Monday, November 30, 2015

July 2015

July 1-
 ^Madison started to wear panties! Kai is creating some cook stuff with legos. We're impressed with them both!
^We went to curiosity museum with Mare. Fun having friends around.:)
 ^We ran into Kim from CA. So fun. She and her girls came over and got haircuts too. I love the doing hair has helped me stay in contact with friends from all over. Great to see you Kim!

July 2-
^Playing acoustic for the first time. :)
^This little peanut. Snuggling Dad. Love her smile.

July 3-
 ^The Spens were kind enough to invite us boating at Deer Creek. First time boating for the year. 
 ^Beautiful day! Great friends.
^We surfed. The kids tubed.
^Boating always creates good memories. Thanks Spens'.
^And it wears you out! 
^Later we got dinner with some friends, watched a movie outside under the stars and ate giant, delicious ice cream sandwiches. Yum! Great day! So happy Ryan came back to UT to spend the weekend! We're always game for the Laytons.

July 4- 
^Practice is always fun with these guys.
^Goof balls!
^Mare and I got delicious french toast at Kneaders. Definitely a day of splurging. :)

^Traditional KFC once a year. Sufficient for my needs. :)
^We brought lunch up to the lake and walked around it.

^Amazing views and company.


^Being in nature with my family is top notch.
^Showing off the ugly/silly. Can't fight it off sometimes! Love you Mare!
 ^Patriotic. It's about this time of day Ed starts complaining about picture overload...
We watched Riverton Fireworks with friends.
After we went home and put the kids to bed and played games with Laytons and ate peach cobbler. Staple with them. Traditions don't die easy.

July 5-
 None other than red, white, and blue for one Sunday at church each year. Festive like that.
^Family walks on Sunday evening. Uno for FHE. 

July 6-

^Kai played indoor soccer with some buddies in the neighborhood. Get that energy out!
^Got my hair done from Cami. Blue. :) Love hair days!
^For work, we created vision boards. I have many dreams. Couldn't fit on one page. :)
^Things I want and care about.

July 7-
 ^More undies! Madison is doing awesome on the potty!
^Ed wasn't able to swerve in time to miss the remnants of a homemade trailer on the freeway. Did a number on his car. :( Glad he is safe.

July 8- Kai's 6!!
^We got breakfast for Kai's birthday and then went to the store and he picked out a new bike for his gift. Love our karate Kai! 
 ^Kai had a karate party put on by a dojo. It was awesome. Kids were super entertained.
They had free play and paid attention well.
 ^So excited to celebrate our Kai. He's got some amazing energy and an amazing imagination. So proud of him and look forward to seeing him excel.
 ^Ninja cupcakes that he got to cut with a sword. So fun for him!
^For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse. Cute boy. 
 ^We got home and went for a quick bike ride to try out the new bike.
^6 years of Kai. Happy boy.

July 9-
 ^Healthy snacks at the pool. Great kids!
 ^For activity days we toured Chick Filet. :)
^They got to work the drive in and make their own ice cream cones. 

July 10-
^Mary came in town to visit from CA. Love it when friends come to UT to visit and we connect.
^We got lunch to celebrate Melissa's birthday. :)
 ^Sweet little napper.
 ^ Our band, Cold Storage played an acoustic set- sans Mike- for my Bollinger Family Reunion.
 ^It went great. Always a good time. :)
 ^Love this fun Swiss family of mine! We ate dinner and the kids swam.
^Mama and Uncle Bruce singing some Swiss-German songs. Love to hear them! 
^Bollinger side 2015. Hopefully we get more and more each year! Great memories with this family.

July 11-
^No more accidents! Madison is potty trained! We are a diaper free family- forever!!
7-11 day means free slurpees. Slurp!
^One of my favorite things. A clean house. Love to clean! So relaxing. And I get so much time to think. Love it when it's done.

July 12-
^Kai got to blow out more candles for his birthday with the Harman side. ;) Make a wish!

July 13-
^The pool wears her right out. The days of a babe sleeping in my lap are drifting. :(

July 14-
^The kids always join in with the work outs each day. Yummy lunch with friends later. 
^GNO Movie night at Lisa's with some shakes and treats. Always welcome. Thanks Lisa!

