Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Camping attempt #2- 8/29

Although we didn't go with the same group as we did the first time we tried, we were able to finally go camping. :) We went with the Drummonds (Brian, Lindsay, Sam & Charlie) and the Shafers (Ben, Whitney, Joel & Kadin). We went to Portola  Redwoods State Park for one night and it was perfect. Just the camping scene I imagined. :) Sarah did great for her first time camping and slept all through the night! Thanks Shafers and Drummonds!
^I need to start taking more pics so Ed can be in some shots. Sorry babe.
^Sarah crawled around in the dirt and didn't seem to mind.
^The lovely bunch!
^Joel and Charlie seeing who could chug the fastest. :)

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whitney said...

oh that was so fun! i want to go again.