Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sarah just over 2

Sarah Grace
This little princess is such a joy! ...mostly. ;) She has her share of tantrums, but is usually sweet. She's just gaining her independence. Sarah is a smarty.
TALKING: She surprises us by all the funny things she says. She is no longer just repeating things we say, but coming up with her own stuff. She loves to sing. She knows SO many church nursery songs and most all of the nursery rhymes word for word.
TOYS: Sarah's favorite toys right now are Leo/rocket from Little Einsteins. She loves her dolls and her stuffed animal bunnies. She's starting to like princesses.
TV/MOVIES: Sarah's favorite TV shows are Little Einsteins and Dora. She previously liked Blues Clues and Sesame Street. Her favorite movies are Toy Story and Annie.
EATING: Sarah is usually a great eater. She'll eat any meats, fish, most veggies, curry, you name it! Starting to love candy and chocolate milk. Breakfast: Loves raisin bran, oatmeal with peaches, eggs/toast. Lunch: Loves PB&J, lunch meat and Mac n Cheese. Dinner: Whatever we eat. Snacks: Cheese, yogurt or nuts.
SLEEPING: Is still an issue. :) Sarah has been in a big girl bed since October. We had a scare a while back when Sarah stopped napping and waking up during the night 3+ times! That was horrendous! She's now sleeping all night again. 7p-7a. Napping is more work these days. I have resorted to laying down with her for about 10 minutes to make sure she goes to sleep and doesn't play during her nap. She'll usually sleep 1 1/2- 2 hours. She has her favorite blanky and a sippy cup she likes to sleep with.
POTTY: What potty? She's NOT interested yet. :( Hopefully soon! :)

STATS at 2years:
Head: 49 cm (85%)
Length: 3'0.5" (97%)
Weight: 29lb (76%)

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Tanji, Jimmy Jay and Baby Taislyn! said...

Her coat is adorable! I can't believe how big they are getting! I can't believe Kai is already 5 months old!!! WOW! Your christmas card was way cute too! Jay carried it around for the first couple days showing everyone "Jays friend, Sarah". gotta love it!