Sunday, May 8, 2016

November 2015

November 2-
^Last harvest of the tomatoes. Next year we will plant only one plant. haha!

Nov 3-
^The work out ladies. :) Grateful for them.
^Gel nails for Mads. She's so cooperative.
^Dentist time for the kids. I wish I could say no cavities, but I think they might be cursed with our teeth.
^I love seeing him quiet and attentive. :)

Nov 5-
^Madison sees an opportunity and she takes it. Kris is a good horse.
^Got to see two friends from our CA days. Kaylynn in town from NJ, and Kristen from CA. Some of my bests. 

Nov 6-
^We spend the day at the curiosity museum with the kids before we headed out.
^Redeye flight to NYC to see Kaylynn and to celebrate Ed's 40th! 

Nov 7- 
 ^We got in super early and took a cab to Kaylynn's place and slept in a good part of the morning. Then we got ready and got some delicious Krispy Pizza. SO good! NYC Pizza. MMMM!
 ^Got into the city and figured out the Metro.
^Kaylynn lives just across the river from the city in NJ. Amazing view! We took the ferry over and walked around the city.
^ Ed rarely shops, so we usually do some shopping when we travel. Yay! New clothes!
^Lots of sights. Pretty chilly, but not too bad.
^We had a nice dinner. Love our together time. Love vacay.
^Walked by Radio City and Times Square.
^I alway need dessert and this place had delicious cookie/ice cream sandwich options...
^We saw Finding Neverland. I love broadway shows. So much talent. Love to watch it. Great show!
^More Times Square.

Nov 8-
^Such a neat view from Kaylynn's.
^Got a delicious breakfast take-out from across the street and ate it on the ferry ride over.
 ^We went in to attend sacrament meeting at Jenn's ward/NYC temple. So good to see Jenn on the other coast. Fun to have friends all over.
^We visited the Natural History Museum. Chill day.
 ^Walked through central park, got lunch at Shake Shack and then went to the MET.
 ^We love steak, so we went to a good steak house.
 ^We bought city passes, so we did most all of that. Empire State building at night.
 ^Yummy waffle dessert. :)
^I had a crazy moment and burst of energy and decided to run up an escalator going the opposite direction. Longest elevator ever! It was only possible because it was after midnight by the time we got back to NJ. I would have quit, but Ed encouraged me forward. I could taste blood by the end, but I did it! Probably the last time ever in my life. ;)
^Night view across the river. Amazing!

Nov 9-
^We got to spend the day with Kaylynn! :) She and I went for a quick run and then we got ready and headed into China town for some shopping. We got the kids some things, etc. She was the best guide and pretty much took us on a food tour.
^This pizza was SO good from Beckers Street Pizza! Bagels bites were yum. Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery-delicious. And a yummy italian sub. Lot's of eating. Our fave! 
 ^We walked through Central Park again and then went to the Plaza Hotel for a quick healthy snack.
^We went ice skating at the Rockefeller Center with Kaylynn and Brook and the Yeates to got into NYC too. :) Fun experience.
^We were rusty, but we got a hang of it.
^We went to Top of the Rock for some more cool views of the city. Great friends to site see with.
 ^We tried to get into Fallon but found out days before that we didn't.:(
 ^We got Ramen. Super good.

Nov 10-
^Today was a rainy day! Good time to spend a few hours in the 9/11 museum. We met the Yeates there.
 ^Crazy to re-live the experiences and the the overload of information and things to look at. Humbling. Reverencing. Unreal, but very real.
^After the museum we got pizza-not at Sbarro! Ha! 
^The we went to central park and took a carriage ride as a break from the rain.
 ^Uber ride!
 ^We got dinner at a yummy Italian place before our show.
^ We saw Beautiful-The Carol King musical. I didn't think I knew who she was until I knew most of the music. It was such a good show! We loved it!
^After the show we met up with Kaylynn and Brook and Yeates in a piano bar where anyone can stand and sing broadway tunes. Amazing talent. This gal was wonderful!

Nov 11-
 ^Last half day we spent at the statue of liberty. It had been a long while since either of us had been to see lady Liberty.
^We got lunch with Kaylynn after and before we headed to the airport. So grateful to Kaylynn for her hospitality. The view from our room was amazing. Lucky to have such a wonderful friend.
 ^Trip pooped us right out!

Nov 12-
^Activity days with the girls. Painting nativity pegs.

Nov 13-
^Our ward does a chili cook off and competition every year. Love these traditions. Everyone votes for best chili and best dessert. :)
^Then we had a master magician from our neighborhood. Neat.

