Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beginnin' of May 2011

EXTREME amounts of catch up MUST start somewhere!
May 7th-
This is the Los Altos Hill 10k Race that I have run the last 4 years we've lived here. Ed has run it twice and been a great supporter every time! Kids did great too!
^Celine, Kaylynn, Lindsey, Molly, Maren and Jen and Josh(behind) before the race
^Ryan, Eric, Ed and Moshe with the kids- support group!
^Sometime under an hour...Fastest I've run this 10K! It's always a killer!
^Brook ran with Sarah up and down the hill. We may have a future runner on our hands! :)

May 8th- Mother's Day!
^Sarah Beara- The first one to make me a mommy!

^The boys that also made me a mommy!

After church I opened a cute card from my family and Ed got me some new knives for the kitchen! Lovely day.

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