Sunday, October 4, 2015

June 2015

June 1-

^In the summer we go to the pool almost every day and sometimes pack a lunch. :)
^For FHE we went to the pool as a family again later. :)

June 2-

^At random we get together on Tuesday evenings for GNO at the movies since it's $5. :) Usually happens the night of. Love my neighborhood friends.

June 3-

^Karate Kai! Still going strong. He loves it. Yellow belt. :)

^A group got together and went for a hike of Bell Canyon. 
^These friends are good examples of getting out of the house with the kids in nature. They had a blast. Grateful for the invites.
 ^Doing hair late into the night for this cute friend. 

June 4-
^We went to to zoo with my cousins and my kids cousins. 
 Love family time.

June 5-
^Our band opened up our season playing at a neighborhood party. Good practice start. 
^After we got shakes. :)

June 6-

^Ang and I went to Super Saturday for our coaching job. Fun to work with friends.
^Cold Storage played in Country Fest in South Jordan. Fun gig. We barely missed all the rain! Went to dinner with bandmates after and ice cream. :) Great friends.

June 7-
^Sarah started writing cursive. Practice in sacrament meeting. :)

June 8-
^Still my snuggle bug monkey. 

June 9-
^Meg and Kris. My work out buddies. Couldn't do it without them!

^So precious. Especially the stillness when they sleep. 
^I hosted bunko. The food and company are always something to look forward to. :)

June 11-
^Ed subbed in as coach for Kai's soccer team one week. Kai mostly runs with the crowd, but we can get him to kick the ball once in a while. ;)
^In prep for our 50's themed Activity Days Father/Daughter I made a car for the photo booth with cardboard boxes and poster paint. Turned out pretty good. :)
^ I love going on evening walks. Love my neighborhood and the sky is so beautiful most nights.

June 12-
^I am taking pictures all the time now that I post about my lifestyle for my job. Showing people the way I live is just part of my life now. My kids are used to it. They join in with exercises and pics now. I'm okay with them learning to be healthy and confident. :) Madison did yoga with me today. i don't mind working around her. Adorable girl.
 ^The kitties are still a part of our family. Nimbus and Auz hang out in our room most times now. Napping in our room in a patch of sun by our balcony door, or under our bed. Auz follows Sarah around and sleeps with her every night, and Nimbus comes out after the kids are in bed and demands some attention. Oh, the life of a cat...:)
 ^For our 50's Activity Days Father/Daughter we had diner food, complete with root beer and orange floats.
^The girls wore their poodle skirts and learned some dances with their dads. The dads were such good sports with their daughters. So cute to see the relationships between all of them. I'm sure it was strengthened and the girls will have good memories of the night.

June 13-
 ^I signed up for the "Drop 13" marathon and was happy to see that friends did too! Always nice to have someone there with you in the wee hours of the morning to help navigate. :) I met up with Tom bright and early for the bus ride to the start. 
^My goal is always to improve- even by seconds. I felt tight from mile 4 on, like on the verge of cramping in my quads, but I never did. By mile 9 I caught the mile marker just ahead of me and was happy to see it was the 1:40 time. All downhill was rough, but also awesome if you're looking to PR. I love the race and finished with a PR. :) So great to see my supportive family at the end. :) So much more worth it.

 ^These were my sweet friends at the beginning and end. Beautiful run, and everyone did well. :) Brock, Jennie, Me, Tom, Natalie & Andrew
^ This race gives multiple medals. I got a finishing medal, a Personal Record medal, and I "dropped 13" pounds in my training period before this race as well- so I got a medal for that! So great! Down Big Cottonwood Canyon. Great race if you're looking for one. Multiple motivators. :)
^We took it easy in the afternoon and went to the pool with the kids.
^Every year I take multiple pictures of the mountains as I drive towards the East. SO beautiful! Never gets old.
 ^In the evening we had a work dinner for Ed. After, he and I got a treat and went to a movie. Jurrasic World. Love that we make date nights a priority.

June 15-
 ^Our kids can be overly friendly. :) It's nice when people are accepting. These cute girls let him join right in their fun. Hopefully he keeps up his luck with the ladies. ;)

June 16-
 ^Another GNO for Tuesday movies. We saw "Aloha". It was LAME and so random! Good thing the company was good. And the ice cream...;)

June 17-
 ^Kai with his neighborhood karate buddies. Sports are always more fun when you do them with people you know. Cute boys.
^When the Laytons come to stay, we play, ...and eat large amounts of traditional foods called strawberry shortcake made by Ryan. Yum! Balance baby!

