Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beach House with Sunnyvale Ward friends 7-19

Kat & Guy Schauerhamer were gracious enough to invite us up to a beach house in Santa Cruz. We playing on the beach, in the water, played ultimate frisbee, had dutch oven, yummy food and sundaes, played some games and visited with everyone. We had a great time!! Thanks Kat & Guy!! The beach makes you want to come visit, huh?

v The only 2 babies Noah and Sarah did awesome!

This was Sarah's first time being let loose on the sand. It was EVERYWHERE, but I've decided we need to relax a little bit and let her get dirty sometimes! She loved it!! She just kept crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling!!

In order by top pic: Reed's,Schauerhamer's, Busby's, Erickson's, Sharp's, US and David Katz (Kristen was out of town).


Heather said...

Fun!!! Beach houses are the BEST! Those pics of Sarah crawling around are so cute. Gotta love garage sales :) Did ya make out pretty well?

Krista said...

how fun! I love sarah's little hoodie.