Sunday, August 9, 2015

May 2015

May 2-
^ Every year we are fortunate to be invited to a Cinco de Mayo party. The food and company is always spectacular. 

May 3-
^ Madison loves getting her nails done. Sunday morning is typically a good day we're all home and have time before church. Later we went on a walk and ran into Madison's long time friend Keaton, who picked her up in his ride. Cuties. ;)

May 5-
^I love my neighborhood. We get together periodically on Tuesday nights to catch a chick flick on $5 night. Anyone is welcome!

May 6-
^It's always fun to come across these drawings of Sarah's. This is a picture she drew of our band, Cold Storage. :)

May 7-
^Kristen and David came in town for a wedding so we saw them for a day. I was able to watch the kiddos while they went to the temple. Baby Gray came with me to an RS activity. It was a treat. The other kids play better and better as they get older. So glad we've been able to keep this connection. 

May 8-
^Goodbye Katz's. Hope to see you soon!

^At the park. Kai decided to conquer the monkey bars. I love that he is getting more confident in trying things and growing up.

May 9-
^I went shopping with Mom for Mother's Day. Kai had a blast at a Star Wars bday party. 

May 10- Mother's Day
^So happy to be their mama. Can't believe how old they are getting! I love their individual, unique personalities. Motherhood is a work in progress. Dealing with changes as they grow, but I appreciate them for giving me this role. They are super forgiving of any weaknesses and always show me love and want me. It feels amazing to be needed. I need them as much as they need me. I'm sure every mom feels this, but I think they are the cutest little faces ever!
^Ed is good at going all out and assuming my duties on special days. He made us German pancakes for the first time we've ever had them. Strawberries and apples. He made me steak, my fave, and baklava for the second year in a row. It's amazing btw! Thanks for the appreciation babe, sometimes you're better at my job than me. :) Lucky to have you as my other half.

May 12-
^Pizza at the soccer field for the fam. And delicious food for me at bunko. I love food. 

May 13-
^My CA friend Whitney came into town and it's the first time since I'd seen her since we both moved away from CA 3.5 years ago! She moved to WA and we moved to UT. Still love her the same and it was fun to catch up and spend the day with her. 

May 14-
^Finding ways to get them to eat snack variety. :) They do so well
^Dinner at Blue Lemon with Whit and Nat, and then Swig after to introduce Whit. ;) Hooray for GNO!

May 15-
^Have lunch with your kid day. :) Fun to be in class with Sar-bear. And daddy was home so she got both parents!! 
^Since we couldn't leave, we brought the campground to the backyard. :) We roasted hot dogs...
^We roasted smores....
^Ed set up the tent and we watched a short movie... and then Mads and I slept inside and Ed slept outside with the older kids... until about 1:30am when they froze and came in and slept in the family room. :)

May 17-
^Snuggly Madison in the early morn. And then on the pews at church. :)

May 18-
^Ed wanted to put flower beds around the perimeter of the yard. So he got a sod cutter and started the process. Big project! Luckily people came to take the sod and haul it themselves. No more mowing fence lines or under the trampoline. We'll finish the project another year. :)

May 20-
Cute Mads, and a run later with all 3 kids! 2 on bikes and one pushed.

^I had meant to make Ed this book for a year!!! So the night before our 11th anniversary, I finally finished and gave it to him! :) Fun to look back. We have grown together and have a lot in common.

May 21-
^The ladies I work out with every day. We have fun. :)

^I met with a Beachbody mentor to discuss.

^ Ed got me some pretty flowers. We went to dinner and got dessert. Happy 11th anniversary babe! I am totally content. Good place to be.

May 22-
^These kiddos always surprise me. They are so good to eat fresh.

May 23-
^One of our neighbors invited me on a bike ride with some other neighbors and even had a bike for me to use. Fun being active with the neighbors and trying some new exercise. Cross training is great. I hadn't ridden a bike for about 10 years and I really liked it. After the ride, they had us over for crepes too. So nice, those Kelly's! :)
^We got dinner and went to the REAL game with friends for date night. Love variety of dates. :) Fun night. 

May 24-
^We had family dinner at dad's. He has had a bug zapper for years. We were all challenged to touch it. Stupid, but pretty funny. Youch!

May 25-
^Got to see Mrs. Julia for the afternoon. Fun to catch up. So good seeing her always!

May 26-
^Fun to see my friend Andrea on runs. That's about the only time we get to mingle. The kids and I, and our routine. Shakes every morn. :)
^Dinner group is still going on. I made cobb sandwiches for the group. Fun to try new recipes.
^Angie is sweet to get together with me to help get this work stuff figured out. I feel like I'm in school again, getting together with teacher to be better and more organized. A treat! All of it.

May 27-
^The hale was crazy! So loud. I video the unordinary. 

^ Mads on the potty. Pretty sure this is the first time she went pee on the potty. Worth documenting. It's a start! :) 
And I created my team page for work. It's the start of something big! So glad I started this journey! Can't wait until I have a solid team of ladies to join me and benefit in the multiple ways. Looking forward to some relationship building and progress. Living a dream I didn't really know existed. Even if it's going to be hard work, it's worth it! It's okay to have new dreams pop up on your docket, right? Kind of what happened with the band too. Never expected or planned it to happen. But I'm glad it did. :) Now I just need to find a way to balance it all!!

May 28-
^Snuggles with Mads. I love that she know to smile when mommy turns the camera around. Sharing our life. That's what we do. Day in and day out. Hoping it helps someone.

^I love digging in the dirt. Something so soothing about it. I watched my mama do it and didn't know that I'd ever like to weed. But I do. :) I get it now. And it reminds me of my mom. 
^Kai's preschool graduation #2! :) Yes, he was beyond ready but we are confident with our decision to let him start his school career as one of the oldest. He is definitely ready to be challenged and pushed. His sweet teachers were great with him and I feel like they truly accepted him and helped him thrive through the year.  We celebrated after his program with ice cream of course! :)

^Part of the program. Cute boy

^More program

May 29-
^ Ed rode with Sarah and the other kids to school because she is always begging. Glad she likes to be active. Glad she has a great daddy. 
We  celebrated our anniversary multiple times this year. :) Yeates helped us celebrate at a nice dinner. Great friends are always good to have around. 

May 30-
^Our community does a yard sale twice a year. First one I've done. Cam came too. Always better with family. :) Then later we went to the pool. Chill day. 

May 31-
^Banana pancakes. New recipe for me. They are good, and filling and they just look pretty, right?!
^Madison skipped her nap she usually takes after sacrament, so I carried her in and she was asleep on me within minutes. :) Sweetheart. Kids before bedtime. Loving their oreos. Nothing like 'em! 

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