June 18-
^Kater with green berry Shakeology face. :) Madison during nap time. Sweet little body. Always need a pic.

June 19-
^Our bandmate, Jason's, "other" band One Punch Opie asked if I'd sing a song with their band at the Bountiful Car Show. Fun to sing any time. Good time and the kids got their faces painted. :)

June 20-

^Cold Storage played at Herriman Days. Just getting our name out there and playing on community stages. We do it for fun, and because we like it so it doesn't matter who listens. The sounds system and stage was awesome at this show! Great when they do it all for us. Too bad we only had a few close fans. :) Ha! There were some from afar. 
^We went with the Price's and Fitch's(my old seminary teacher-ha!) to Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson at Usana. We loved having seats, but were bummed that Alison couldn't sing from being sick. Willie did a great job as an 82 yr old though! Fun night and great company. Love live music.

June 21- Father's Day
 ^We had family dinner on Father's Day at Cami's.  Grateful for my pop!
^Glad we got to celebrate Ed today. The kids sure love him. Especially Madison. Total Daddy's girl! She has him wrapped around her finger. I love watching him teach them and spend time with them. I can see how much they value it and how important it is to have a man of the house. He can do so many things for them that I can't. He has strengths that I don't. He makes them waffles almost every Sunday. He creates special memories for them because he wants them to have the best. Thanks for being a great dad, Ed. The kids and I love you!
 ^Laytons came back and we gamed it up! Even after Maren and I go to bed, the guys stay up and kill zombies since they really only ever play video games together. Special bonds. Great friends. We love it when they come to town and stay. Treat is a good word.

June 22-
^Spirit week! Crazy hair day at school.
 ^To the pool and Iceberg. Another tradition to check off. :) And more zombies. Nerds.

June 23-
 ^Crazy sock day! AND I finally taught Sarah how to tie her own shoes! Whoop whoop!

June 24-
^My angel babe. Not so baby anymore. :( Precious princess. So sweet. Growing up is hard on us all. Love her. I have to document all of it. Don't ever want to forget these moments. I know I'll look back and miss. I already do... :(

June 25-
 ^Random downstair bathroom flooding used up all the towels in the house. No bueno! Got it back in control okay.
 ^Sarah's cute puppet she made for their Chinese program puppet show.
^Patriotism just makes us that much cooler! ;) Always fun with Mare.

June 26-
^We took the kids to the zoo. Good times.
 ^Full day event to wear us all out! :)
^Maren watched the kids while we went out on a date. Dinner and a movie with the Hanks. Love 'em!
^If you know Ed, you know he loves cars. Always checking them out. ;) So funny. Caught him in the act.

 June 27-
^Kai had a birthday party so Maren and I took the girls to Cinderalla. 
 ^Funny pics to show Kai's personality. Such a funny kid. Love our Kai.

June 29-
^Typical workout post. Always workin'. 
 ^Our cute Sarah giving Nimbus some love. It's like a treat when he lets the kids pet him. :) Cute kitty! Except for him bringing in bugs and mice to play with and leave their parts all around my house. That part is NOT cute!
 ^It has to be documented when the littlest starts using a potty! Cute little bean has been potty training. Diapers are disappearing! Hip Hip Hooray!

June 30-
^Love my sweet mama. She comes every other week to keep me on a schedule and helps me clean my bathrooms and mop my floors. I love any time with her. We clean together and visit. I look forward to it even though we are cleaning. Isn't she beautiful? She makes me feel important and always gives great advice and a listening ear.

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I'm the WORST. But I really do have an excuse as my computer is about ready to blow up and the pics on my phone don't work. They are all there, I just can't get to them right now (the camera/photo album app turn off within seconds of clicking on them - I'm lucky if I can snap a picture!). AND, Ryan updated the software on my computer and .jpgs don't show up (they're there, I just can't see them!) and my iTunes account doesn't work (so I can't get the pics off my phone to my computer). BUT, I'm getting a new computer really soon, hopefully. So I will still send you the pics I have from this summer. Ugh. So sorry. It's why I haven't blogged all summer either.