Monday, March 7, 2016

October 2015

Oct 1-
^I walked downstairs to find mouse poop. Gross. Nimbus must have scared the sh** out of the mouse, because no mice was ever found. ;) Still needing these hot compression tights about once a month...darn varicose veins. I'm getting too old!
^Funny selfies from realizing how out of control and big my hair can get when I do nothing but let it air dry. True 80's born. :)
^Still living this life. Still doing my best to eat within these guidelines and share with other people how to do it too. It definitely feels better to live this way even if it's not easy. Grateful for this program and job.

 Oct 2-
^Pics of a clean house. Awww. Feels so nice. Someday these rooms will look how I envision them. Either way, this is how they have been and it will always be fun to look back.
^How perfect is this picture to look out on? I love where I live. It is so beautiful. Right outside my bedroom window.
^Fun night with Shepherds to the The Martian. Love it when friends accept invites. We love company.

Oct 4-
^More beauty. Some days it's just too breathtaking to not take a picture.

Oct 5-
 ^What a joy she is. Picture Day at school. :)
 Watched Meg's cute little girl Maycie. Got a good work out in. :)
 ^Feeling confident for family pics. Even though they are always stressful. Fun to get all dolled up and document "how we looked" every year of life. I worked hard this year to be more healthy and it feels good.
^Weather wasn't perfect, but Steph of Flash Jorgensen took great pictures that captured my kids personalities. Love this family of mine. Happy pics are over with. :)

 Oct 6-
^Karate keeps Kai's attention. Love to see him have fun doing something he likes.

Oct 7-
 ^They ask for it. I drink a shake every day, and it always makes me smile when they request it too. Best thing for them. Answer is always yes.
^The kids wanted to ride bikes to school. I think we'll be doing this more this year. They love it, and I want to support activity.
^I don't always feel like I'm a good enough mom, but when my kids eat brussel sprouts and like them, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment for feeding their cute bodies with nutritious food.

Oct 8-
^Elder Nelson spoke at a heart party we were invited to. Wonderful man, and great to hear the history of heart surgery. Ed has a great job and he is good at it.

Oct 9-
^A school lunch day to eat lunch with your kids. I try to be at everything to make sure the kids know they are important. Have to enjoy this while they want to spend time with us.
^When I found out my second cousin, Jared, was in AIDA we had to go! It was my first broadway in NYC and I love musical theater and supporting family. He did amazing! I've always wanted to be an amazing singer.

Oct 10-
^Pretty much every Saturday I go on a run. Nature and the views are good motivation. When I get home, everyone is usually up and Ed is making the kids waffles. I know it's a tradition they will always remember and cherish. What a great dad.
^We had to get out and enjoy the weather before it fades. I'm not always great at getting out, but when we do I really enjoy happy, active kids and spend more quality time with them.
^We had stake conference, but borrowed these easy and awesome costumes for a neighborhood party after. Disco baby! I love dressing up. Fun tradition.

Oct 11-
^Sarah's Auzi mustache. :{ ;) They love each other, and Auz sleeps with her every night.

Oct 12-
 ^Late celebration to celebrate Cami. Best sis.
^FHE. Walks and being out and active while we still can. 

Oct 13-
^This little one takes forever to get to sleep some days. She still needs the nap though.
^Bunko with friends is a great excuse for girl time, mindless games, chit chat and snacks. :)

 Oct 15-
 Halloween bows and a day at the curiosity museum. Ice cream after if they are good. 
^I'm losing them less and less each time. Love it when they have fun. 

Oct 16-
^Coaches retreat with the girls on our team. Angie put this together. Fun to finally meat everyone. And we started with a fun photoshoot. Women that flew to UT from all over. How fun!
^Followed by a yummy, healthy lunch.

^Sarah went with her friend Taya to Lagoon.

 ^Daddy took the other kids to a movie. Hotel Transylvania 2. Great day for all!
^We got back to the cabin in Park City and had some reflection time about what goals we have for ourselves. Time to face our fears and live our dreams.

^Cute Angie got us little notebooks and did exercises with us.

