Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 2012

July 2nd-
Play dates with friends. Always princess dress-ups.
July 3rd-
Sky divers before fireworks in Bountiful.
Pickin' up on older chicks already. My kids have no boundaries. :)
Swords and Snow cones.
Mighty fine Bountiful firework show. Madison's first.
July 4th-

KFC- family tradition for the 4th, and fireworks from our backyard. Our neighborhood had their own show!
The moon on the 4th from all the wild fires and smoky fireworks.

July 6th-
Summer activities project for the kids, and a typical shot of the kids chillin.

July 7th-

Prep for Kai's Bday.
July 8th- Kai's  3rd Birthday!
 Happy 3 Kai! MMmmm pancakes for breakfast!
 Madison's face when I go to get her, and Kai showing off the start of birthday gifts.

Digger cake for a boy that loves "digger-diggers!"


Cousins: Felicity, Josh and Zoey to help with the pinata.
The birthday boy broke it open!
June 9th-  
Creative kids


^FHE at Boondocks
July 10th-
Lovely visit from Julia, Jona and Quin. :)
July 11th-

 Dad's 60th Birthday Surprise Party!

Happy 60th Pa! We love you! Dad had no idea! We had dinner with friends and family and Ed made a wonderful video for dad with pictures of his life up to this point. Made Dad cry. ;)                      

July 12th-
Nothin' but cute on her first flight to CA with Mom for a hair-doing trip. :)

July 14- Hair, Hair, Hair all day! Worked 8am-6pm Friday and Saturday. Did 22 clients this trip.

Some of the hair transformations. I LOVE traveling back to CA to do hair. I didn't realize how much I've missed it until this trip. It's like therapy! :) Service, creative outlet, girl time, friend time...I just miss it!
Love my Kaylynn time.
Got together with some girls at Dish Dash for dinner. Tired little Madison came along and got held by many. 

Kaylynn, Meghan, Molly, Lindsay, Me, Jessica, Kim and Elaine- missed everyone else!
Frozen yogurt. My favorite and a MUST with these girls. It feels like I never left. So comfortable with these amazing women. Miss you all! Glad I still get to see you!
Back home, Kai got to go to the zoo with Daddy while Sarah had a fun day and sleepover with Grandma Johnson.
July 15-
Went to the Sunnyvale ward and saw old friends, stopped by my old neighborhood and said hello to neighbors and then later ended the evening with Rebecca. Sweetest girl.

Always good food (and of course dessert) to be had with Rebecca. ;)

July 16th-

I LOVE running in CA. Such beautiful surroundings.
Sweet Elaine who let me invade her space and do hair in her kitchen for days! She slept me, fed me, gave me rides, etc. So hospitable. Thanks Elaine!

The flight home Madison was a dream and slept in my arms until we got our bags. Nice to get a break, but so good to see the kids when I got home. They always seem so much older to me after a couple days.

Possibly the cutest thing ever! STILL can't get enough!

FHE- Build-A-Bear Birthday gifts. Sarah got a Rapunzel bunny and Kai got a Buzz doggy.
July 17th-
Coloring the bear boxes as an activity.

Expo with Steph. Days of '47 floats
Butterfly, Monster and Tiger
Face painting was the highlight.

Hand in mouth- new thing. Pretty constant. :)

July 18th-

^Sarah wakes up with hair like this. Lucky girl. I think it's cute.

July 19th-
One of our "What's cookin' Wednesday" activities- Make a milkshake. Mmm
July 22nd-
Holdin' sis.

I am festive! Likely cheesy, but we wore patriotic outfits for the 4th and 24th. Ed changed already. Love USA! Yay red, white and blue!
July 23rd-
Alphabet letter made out of playdo activity.
July 24th-
Smoke bombs with dad 
House hoppin' in the neighborhood for fireworks.
Since the fireworks were awesome in our neighborhood on the 4th, Ed and I decided to stay around for the 24th and just watch what the neighbors had goin' on. Our neighbors, the Scholl's, won a contest and got $700 worth of fireworks. We had our own firework show. Kind of them to share. ;) These kind of fireworks were not legal in UT the last time we lived here. :)
Giant firework show viewing from the porch. :)

July 26th-
Madison tried to attempt a rollover on the 22nd, but conquered a few days later. Caught it! Big Girl! Growin' too quick!

 July 28th-
The kids are loving holding Madison these days.

I have an awesome neighborhood. Still getting to know everyone, but they had a great neighborhood party. Fun to socialize and make new friends. I'm needing that.

Family Bike Ride FHE.

 July 31st-

A day at the Hogle Zoo with Jenn. I haven't been here for about 10 years!

Utah is beautiful. Love the summer evenings and sunsets.

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