Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kai BOO at 5 months!

Kai Edward
We love this boy!! His smile makes me smile! He is so happy-go-lucky! Such a chill boy. Great for a second child. :)
PLAY: Kai is rolling over and liking tummy time more and more. He has gained some control over his hands so he is playing more with toys and his binky.
TALK: Just vowel sound babbles, but OH so cute! And cutest giggle ever!
SLEEP: Kai is sleeping usually from 7p-6a+. His naps vary, but usually last around 2 hours. At 9a & 1p. One for 30 min- hour at 4:30p. No complaints! His routine to sleep is very precise. He is swaddled, binky in, and then he has a monkey blanket he likes by/over his face. People look at me weird when I cover his face up, but he prefers it. Works like a charm!! Seriously welcomes it. Usually comfy and dozing within minutes.
EAT: Varies, but usually eats at 6a+, 10a, 1p, 4p and 7p.
DIAPERS: Messy about every 4 days or so. :)
BATH: Kai's newest thing is kicking his legs like crazy while he's in the tub. It's so cute!!


the watkins said...

Such cute kids! Hope you have a great Christmas!

The Wiser Side said...

His smile is so contagious-you can't help but smile back. All of my kids have loved having their blanket up by their face-it must be comforting

Nicole said...

He is so cute!!