^Then we made our dinner. Healthy and more quaint. We also celebrated some birthdays the right way- with some brownies.:)
^It took no time at all to feel comfortable with these girls. I see their faces every day on-line. We all have the same vision and are like-minded in wanting to be healthy and help other people be healthy. So grateful for such kind accepting ladies and a wonderful coach that motivates and inspires me.
 ^Shayla and I shared bunks. The start of something good. I can see a future friendship in the making.  Grateful for new opportunities that let wonderful people into your life at whatever age.

Oct 17-
^Super Saturday with friends! Wonderful! Always motivating to hear what opportunities and potential can await us if we face our fears and keep trying.
 ^Selfie Stick! What a great group of women. One day I'll be doing this with more on my team.
^After an uplifting message and a great group work out, we introduced many of the ladies to Cafe Rio. :) Yum!
 ^Utah showed off for them. Park City is beautiful.
 ^We had a pow-wow in the hot tub and got to know each other better.
^More gorgeous views.
 ^We asked any questions until our hearts content. Angie/Shayla made the uplifting power word shirts for each of us, and they all got more than they bargained for with my openness...hahaha!

Oct 18-
^Thank you Park City and thanks Angie and everyone else for a wonderful coach retreat. We left motivated and ready to pay it forward. :)

Oct 19-
^I really lucked out with him. He's an amazing cook, and he's not afraid to try new things. Sarah is always wanting to help in the kitchen these days. Pork Chops.

Oct 20-
 ^Why girls like bunko nights...a little sweetness and girl talk.

 Oct 21-
^Dinner group meals. This is a favorite recipe.

Oct 22-
^Mom and Madison date every Thursday at library story time. One kid is so manageable. :)

 ^These happy indicators make me happy too.

Oct 23-
^Kai got to be the spotlight at school. He colored and wrote this whole poster.
^Tomato worms. Eww! The kids found it. We make a lot of salsa with our garden tomatoes.

 ^This pumpkin patch in Riverton never disappoints. Fun staging for pics. Cute Kai.
 ^Miss Sarah
 ^Little Mads.
^In the corn maze.
^Found our pumpkins. Why do kids look so cute in pumpkin patches?
 ^Outings tucker us all out!
^We went to dinner with my couz, Heather and her hubby Rob. Thai. Great company.

Oct 24-
^Fall running is beautiful!

^Fluffy sky
 ^Shopping day with mom for clothes. Weightloss problems...;)
 ^Our neighbors throw a great pumpkin carving party. Always some creative/cleaver food choices. :)
 ^Carving it up!
 ^We've won a few prizes. Yay! Tuckered Madison right out!
^The cute Garrisons and the girls that put on games for the kids. They love it!

 Oct 25-
^The pumpkins in the light.
^Selfie Sunday. Part of my job is showing progress of following through. And I got a new outfit. ;)

Oct 27-
^Success club prize for Sept was 3 free programs! Awesome! I think I almost have the whole library! :)
^Cute Lisa choreographed a flash mob dance for me for Ed's 40th birthday. This idea popped into my head 2 years ago. Finally brought to fruition. :) Hope he's surprised. He was always good at surprising me. He deserves something big.

Oct 28-
 ^Wow Utah! Good morning!
 ^Little Elsa. Pretty princess.

^I watched Maycie again. Watching this baby brings me back to watching for cues. Weird to think we are done. Nostalgic. Still got it though. Put her right to sleep and enjoyed every second of it. I'm going to have to enjoy others' babes. Fun Phase. Hard to close that chapter.
^Halloween cookies MUST happen...
^He's growing up. Not so little. Loving him extra.

Oct 29-
^Library crafts. :)
^A couple of witches...:) 
Fun halloween themed food.
^Sarah loves activity days.

Oct 30-
^Meg and I getting our yogi on. :)
School parade day! Lucky daddy was off work and helped with class parties. :)

Oct 31- 
^Fall tree beauty and running tapering.
^Love Halloween.
^Cute babe in our bed...
^Storm Trooper
^Cute kids and Randy came to treat with us too. Madison made one full bucket's worth. Sarah and Kai-2. :) Happy Halloween!

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