Monday, July 2, 2012

JUNE 2012

June 1- 
Pool Time! We have been going to the pool almost every day!
June 2- Heber Creeper in Heber, UT

Stew and Nicole invited us to come ride the Heber Creeper with them. We drove up to Heber, got lunch quick and rode the train. The kids loved it! Fun Saturday activity.

Madison was tuckered by the end.

^Grandma Johnson and Madison
^In the evening we went to a birthday party BBQ for Landon and Crew. Fun filled busy day!
Clearly Kai was pretty tuckered too. Outside his bedroom door in true fashion with his gun. :)
June 3-
Sarah's movin' up the scale on creativity. I love seeing what news things she comes up with all on her own.

June 4-
 One of the funny things we needed to capture that Kai does all the time!! I think it's hilarious! He calls it his baton, tells us to sing and then leads us. :) Ed always leads with Kai's hand on Sunday's during church.

Later in the evening we went out to Landon and Debbie's for a farewell dinner before they left for South Carolina for the summer. Before, we had a yard party and helped them get their yard ready in hopes for plant survival while they are away. We laid out mulch and moved dirt, etc.


June 5- Nephew Forrest's Graduation

Big Congrats Forhead!! Love ya!
 June 9- Steve's Suprise 70th Birthday Party!!
Wonderful Execution and planning Ed and Stewart!
 June 10-
^The kids love walks/rides up to the parks in our community. Perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

June 12-
Miss Sarah sun bathing with mom in her cool shades and new swimsuit from Kristen. 
Trampoline time begins. We'll pray for great memories and minimal accidents and broken bones. :)
June 13-
^Kai chillin' in Ed's hat, and Sarah bear was sickly for a couple days.
June 14-
Before Ed painted Sarah's room, he let the kids go to town on the walls. :) Good daddy.

June 16-
Pool time with dad is usually more fun...

June 17- Father's Day!!
Sarah always requests letters in pancakes, so Ed got a "D" for daddy. 
Ed has been wanting one of these Soda stream makers, so it was the perfect gift for Father's Day.
During church while Ed was in the hall with Madison, he took a picture of her looking at a picture of Christ. You can see the reflection of Christ in her eye. Pretty neat. :)
We had our dad's over for Father's Day dinner. Ed BBQ'd steak, and I made mashed potatoes, cut up a watermelon and Cami made a nice salad and Molten Lava Chocolate cakes. MMM! 
 ^Ed and his dad
 Me and my pop
 Cami, Dad and I
 The father of my kiddos
 ^Grandpa Johnson and Madison
 ^Nice warm evening playin' on the tramp
 ^Another with Ed and all the littles
Cami and Aaron are the best aunt and uncle. The kids love how hands on they are. 

^Madison and Grandpa Harman
June 19-

^We had to celebrate Stephanie and Jenn's arrival to the 30's club. Love these get-togethers!
The last 2 to join! So far 30 seems like it will be good. :)
June 20-
Can't get enough of this face.

June 21-
Jennie invited us to Seven Peaks, so I braved it with the 3 kids and we survived! Everyone was pretty happy and it was less crazy than I imagined. Thanks for your help Jennie!
^Jennie and her kids

June 23-
Tummy time pics!

June 24-
 ^Love it when they start to talk. Might be the cutest thing ever. :)

^Even though it feels like 3 kids has done me in sometimes, they sure are cute. Sarah loves trying to help with everything.

June 25-
Sarah's first swim lesson. Her teacher says she is very comfortable in the water and that she listens well. Relieving since last year she would hardly put her face in the water. :) Kai tried a lesson a couple days later and we decided we best wait til next year for him. :)
We discovered only this summer that we have a cherry tree. :) Nice fresh cherries!

 June 28-

Seven Peaks with Dad! We actually got to try the slides this time! And we liked them! ;) We'll have to go more often.

 June 29-
Some days I feel like I'm just surviving. Always looking for activities that will entertain and add variety. Squirt bottles in the backyard won me some time. :) Yes!!

Wild fires galore! Herriman had a fire and my brother Landon's area was threatening to evacuate. Since they are in SC for the summer I went and tried to rescue some things just in case... 

Everything was contained shortly after I arrived. :) Their beautiful house was untouched, but we got some things out just in case. Very grateful! Helps you realize what is really important. It was nice to pull me out of myself and my world for a while. 

June 30-
Ed and I went on a date with Tom and Talitha to a yummy dinner. They served us beets. How fitting for us former beetdiggers. haha :) (except Ed)
We love these two! So fun to reunite with such wonderful friends. We had a great time and will have many more to come!!!  (even if mid-dinner we had to run home and rescue baby Madison. Luckily we lived close.)

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