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September 2015

Sept 2- Madison starts Preschool

^This little missy started preschool and she is thrilled to be one of the big kids that gets to go to school. They are in for a treat. :)
^Meeting Mrs. Sandy. So cute!
^Magenta pop! LOVE hair doing day! Thanks Cami! 
^ Both kids did gymnastic this month. Madison didn't get a nap, and it was evident.
^Sarah reading Chinese. Such a wonder!

Sept 3-
^Kai doing flips. Already starting little boy tricks. Praying for no major injuries! ;)

Sept 4-
^Watching my brothers kids for the weekend. The older they get the easier it is. They just play. And they all love the pool.

Sept 5-
^I can't believe we have an 8 year old! Pretty girl decided that baptism was a good choice for her. I think it's a wonderful plan.  
 ^Baptism Day! I love these pictures of daddy/daughter.
^8 cake with 2 bundt cakes. :)
 ^Love celebrating this day for Sarah. Big deal. Shaping her life. Accountability and choosing. Time flies! Our oldest is 8?!

Sept 6-
^Cute bunch of kids after church.
 ^After church we went on a walk and these cute kids played for a bit.
We did nails and burned a little energy with cousins before they left.

Sept 7-
^Ed is the best at making breakfast and the kids and I surely appreciate that!
 ^Labor Q- BBQ, mingling and band with our neighborhood. Show went well. :) We always have fun. Cold Storage Band on Facebook.

Sept 8-
^Taught the kids to play hopscotch. Good family time.

Sept 9- 
^Activity Days activity. Taste testing.
^These cuties playing together and dressing up.

Sept 10-

^Reading. I love finding my kids with books any time.

Sept 11-
^Breakfast. Only if/when we go to the airport. CA nostalgia. :) 
 ^Getaway and one big van to accommodate. :)
 ^Dish dash. Anther CA fave that tasted yum. Then some ice cream, because traveling usually means good food! ;)
^The beach house we rented was surely dated, but really neat. 
^Weather forecast was decent, but not a lot of sun, so we took advantage right away. Boys boogie boarded. Girls chatted and enjoyed the sand on feet and scenery.
Beautiful serene view for a few days. 
^Great company. Santa Cruz, CA.
^All the men have matching wallets. :) 
^Headed to the boardwalk, but most of it was closed. Quick visit.
^The we moved on to ice cream. And it was a delicious way to end the night. Followed by some hot tubbing on the beach.

Sept 12-  
^Went on an amazing run on the beach. First for me. Surely not last.
^Todd and Ed rented surf boards for the day. Chill day.
^We got lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant and then hit the ice cream shop up again. :) After lunch we did some shopping at surf shops. 
^For dinner we got groceries and ate in. Steve and Jason cooked a delicious meal and then we attempted a movie. :) I didn't make it long. 

Sept 13-
Went to church and then headed to Monterrey.
^Big Bertha Van to accomodate. :) Traded it in for scooters for the day.

^And helmets. :)
^Scooter in beach town was fun. 
Delicious breakfast at Awakenings (fam fave) and then to cannery row for a bit. The plan was to ride scooters for 16 mile drive. We got there only to learn no motor bikes allowed! :( 

^So we rode the coast for a bit and the dropped the scooters off and then went back to 16 mile drive.
We got out and explored the sites.
^Aunt Deb rocked it at home with our kids and braved the zoo. So grateful for family help! Love you guys!

Sept 14-
  ^Another run. This time through the strawberry fields.
^Then last walks on the beach.
^The guys surfed a little and then we headed out for Mexican lunch again. (It was THAT good) Then we went to the airport. Fun trip! Thanks friends!

 Sept 15-
 ^Headed to bunko. Amazing double rainbow!
^Activity Days. Making bread and jam. 

Sept 16-
^Chocolate Shakeology mustache on our way to karate.  
^Off tracks involve more activities. Classic skating.
^Kids had a blast. Glad friends plan and invite. :)

Sept 17-
^My regulars. So grateful for them. They totally keep me accountable. Thanks ladies! 
^Another activity to the Dinosaur Museum for the first time. Good times.

Sept 18-
 ^Sarah's 8 year old well check. She is healthy as can be. Great areas on her charts. Flu shots for all.
^From Dr. to zoo with friends. Great day!
^Fun with a bunch.

 Sept 19-
 ^Cuddle time with mads and Nimbus.
HOA event. Star Wars and popcorn on the lawn. :) Love our neighborhood.

Sept 20-
^Family dinn at Neils. Good food, company, and then just chillin'. Love Cam's baby pink hair. :)

Sept 22- 
^They have learned to love music and dancing. :) Yay!

Sept 23-
^Off to Lake Powell for Harman family trip. Junk food. Mad's got carsick on the way, but otherwise it was an okay ride.
^Nice big boat. Yay!
Chill day. Found a beach. Set up camp. Kids fished. Love how they are so occupied and happy here.  
^Mads tried out her first surf with Ed, and loved it! So glad she is daring.

Sept 24-
^Paddle board fun, delicious breakfast from grandpa Steve and sites to impress and amaze. So beautiful. Love this life. Simple.
^Boating is one of the best family activities I can think of. The hum of the engine, the sunshine, kid snuggles and laughter, family near, being active, snacking, exploring. Fond memories. Always good. 
^Toots out with daddy again. Surfing it up! Why did we leave CA? ;) Boat surfing will have to do.
^I can cook, but Ed has a knack for it. We made Mediterranean food for the fam and it did not disappoint. Greek salad, pita bread and hummus with yogurt dip, grilled veggies, chicken and meat, and baklava goodness! Trips and food go together.

Sept 25-
^Sites. Cliffs. Beautiful nature. 
 ^Lost my first toenail...
 ^Yummy tacos!
^Night surfing. This diehard family does it.
^Yep, this crazy guy surfed in the moonlight! Yikes! Funny, we were the only ones out there. Spotlights necessary.

 Sept 26-
^Bri and Forrest are the best cousins. The kids mostly tubed, but stayed entertained the whole time.
^Boat sleeping is the best. Lots of chillin' going on. Good times!
^Madison made her way into about everyones lap. :)
^Surf time!
^Fun on the boat! Mads first time off a slide.
^No fear. Jumping off the boat.

^Kids played games and watched shows. 
^Burnt everyone out. Sleeping was a little bit better this year.

Sept 27-
^Harman Family Trip 2015 (minus Chris and Randy's fams)
^Beautiful scenic drive home. Thank you Powell for the good times and memories made. Weather and water was perfect!

 Sept 28-
^Kai creations. :) 
^We love Def Leppard! I grew up listening because of Landon and then married someone that loves rock just as much. One of our favorite shows for sure!
^Yes! Music!

Sept 29-

^She knows when shake time is. Got my cup and hers. Healthy habits...

^Always singing along. Adorable. Impressive.

^Beyond tired! The yawn?! Save us all! 

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