Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 2015

April 1-

^Eve to the rescue! We wanted nachos. :) Our search led us to Chili's. Not good at all. We didn't even eat them. Good thing. Fun girl time always though. 

April 2-
 ^I helped at Kai's preschool with the egg hunt. Who taught Kai to flex for the camera? :) Promise it wasn't me. 

April 3-
^Peruvian food with friends. It was yummy.

April 4-
^First run in my new kicks. ;) I like 'em.  

^Conference weekend usually has some productivity and playing. Cleaned out the van. Bi-annual. Windy afternoon so we went kite flying with Franny and Dan.

April 5-
^Easter Sunday. After baskets we made french toast.
^Then we colored eggs together and listened to Conference.
An Easter bunny dropped by our yard so we did and egg hunt. 
 ^Then Grandma and Grandpa Johnson joined us for dinner. 
^Love my sweet fam.
^I made my first pie crust from scratch. Trying to do that these days. Yummy banana cream pie!
^Grandpa and Grandma helped us tell the traditional story about Jesus' resurrection with our resurrection eggs.

 April 7-
 ^All dolled up for Beachbody! I love making new friends all because we care about helping people. It's been such a positive experience. Shayla visited from out of town and wanted to go to Beachbody UT HQ. So Angie arranged it.
^We met with Jeff Hill, Sr. VP of global sales, Jeff P. and Keichun G.. It feels great to be encouraged and supported in our journey to help people.
^Snapped some pics in the work out room. :)
After we went to lunch. I love the positivity of these girls. We are all pushing ourselves and setting goals. Trying to do good. 

April 8-
^Sarah loves this cat, and the cat loves her. Auz.

April 10- 
^GNO with Johnson's. We saw Cinderella, got dinner at Habit and then got a concrete at Culver's. Fun! :)

April 12- 
^ I love our neighborhood. I love taking walks in it. We take walks almost every Sunday. And we made delicious cookies. Sundays=Family. Glad we have a day to focus on that.

April 13-
 ^I'm fond of our band. :) We have so much fun. Which is most important. Love our setlist this year. We have a few gigs lined up.  Best hobby. Fun to work on something new and challenging. Progression. I started voice lessons.

April 14-
 ^Every spring. The trees and flowers!! Beautiful earth.
 ^Meg and Holly are my regular work out buddies. So glad. I love seeing my kids eat vegetables willingly. It just feels right. 

April 15-
 ^US time! Always welcome. We see Tom and Talitha at least once a month. We get along so great, we decided it was time we take a trip. San Diego was a great choice. We left the snow on a perfect day and landed in sunny San Deigo.
^Instant fun. And food of course! Hash House did not disappoint.
^Then we headed to the beach. It was a little windy, but that didn't stop the boys for boogie boarding while Talitha and I relaxed and chatted.
 ^ We got ready quick and did some shopping at the outlet mall and then introduced them to BJ's. YUM! Delicious pizza's, salads, home brewed root beer.  Excellent!

April 16-
^Vacations usually include exercise for me. Just a part of me. I wake up the same time anyway, so I went for a nice run along the beach. :)
^Back home, Sarah got to stay with a neighborhood friend (she loved it!) and with both my SIL's. We're lucky to have willing friends and family to make these getaways possible. Thanks so much!
^We got breakfast and spent pretty much all day at the beach. We lucked out with weather and company. We mostly laid out and the boys boogied.
^Beach poses.
^A seal came up on shore. So cool to see wildlife in it's original habitat.
^Being cheesy with the flowers.
 ^Ed and I went to Miguel's on Coronado for the first time on our honeymoon. Any time we are in San Diego we go. And still love it. Glad we could introduce the Hanks.
^Late night games most nights. Always fun. Can't even explain the comfort between couples. Love it. Rare. Fun. Ed's friend Pat was so nice to let us stay in his beach house. So comfy!

April 17-
^The FOOD! The pictures explain it all. Divine! 
^The last session I did in this temple was on our honeymoon. "I love to see the temple." Glad we made time to do this.
^Lunch and then back to the beach!
Dinner by Pacific Beach.
^Belmont Park. Having fun like kids.
 ^The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster- gave me whiplash...:) Ouch! :(

April 18-
^Nother run.
^Refuel with delicious meals!
^Warm day at the beach. All day! I even got in the water and boogie boarded. Accomplishment for me. One of our favorite Ice Creams shops is walking distance from the beach. Linda's. 
^Last night. Eddie V's delivered!

April 19-
^Quick last poses with these wonderful friends at the beach. Then to the airport.  Awesome trip!
^Our sweet families took our kids. When we got home we went to dad's for family dinner and played around with the bug zapper. Little electrocution for entertainment.

April 21-
 ^Kai's first soccer game. He is doing much better at 5yrs old than he did at 3. :)

April 22-
^Dentist for the kids. They all did great. Sarah win's for most dental work. ;)

April 23-
 ^She sure is cute and small, but has a large amount of drama. Oh, to be 3!
^The kids are loving story time at the library. Why did it take me 3 years to do this?!

^Bedtime with Kai. One on one with each kid every night. Cute little buddy.

April 24-
^Friday nights are family fun nights. We got dinner at Habit, got and ice cream cone and went to a $1 movie. :)

April 25-
^Got decked out for, 80's themed, Super Saturday Beachbody event. That's right. Headband, banana clip, shirt holder, fanny pack, bright makeup and colors. Born in the 80's. Glad I got a piece. I love excuses to dress up for stuff.
^Beachbody event where I go to be motivated and work out with likeminded positive people changing lives. Sharing. Inviting. These are all girls on our team. Fun meeting girls I see online all day.

^The group exercise was killer! I am so motivated by this and it's a new found love. Got me a vehicle ...
^Sarah had her Spring piano recital. She is a natural and did such a great job!

April 26-
^Sunday rest days mean dress down days if we're not going out at all. Love comfort. We made curry and Ed made snickerdoodles.  Those are going to be dangerous!

April 27-
^I idolize this girl. She is the best vegetable eater!

April 28-
^Keaton and Madison. 3 years old. Oh my adorable!
 ^Utah views!! In love. Kai runs with the pack well. We're just working on ball focus.  He's doing great and having fun. That's what's important.

April 30-
 ^I'm constantly experimenting with meals. This one was good. Avocado to sub mayo. Mindy came and hung out for the day. Always refreshing.
 ^Another staple meal. Isn't it beautiful? I love food pics. These kabobs always taste good.

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So I'm loving the b/w baseball tee you are wearing in San Diego on the 17th. Where did you get it!?