Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 2012- Part 1

August 3rd- SAN DIEGO
Cute Little Madison has found her feet. She was so pleasant on this trip. 

Every year, Ed and I try and get away for an "us" trip. "Us" this year included Madison too. We explored some trip options, but ended up deciding on San Diego and inviting some of our bests- the Cheney's.

We left early Friday morning, went to our hotel in Mission Bay, got late breakfast, did some shopping, relaxed and napped at the pool and then went to the hotel restaurant- Firefly.

 It was really good! We ordered fried brussel sprouts, a peach salad, sea bass and creme brulee. I love food!
Later in the evening when Duke and Morghan arrived, they came over and visited for a bit and we planned the next day.

August 4th-

We met up with Duke and Morghan at The Mission Cafe for brunch. You can see by the looks of the food presentation that it was delicious!  My blueberry pancakes didn't disappoint. One (not 3) would have been plenty. :) Food portions were huge!
Then we headed over to the beach. We dropped off Ed and Duke and then Morghan and I went shopping while they went surfing. :) Shopping was much too successful! :) We had a great time, and the boys loved their surfing. 
We relaxed on the beach for a bit, got ice cream and then headed back to our hotel to primp up for dinner.

We went to Azul Steakhouse for dinner in La Jolla. Yum! Some tasty soft cheese appetizer (I don't really like soft cheese) and Ed and I shared the Lumberjack Steak. Wonderful view and such wonderful people to spend the night with!
The steak was bigger than my hand! I don't even think we finished it.
After dinner we went to the hotel and played some canasta- just like old times. We put Madison to sleep in the closet. :) The bottom picture is from 4 years ago when we came to San Diego with the Cheney's and did the same thing. :)
August 5th-
Got up for an early morning run. Beautiful running along the beach and nice to be running at sea level again. :)
Madison't first time at the beach. Much older than the other 2 kids.
And when she'd had enough, I took her for a short walk along the beach and then we made her a little shelter with an umbrella to sleep in. :) Such a good baby!
Morghan has always been more like an aunt to my kids. :) The picture on the right was from 4 years ago- and it's Sarah. :)

After spending some time at the beach, Morghan and I went and got pedicures. We couldn't talk the guys in to getting them with us this time.
Then we headed to Coronado for dinner at Miguels before the Cheneys had to leave. (We went to Coronado and Miguels on our honeymoon) In the evening Ed and I just chilled, watched the olympics, and went to the hot tub.

August 6th-
Madison did a lot of snoozing on the trip. She was pretty good on-the-go. Monday we went to brunch at The Boardwark. I ordered the kids size breakfast. Good thing. ;)
Then we hung out on the beach for a bit. Showing off my pedi- and the bottom pic is from the 4 of us 4 years ago. :)
Madison was being so cute at the beach!
After the beach, we checked out of the hotel and went to the mall again. 

CA=Pinkberry. Mmm. Sleepy baby again. Why are babies so cute when they sleep? After the mall we headed to the airport and home to these cuties...
Sarah and Kai loved their little monkey's. 
Thanks to our families for making the trip possible by watching our rugrats and letting us get away together!

August 9th-
We had a special visitor! Maren came in town so we got to meet wee little Kate. This baby can sleep in some good places as you can see. :) The kids were great while we did Maren's hair.

August 11th-
Ed was out of town, so dad came over so I could go for a long run. So nice! Sometimes for long runs it helps if I plan on somewhere I want to run to. Surprisingly the Oquirrh Mountain Temple is only 1.5 miles from my house. So I ran by it. Beautiful morn. Didn't start til later in the morning (hot!), but I forced myself to go 9 mi. Not too shabby for being alone. Plus it was an empowering run. Got some good thinkin' in.

Steph came to spend the night. We always have a good time. We played Nerts and watched Labyrinth. Best show ever! (Ed :) )

August 12th-
I took the kids to the park and this little one was all smiles. Baby smiles bring so much joy.
That day and over the next couple of days I found the kids sleeping numerous times. Love it when they're worn out. Such a cute pic of Kai with his daddy takin' a snooze.

August 13th-
Natalie is pregnant with a baby girl (due Sept) so we got together for lunch to celebrate the occasion. :) So excited for you Nat! So great to see everyone and catch up! Excited to meet your little one!

We have a peach tree and the peaches are delicious! Neat having fruit in your own yard. Loved our oranges in CA too.

August 14th-

One of the perks of running outside. Beautiful scenery. 

August 15th-
This little lady is starting to grab toys. You can see the amount of concentration it takes on the right. :) Fun stage!

August 17th-
What coats? We call it a towel rack in the summer. :)

Angie and I haven't seen each other since I was pregnant with Sarah!!! She was visiting from WA and paid us a visit. I finally got to meet her kids and her mine. Fun to reunite, catch up and let the kids play. We're so grown up!
The whole family got a nap at once! Well, except Sarah, but she was quiet. This is what I found when I woke from my nap.
We got together with the Phillip's and Keddington's and went to Seven Peaks and closed the park down! Fun with friends. I think Sarah has a crush on Jace. :) Madison fell asleep in my arms while we walked through the park. Love that feeling. After we went to Dee's- yes Dee's :) for hot chocolate and dinner -since it was close. Not sure any of us have been there since high school. There is a reason. :) Spaghetti and Meatballs for me! Race in the morn! Out and up way too late!

Place- 90/ Name-Lindsey Harman/ City-South Jordan, UT/ Bib No-720/ Age-30/ Gender-F/  Age Group-30-34/ Chip Time-1:42:33.1/ Pace-7:50/M

I signed up for the Hobble Creek Half Marathon with some gals from my ward. Thank you Michelle and Tami!  We got up at 4am to leave for Springville. We got our packets, took the bus up the canyon and waited a bit for the race to begin. The race started at 7:15am (which I heard is one of the first times it's started on time) and I was feelin' good. The course is mostly downhill, so I heard it was fast. I couldn't believe my pace, but I just decided to go with it. My goal any time I run is just to improve. My goal changed as I ran, and I made a new goal...keep up my pace and finish under 8 minute miles. Completely unexpected, but I zoned, ran to my music and made a personal record. Improved my time from my last half marathon by 20 minutes AND made it in the top 100 women. That is why I run. Empowering. Dad came to see me finish! Thanks for supporting me dad! And Mom, thanks for supporting from home by watching the kids! :)

After a busy morning, I got away in the evening for some girl time. Angie had a free night, so we got together with Heather and got frozen yogurt and talked til the early AM. We caught up and got some silly pictures in the process. Fun way to feel young and immature. Don't kill me girls! HAHA. Fun friends! Let's not wait so long to do this again!

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