Friday, June 3, 2011

April 2011

My intention was to have this all done a month ago, but late it is. Europe post from May to follow someday! Hopefully soon! :)

April 1- Washington D.C. - Girls trip- Cherry Blossom 10 mile Run
^Official meeting of Quin Wade. Cutie pie! Meeting up and then to dinner at Cheesecake!
April 2-
The tour of D.C. began with Washington monument with great friends! The weather started great and quickly turned rainy.
^WWII Memorial
^Beautiful Cherry blossoms
April 3-pics are a little out of order. :) Brunch came after the race.
Julia, Jona and Quin and our DELICIOUS BRUNCH!
^Lemon Pancakes! MMmmmm

^Quin time in Georgetown
^Some sweet kids book buys at a cute used bookstore.
April 3- Race Day!
^Revisiting running with the group that started me on running. Good to be back.

^Monumental Lindsey
Fun to run with these gals. Comfortable. Farewell to the Wades and Kaylynn in the evening.
April 4- Since the rain took away some of our time to explore, Rebecca stayed with me an extra day and showed me around the the rest of the sites!
^ The lights gave somewhere around 50+ minutes to walk across the street! Much more than I'm used to seeing. :)
^ The Capital
^More WWII
^Lincoln Memorial
^ A picture Kristen sent me of my Sarah while I was gone.
^On the phone with Ed and the kiddos
^The White House
^The Capital
^ The Metro was SO deep under the ground! It was such a distance! The escalators went forever!
April 3rd Evening?- Arlington Cemetery

^Changing of the Guard- Unknown Soldier
^ Gravesides went forever!

We spent the evening in Alexandria. It was very charming.
April 7-
^Kai with a stethoscope. Daddy style.
April 9th-
^A darling picture of Sarah with her first curlers and notice her barbie she tucked in bed with her. ;)
April 11th-
Happy Hollow with friends!
April 13th-
^Easter Cookies!
April 14th-
Kai's long hair- mohauk
April 16th-
^ Drive to Visalia- Sarah holding Kai's hand during the scary part in the Disney movie.
^After we got to Visalia we went to Duke and Morghan's pool. Sarah was so tuckered she fell asleep in the shopping cart(first) while we shopped.
April 17th-
Meeting twins, Zoie and Poppy! Visalia church with Cheneys.
Sarah and Kai loved the hotel!

^Sarah holding Zoie. Hmmm- now she wants a baby...
Cute little babes with cute parents!
April 19th-
Easter Egg Hunt #1
April 21st- First Temple trip for kids
^Sarah's hair looks so long strait!! Doesn't she look older?!


We walked the grounds and went to the visitor center. The kids seemed to enjoy it. ;)

^After we got lunch and ice cream cones.
April 23rd-
^Primary activity
April 24th- Easter Dinn with Kaylynn & Brook
^Kaylynn homemade rolls- it appears my oven does not cook evenly. Now I have an excuse! ;)

^ Brook and Kaylynn accompanied me at church- Ed had to work :(, but made it home for dinner! :)
^ Kiddos in their Easter get up.
^Sarah lickin' her lips after some yummy candy!
^ Finding their baskets
^ Good thing Sarah snapped a shot of Kaylynn or I would have missed one! We just hung out and then sang by the piano.
^Viewing preference of the day. Little munchkins!
April 26th-
^Chillin in the back yard eating an apple. :)
^Hats are SO cute on little boys! If only he'd keep it on!
April 27th- Y/M & Y/W Progressive Dinner at our place.
^Server Ed. ;)


the watkins said...

So jealous of your travels :) sorry i missed seeing you. Your family is so cute... you look great!

Valerie said...

K you have so much fun all the time, I am jealous too. Your family is so adorable and your kids are getting so big, cute cute!