Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Utah trip for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Utah. I flew with Kai to UT since I had a flight credit that was going to expire and Ed drove with Sarah.
^ Ed said Sarah was a champ the whole time. They talked, she watched some movies, slept some, met Morghan and Duke in Reno for a break, stopped at McD's playplace in Elko, and did great!

Sunday: We had dinner with the Harman Family. We HAD to get some pictures of the cute kids. :)
^ Our happy boy!
^Sister and brother
All dressed up!
Monday Kai got some quality time with his closest cousin Zoey.
Tuesday I met up with my girlfriends. Always fun to see them. Jenn & Heather had just left. :(

^ Although Kai is usually happy- long vacations and messed up schedules gave us a little bit of this.

Thursday/Turkey Day: Ed played with my brother's in their annual Turkey Bowl. He had a great time!

Aaron, Ed, Landon, Dave, Neil, Dustin & Tony
?, Kyle, Ty, Josh, ?, ?
I'm really sad to say these are the only pics I got of Thanksgiving!! No pictures of Kai for his first Thanksgiving. I feel so guilty! Thanksgiving we spent with my dad and his brothers. A bachelor Thanksgiving feast! :) I didn't take many pictures on this trip. :(

These last pics were taken on our way back to CA
^ Kai had a massive blow out, hence his nakedness. Luckily we had another outfit. He was great!
^Sarah had some outbursts, but overall it was a painless successful, pretty quick trip! Thanks for driving Ed!


Valerie said...

looks like a fun trip, and all you girls looked cute, I haven't seen Steph in forever, he hair cut is super cute! Glad you had a great trip, you cute kiddos' sounded like they did great :)

Kristen said...

Wow, I was staring at the picture of Kai crying, thinking, "he looks so different here." Then it dawned on me that I NEVER see him cry and that's why he looks so different! I love the pics of Sarah and Kai all dressed up and smiling. Your family is adorable!

Tanji, Jimmy Jay and Baby Taislyn! said...

Kai is geting soo big! I see soo much of you in him! I still can't believe I haven't been able to meet him yet! Sorry! I'm really hoping the next time you're here We'll be able to meet up! Your christmas card was adorable, by the way! Jay keeps walking around the house with it. :)

The Pennington's said...

Such a cute family! I miss all you girls, let me know when you come up next, i would love to see you.