Nov 14- 
 ^We went to city creek to go to lunch for Ed's birthday. The kids wore their NYC gifts we brought. 
^After lunch we headed to the fountain for the kids-or that's what I told him. ;) I had planned out a flash mob for Ed's 40th birthday months before. It wasn't a huge turnout, but I was so grateful to the people that showed up for him, supported him and made him the priority. He surely deserved the attention for such a big milestone. 40 cupcakes in 40 fashion. :) He was very surprised. Thanks to those to came and participated. 
 ^The production wasn't flawless, but it served its purpose. The music skipped a little, the fountain  music drowned out some of ours, and a security guard tried to stop the spectacle, but we carried on and were able to finish. :)
^Love you Ed! You make 40 look good. You're a good sport and definitely deserving of a grand plan. Thanks for being a wonderful husband and daddy! Happy 40th!! Over the hill!
^A snippet of the mob. My vision of the camera footage and how everything played out didn't happen with so much to plan, but we caught the moment enough to remember. :)
^We went to a nice birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris in Park City for the evening. 

Nov 15-
^At church, this made me crack up. Sarah drew a pic of Jesus. Kai drew a pic of a burning building. Oh the contrast of boys and girls. haha! :)
^We celebrated Ed on his birthday with my family over for dinner. He wanted chicken rolls and homemade pumpkin pie. Fun to celebrate him! Thanks for celebrating him with me fam! I know he knows you care about him. I surprised him with a skydiving voucher. What better way to remember 40 than to do something crazy!! We're not getting any younger. We'll likely go in the spring. :) Yikes!
^Happy Birthday to Ed! Happy 40th!

Nov 17-
^I am part of the neighborhood book club. I don't usually finish the books, but I love being social with the ladies in my neighborhood and learning about the books, having chat time and eating yummy snacks. I love social events and the neighborhood ladies.

Nov 19-
^Cute Angie got me some flowers as a thank you for working. Mads and I went to library time. Fun little crafts. Later I hosted bunko with the neighborhood gals. Always some snacks and fun.

Nov 20-
^This is our carnivore. She asks for bacon bits in a bowl. Not often, but it's so funny how much she likes meat. :)
^Date night with Ed. Every weekend. We love our time together. WE have to be a priority. So glad we are.

Nov 21-
^Kai lost one of his front teeth from Sarah pulling a stuffed animal out of his mouth. Hours later we could see the other one was loose enough that it was barely hanging on, so Ed pulled it out. He freaked!! But lost his 2 front teeth on the same day! :)
^He's pretty dramatic. He does have to sisters...;) Maybe it shouldn't, but this kind of makes me laugh...
^My cute little helpers. I love being out in the yard with all of us. Anything we do where we are all involved is pretty great. :) LOTS of leaves!
^Ang and I went out to celebrate a big milestone for her business and our team. We have been working so hard! Grateful she brought me into something that offers opportunity and growth. I'm surely learning a lot about myself and learning how to try and help other people in the process- which is so rewarding! Yummy dinner, dessert and wonderful friend and leader. Thanks Ang!

Nov 22- 
^I like seeing this. My cute fam.

Nov 23-
^Ed and I celebrated Tom's birthday with these two BFF's. We went to the Roof for the first time since Ed proposed to me. :) Great views and food and fabulous friends to enjoy it with. Happy Birthday boys! 

Nov 24- 
 ^Thanksgiving feast at preschool. :)

Nov 25-
 ^This boy cracks me up! My kids are so thirsty! Glad they drink so much water. He's a thinker. Efficient.
^Cute Sarah got to help back and she loves to cook and help! Cute girl!

Nov 26-
^For Thanksgiving I made homemade rolls. Only way to do it now. My goal is to be making most things homemade. Tastes so much better! 
^We were with Ed's family this year. Yummy food and chillin.
^We all helped. The desserts were numerous and yum. We were all stuffed!

Nov 27-
^Sweet sleeper.
^We took the kids to The Good Dinosaur. Kept their attention. I love this phase we are in. They all have the attention span for a movie. Looking over at them I just smiled. A happy moment to see everyone happy and content. Love my family.

Nov 28-
^More of our sleepy girl. 
^Fun night at the Jazz game with the Shepherds. :) Always fun with friends!

Nov 30- 
^Helping in Kai's class. :) It's good to be spending time in the classroom.
 ^Chicken Pot Pie is one of our faves.
^Ice cream and a show together. Moments together.

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