July 15-
^Sweetness for breakfast.
^For Activity Days, the girls got to go up to Twilight Camp at Camp Tracy. Fun to let them experience all this stuff, and Sarah even got to come a month before her birthday. Lots of fun and adventure.

July 16-
^Activity Days Girls before camp 2015

July 17-
^Jenn came in town. So glad! Sometimes that's the only time we all get together anymore. The kids ran around Shandra's yard while we chatted. Love these ladies! Great to see you Jenn!
^Our band got to play for our community party. After we played, people did karaoke. :)

July 18-
^Lots of gigs. Draper Days Parade. Super fun crowd. We played on a flat bed trailer and had a great time! Thanks for accommodating Melissa and Justin!

^Daddy/daughter nap.
^These Hanks! We went and saw the Van Halen concert. I didn't care for the band at all, but I loved the company! :)

July 19-
 ^Aunt Cam is always a treat. She is so good to the kids.
^We celebrated Dad, Kai and Zachary's birthdays. :)

July 20-
^Quick workout before we pig out on our camping trip. :) Melissa and Justin let us bring their canoe and trailer.
^We got the good stuff and drove to Mirror Lake. Let the adventure begin!
^Incredible views!
^We got into camp and made foil dinners and smores.
^Love this view. Family time. 
^It got chilly at night! We may have underdressed a little. The kids loved it though.

July 21-
^It was a pretty cold nights sleep. We learned a lesson. Ed made breakfast burritos. It was fun having no cell service and being totally present with the kids. Reading books.
^They loved gathering sticks with daddy!
^We headed over to the lake and snapped some quick pictures. The wild flowers were so beautiful! I needed pics of my cuties with this background. Cuties.
^ We put the canoe on the lake and rowed for a while. Such a fun family activity!
 ^The the kids wanted to fish. We didn't catch anything, but we still had a good time.
When we got back to camp, it started to rain, so we decided to ditch for a bit and go swimming in Kamas. 
^Perfect shower. ;) The kids went off diving boards, Madison can pretty much swim, it was a great time! If we had any chance at another night we needed to get the kid warmer sleeping bags, so we went and bought some.
^We got back to camp, sad to see that the rain had picked up and it was already cold. We decided it would be miserable to stay. All our firewood was wet and we wouldn't be able to cook dinner. :( Ended up being a shorter trip than planned. Darn rain! Rained out. We packed up quick and headed home. Beautiful rainbow on the way home. Happy to sleep in warm comfy beds. :)

July 22-
 ^We still made pancakes in the morning and took the kids to Inside Out. Still a fun day. Although camping would have been great.

July 23-
^Breakfast to celebrate these ladies Birthdays. :)
^Madison fell asleep in my lap again at the pool. :)
^Our neighborhood does a red, white and blue parade every year. Kids decorate bikes and ride around the neighborhood.
^ And then we eat popsicles. Love our neighborhood!
^Annual Neighborhood party. Complete with taco trucks and lots of mingling and eating and our very own firework show. Once again- love our neighbors!

July 24-
^We celebrated the 24th at Land and Deb's. BBQ and fireworks after dark.
^Fun family time with cousins.

July 25-
^Super Saturday even for work. Always a fun theme and motivation to be better and learn how to better help people I love my job.
^Later we supported my voice teacher who was performing in Mary Poppins. We lasted for half of the play. It might be a while before we can last a whole play with these littles. :) 
^All the girls got together to support Talitha at Quick Wits. Comfort and conversation comes back. Plain fun.

July 26-
^My friend, Holly, turned 40!! We helped execute the surprise. :) 

July 27-
 ^3rd grade!? Already! Love this beautiful girl! 3rd year of Chinese Immersion for Sarah. 

July 29-
^Sick day. :( Cute Mads to snuggle though.

^Ed got to go to the Rush Concert. He forgot to take a pic of him darn it!

July 30-
 ^So glad I have friends to work out with every day!

July 31-
^Who ever said you can't work out with kids? :)
^Fun to go to the pool with friends. Jenn and Holly came. Madison fell asleep in the salon like this while I was doing someone's hair. :) 
 ^The best Aunt and Uncle! Cami and Aaron took the kids for the night as their Christmas present. Dinner and a movie. The kids were so excited!! I'm sure memories were made. They had a blast!

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