Monday, December 7, 2015

August 2015

August 1-

^Typical Saturday. Early morning run. Beatiful Daybreak Lake. Shakes for all! Cute kids!

^We found some baby birds in the window well and rescued a couple. We finally realized the reason why. There was a nest in the peach tree right above the well.

^Unfortunate place to try and learn to fly. :(

August 2-

^Madison sleeps crazy at night. Her hair is always proof! :)

^Rank advancements at work earned me this beautiful necklace from my friend/coach.

^At church I got to hold this little miss. Thanks Meg, for giving me my baby fix. 

August 3-

^Always a fun find. Kai bud asleep in his doorway.

August 4-

^Little stud, Kai. Started Kindergarten- FINALLY! He couldn't be more thrilled and I think he looks the part, don't you? :)
^The ladies keep my going! I love working out with friends. :)
^After Kai's first day of Kindergarten we went for a bike ride. 
^And got slurpees to celebrate! :) These kinds of celebrations are not always my strong suit, but I'm trying!!
^This is how we are cooking these days. We eat at home most all the time now. Healthy meals. Ed grills some wonderful chicken and salmon.

 ^Finally finishing the POPS!

August 5-
^Carpool. So grateful for it.
^He built all the things he saw on the outside of the container. What a pleasant surprise and a smart boy. 
^These two get along sometimes. We take pictures when they do. :)
 ^The garden is booming with tomatoes and we took a try and brussel sprouts this year too!
^Holly came with me on an evening run. These sunsets are beautiful!

August 6-

^Love the peace this brings.

^We got to have cousins! 

August 7-

^Grandma took the older girls for a sleepover with Grandma. They were so thrilled!
 ^Madison needed some loves before the older girls left.
 ^Fun transformation for Amanda!
^Deer Valley Symphony. It was great until we got rained out. Fun tradition. Just us and Steve and Marianne this time. The rain earned us a stop for a yummy treat. ;)

August 8-
^1/2 Marathon prep! Grateful for an able body and beautiful scenery to run in.

^Little fish. Such an accomplishment to witness.

^Spent some time watching cousins. Cuties.

August 9-
 ^Fun to document the big changes that have happened this year. Lots of hard work and victory. It feels good to make healthy choices and gain more control.
 ^My babes at church. Teach them to be still.
^Always a yummy dinner, Sunday walk and dessert. Standard.

August 10-
 ^I've missed this girl! I haven't seen my childhood BFF for years!! We got to catch up while I did her hair. Fun to see you Tara!
^We took the kids to Shrek. It was a little longer than their attention spans, but we still had a good time.

^These are the things I hope they remember. Dad was a good sport.

August 12-
^Post it art at the library. :) 

August 13-
^Half our tree's harvest! We're eating them!
^Lots of peaches to eat! Many different dishes.
 ^Kai loves playdates! Thanks Ruby!
^This beautiful girl for 8 year old pics. Steph, you're so giving and talented and patient! Thanks!

August 14-
 ^Love it when Mads hops in on exercise. :)
^Daddy rode the kids to school. Their fave!
^Did Shayla's hair and had a little pow wow with work friends.
^Pool, pizza and shakes with the fam is a perfect Friday evening date.

August 15-
 ^Sometimes I wonder why I'm still signing up for races. I did it for motivation, but it's way less cool to do them alone. Oh well. Had a great race, even if I drove there, ran, and drove home. :)
^Met the family out a daybreak. Ed took them to the little beach. 
^Later we went to a movie with friends and I calorie filled on their delicious crepes. I get one every time! :)

August 16-
^I organized a neighborhood party with our childhood/ward friends.
^We had a potluck in dad's front yard and mingled. It was so fun to see everyone! I think we'll make it a yearly thing. Childhood friendships shape so much of your life. I am a memories hoarder and love relationships!

August 17-
^I started helping in Kai's class a couple times a month. I like being in there. He's doing great!
^Cute boy
^My besets sister, Cami, came and helped me can peaches. :)What a process. She must love me.
 ^Stocked up until next year!  

August 18-

 ^Our cutest Cold Storage fans ended up with matching shirts for school. Who cares if we're the only ones that know that symbol. We love it.

 ^The Young's came in town for a visit and so kindly invited us for dinner! Love out-of-towner visits!

August 19-
 ^Just because she is cute. I heart her.
^Healthy lifestyle for all. The different ways we eat our eggs...:)
 ^Nothing feels better than a clean kitchen and a quiet house.
 ^...and of course a nap! :)

August 20-

^The Johnson family united for a weekend up in Bear Lake at a cabin.
^We prepped healthy snacks to offset all the unhealthy that comes with vaca. ;)

^Cinnamon cake after dinner, airplane and chillin/talking/games with the fam. Love 'em.

August 21-
 ^We rented a boat for half the day. The water was a little chilly, but that didn't stop us!
 ^The sun felt fabulous, we got some great family time and sun.
 ^Some of the best family memories come from boating.
 ^Being crammed together for a few house was alright!

^Most everyone tried surfing, or some water sport with success. Good times!
 ^You MUST have a raspberry shake in Bear Lake!
 ^The kids just play! It's getting easier and easier.
 ^Before dessert we took the kids on a walk.
 ^Eating is one of the best things we do on trips. :)
^Awesome! Kids upstair and occupied.

August 22-
 ^Ed and I were in charge of breakfasts. :)
 ^The smoke that blew in from the other states fires ruined our view, but it's still a beautiful place to drive. 
 ^We went and saw the caves as an activity.
^I think the kids enjoyed it.
^Johnson Family 2015

August 24-Sarah's 8th birthday
 ^ 8 year of our sweet Sarah! Cute as ever.

^Birthday Breakfast at Kneaders. Lucky girl!
Birthday celebrations at him and in class. She loves Dunford chocolate doughnuts just like mom. :) Ed took her Habit for lunch. :)

 ^Madison self entertaining wit books.
 ^Sarah isn't a big wanter, but she settled on a longboard for her birthday. :) We got ice cream cones to celebrate.
^Cute girl on a board.

August 26-
 ^The kids got some recognition. Cute to see them beam.
^Got to hang out with Rachel. We haven't seen each other for a while. Wonderful catch up and conversations. :)
^Madison at her Preschool open house. She's gearing up, and ready!

August 28-
^I love that she still wants to hold my hand. She is such a sweet girl.
^Sarah got to celebrate her birthday with a late night with friends. We made popcorn boxes, ate cake, did karaoke, played some games and watched Cinderalla. :)
Sarah is a pleaser. She tries her best to be a good girl and is so helpful! We love her kind spirit. She asks questions galore. Glad she thinks about life. No doubt she will excel more and more. So proud of her and love her to pieces.

^She loves to sing...:)

August 29-
^Nother run. Beautiful. 
^We got dinner before our Cherry Hill gig. It was a hit! Fun place to play!

Awesome set up. Fun stage. View from Ed's spot on the drums.

^Sampling. Fun hobby. Great times!

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