping trip with the Laytons and Katz in Walnut Creek, CA. Unfortunately we left a little later than planned and arrived  at 8pm. It turns out that contrary to what online indicated about fires being okay, that fires were indeed not allowed AND the gates for the campsite were to close at 8:20pm with no in/out privileges (lame). Since we only brought foil dinners, this would mean either starve or camp. We chose food, turned around, had In n Out for dinn, and drove the 1 1/2 hrs. back home, went to Katz and played games instead. Although it was still fun. We were super bummed that camping didn't work out. 

We thought we'd take a second try and go to Santa Cruz beach the next day to build a bonfire and eat our foil dinners. No go. All the fire spots were taken and we had Little Caesars for dinn. Once again bummed. 
^ Sarah modeling our dinner. 

^ Katz. Somehow no pics of the Laytons. (send me one Mare?)

^ The ice cream on the way back home made it a little better. MMMMM!! :) We BBQed our foil dinners on Sunday. They were still yummy 2 days later. :)


Valerie said...

What cute pictures. Your little girl has the cutest facial expressions! So we took the boys camping last week and they actually did great. The only problem was it was super hot and hard to sleep, but fun nonetheless.

Unknown said...

I was born in Walnut Creek! Too bad camping didn't work out. I love camping. And the beach in the pictures below looks so tempting, all of you in your sweatshirts and all. BRRRRR!

Chelle said...

Sarah is SOOO beautiful! She has the prettiest eyes! It's so fun to see her getting so big. It looks like you're loving CA. We just got an apt in Farmington--we're hoping to buy a home this winter. I'm jealous you have those beaches!
Love, Michelle Olson

Julia Wade said...

k, that pic of sarah over the pizza box is hilarious. like "touch my pizza and die". LOVE IT!

Heather said...

Bummer on the no camping, but it looks like you still had a lot of fun, way cute pics of Sarah :)