Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March 2015

March 2-
^Grandpa Bjorn passed away on February 25th. :( I was able to be there when he passed. He was ready to go, but it's always sad of course. Mor mor whispered in his ear it was okay to go, and then he went.  So sweet. The funeral service went well. It was nice to remember and hear stories of Ed's Grandpa Kaj.
^Ed's siblings and families.
^Madison loves Uncle Stew and always asks him to "throw up"- meaning throw her in the air. She loves it!

March 3-
^One of the great things about doing hair is that when people come in town there is a reason to see me. :) Beautiful Linds came from CA. So good to see her.
^These cuties in the tub.

March 4-
^Mama got sick. :( We spent a lot of time in bed to recover. Madison gave good snuggles. Good thing is was only 24 hrs.

March 5-
^I started taking the kids to story time at the library. Why has it taken me so long to do this?! And I got a nice slice on my finger from breaking a dish.
^You know Ed, you know how much he loves his cars and how excited he gets about things like red brakes...:) He's a handy guy and did this for his car.

March 6-
^Ed spent a day up on the mountain with his friend Bill. :)
^We took the kids to dinner at Pizza Limone. Mads went to town!

March 8- Madison's 3rd Birthday
^Our baby is grown up! Madison loves the Daniel Tiger show, so that's what we themed her party. Ed reverted her crib to toddler bed. Nuts!
^We made her french toast before church and took a picture of this cutie. She looks so big!
^She made sure to sing herself Happy Birthday. ;)

^Later we had family come help us celebrate.
^Thanks for the support and gifts!
^Madison is such a joy! She is definitly treated like the youngest. We have a soft spot for her. She is typically happy go lucky. Love you Mads!

March 9-
^We finally found the pesky mouse that was eating our food storage for weeks. It was dead in a box in the cold storage room that had a food storage insulator in it. Dumb mouse.

March 10-
^The kids have been coming on runs with me on their scooters. Good active activity.
^Madison's "shake" moustache. He has them almost daily.
^Bunko night with friends. Always a great, needed break.

March 11-
^Hip hip! Maren came in town from Iowa, and I'm so glad! We spent the day together, did her hair, had dinner and did yoga together. Peas and carrots.

March 12-
^We left early morning with our shakes, dropped my kids off with my SIL and drove to Vegas. As usual, we sang our hearts out on the way and it went pretty quick.  We met up with Kristen at the hotel and got lunch quick and then went to the pool. Straight to business! Then we got spruced up and went out on the town and got dinner and gelato. Together again is always easy and welcomed. :)

March 13-
^I fit in a work out while Kristen pumped(Left her babe at home). :)  Coaching means leading by example. Good thing I like it. 
We headed out for a spa day at the Aveda school.
^ 2 hours! Massage and facial. Heavenly. We are doing this every time!!
^Then we got breakfast at Egg and I. Yum!
^After brunch we spent some hours in the sun relaxing and reading. 
^We spent our time getting dressed up and went to dinner and then shopping. This is one of the only times I shop during the year. Love doing it with them. Great Escape #7! Las Vegas, Utah.
^We got some treats and played games for a little bit before bed. Things get ugly sometimes...:)

^Ed pulled the fun daddy card and took the kids to the zoo. :)

^He always does something special for them when I leave.
^He wore them right out. :)

March 14-
^Got them doughnuts for breakfast. Super treat!

In Vegas we got a quick breakfast and went out to the pool for the morning. Felt great soaking up some last rays!
^Then we got dressed up and checked out. We did a little more shopping, found our matching girls trip #7 momento (work out clothes), and got lunch. 
^We ended our trip together getting pedicures. Last bit of pampering. Another successful trip bonding, relaxing, shopping, laying out, spa time, eating, snacking, laughing, reading, recharged. Having committed, supportive, dedicated friends is everything any girl could ask for. Thank you Maren and Kristen for being those friends. 
^We said farewell and hit the road. Road trips with friends are always fun. You get creative to stay awake. :)
^ Dinner and dessert on the road back to SLC. Thank you Cafe Rio and DQ!

March 15-
^At family dinner with the Johnson's we celebrated Madison's bday again. She never ceases to surprise us with cuteness. I could eat her up. The way she blew out those candles...?! Where did the cuteness come from?

March 16-
^Madison had her 3 year check up. :)  We are happy to say she is a healthy girl. Rarely sick and thriving. Still a little bean though.

Height: 34.3 inches (4%)
Weight: 28lb 4oz (24%) (highest percentage yet)
BMI 16.9 (80%)
March 17- St. Patty's
^St. Patty's always brings out a little creativity. Holiday traditions are what childhood is all about. Therefore we eat Lucky Charms for breakfast. Mmmm!
^And we wear green and take a picture. These cuties are mine!
^Even mom is festive/cheesy and wears green. :) Kids were off track so we went to the curiosity museum. First time for me. Kids (and mom) really loved it!
^Being creative is fun!
^For dinner I made green eggs and ham. :) Naturally. ;) Holidays are a day to go over and beyond and be the mom you wish you had the energy to be all the other days. :) The leprechaun turned our milk green and left us chocolate coins all over the front yard. After a run with all 3 kids, we replenished with green, mint chocolate chip ice cream cones. ;)

March 19-
^Scheduling in library day. Working is helping me in more than one area. 
^Fun off track group activity for some lego viewing at Fashion place. Fun bunch.
^Sarah is going to be boy crazy, by the looks of things...:)
^My fun neighborhood Bunko group! (Missing Monique)

March 20-
^I went to the zoo with my SIL's. :)
^Always a great time with family/cousins!

March 21-
^Cutie Kai
^Fun hobbies on the side. Love our band...
^We love seeing these 2! Dinner and bowling and games. Top notch! And I beat everyone the first game. Luck...

March 22-
^1pm church is rough. Ed has the magic touch though. Madison sleeps almost every week on Ed's shoulder and then transfers to a bench. Keeps her more sane.

March 24-
^Curiosity museum with Angie. Great activity.
^Burning off some energy! Yay!

March 25-
^Where's Madison? OH! :)
^Kai thrives at karate. Love to see him excel and be interested in something.
^Being a beachbody coach and controlling my diet is helping me transform. Finally I'm getting the results I want. Hard work.
^Tooth loss number 7. :)

March 26-
^The videos were too long to post, but I found some videos and pictures Sarah took of herself. Blackmail people. Hilarious! :)

March 28-
^Kai's moving up! Yellow belt exam. :)
^Yay Kai! Loves Hanshi Darren.
^Every year at this time the views from the West to East are amazing!

March 29-
^Impromptu haircuts for the girls. Spring and new beginnings. :)
^My kids in their Easter dress ups since Easter is Conference Sunday. Another tradition I love! Pink for all this year! 

^Love my fam!

March 30-
^Took Angie to dinner for her birthday. :)

March 31-
^Our cousins, Reese and Devon, got to come play for the day and go to the Curiosity Museum with us and get ice cream after. Fun day!

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