Monday, June 4, 2012

May 2012

May 6th- Madison's Baby Blessing
Just before the blessing. So peaceful.
My cute family

The kids

Little Madison
Blessing pics


Sarah on her blessing day. Do you think they look alike?

The formal dining transition...

The final look. Good job on the wall frames babe.
May 8th- Man Project
^Ed is quite handy, and luckily so is his dad. Ed and his dad busted out these shelves for the garage in half a day. Thanks for your help Steve!

Also, Madison had her 2 month check up. Here's the stats:
Head: 39cm-6%
Height: 22.5in-4%
Weight: 9lbs 8oz-19%
Madison mostly eats and sleeps these days. She's on a pretty set schedule. Eating every 3 hours or so. At night she really only wakes one time. Usually around 4-5am. She smiles every now and then. Has a super strong neck. Loves her routine. We love her.

 May 9th-
Kai is afraid of bugs and keeps thinking there are bees in his room for some reason. We keep finding him like this, outside his door at the top of the stairs.
May 11th-
Madison falls asleep the same way almost all day. She sleeps in a bouncer in her crib and snuggles up on either side to her softy giraffe. She always stares at the ceiling fan on the ceiling. Most times the transition goes well. She's a great sleeper!

Cami and I took Mom to dinner for Mother's Day. Love girl/family time.
Later in the evening I went with Steph to a chick flick. Love girl/friend time.
May 18th- Ed and I went to our friend Jason's music concert.

 ^Madison quite enjoyed coming along.

^Sleepy kids

Sarah is loving drawing these days. She's doing great! Family portrait.

 May 21st- Our 8th Anniversary

In the morning Ed and I rode up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird. The ride was beautiful and the smells of blooming flowers in  Utah are so wonderful.
 We got lunch at a little pizza shop

It was a quick stop, but fun to get away. After lunch we headed back home.
Just coming out of the canyon. Beautiful.

 We stopped off at home to pick up Madison and drove up to Park City for a little shopping and some dinner. Thanks for babysitting Cami and Deb.
We made it past the 7 year itch. 8 years married! 8 is great!
Just like every anniversary we watched our wedding video and went to bed. :)
 May 23rd-
^Sarah is loving the babe. She loves holding her and shushing her. Little momma in the works.

The Maginots from CA came to visit for a night. Sarah was excited to see her old friends.
 May 24th- Sarah's Preschool Graduation

Sarah did great in her little program. She loved teachers Sandy and Jodi.

Preschool Graduate. Proud of you Sarah. Keep it up!
May 25th-
Tummy time- Madison

Tummy time- Sarah around the same age
Whenever Ed heads to California for the weekend, I love having company. Stephanie and Avery came over and spent the night with us.
Sarah loved having a sleepover
Pillow fight! It's been a while since I have had a sleepover, but nothing has changed. Love Steph. We may have stayed up a little late- just like old times. I think in Jr High/High School we slept in a twin bed, so it was nice to have more space. ;)
 May 26th-
Mom usually comes and spends the night one night too.
Love the help and company.

^ Then we got crazy! ;) What a good sport.

May 28th-

Pool with Aunt Cami. Gettin' some chub.

^May 31st- Dinner for Talitha. Lot's of babies! Welcome Tacen.

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The Wiser Side said...

What a fun month! Your family picture at the blessing is beautiful-you all with a little wind swept look.
Love seeing you, Cami, and your mom! We are coming up in July and would love to get together.
And your dining room is GORGEOUS!