Sunday, June 5, 2016

December 2015

December 1-
^A cute pic of Kai, just because he got a haircut and has awesome hair! He's so harry! Wolf man! :)
^I love RS activities! This was a Christmas dinner they do every year. We don't get much time to mingle at church, so it's fun to see each other out of church settings to visit.

Dec 2-
^The kids had an elf show up. They named her, Crystal. Let the watching begin. Naughty or Nice?

Dec 3-
^Holly hosted us in ugly sweaters for Bunko. GNO once a month with these girls is the only time we see each other and keep in contact. Fun to stay connected.
^Every year we add a new thing. This year we added to the nativity. Ed completed the wise men set, and we added the star. Best addition to the yard and most important thing to remember this time of year. Makes me happy to drive up to my house. 

Dec 4-
^Our band, Cold Storage, played for a Christmas dinner VBFA event/party at the country club for Steve's company party. Our most chill set, and one of my favorite gigs yet. Don't the guys look nice all dressed up? Fun addition to our lives. We are great friends.

Dec 5-
^Our community has Santa come with cookies every year and the kids do a craft. Fun festivities.
^The kids played outside in the leaves a little after. Andee caught these cute pics of Madison in sheer joy! 
^Who knew she knew this? We just learned. So cute coming from a little voice!

Dec 6-
^Sleeping bag worms. Love it when they get creative, self entertain and play with each other. Reminds me of my childhood.
^"See the sleeping bunnies" is a hit in nursery!

Dec 7-
^Dinner at The Pie with the Harman fan, and then The Lower Lights concert. Fun concert tradition.

Dec 9-
^Karate Kai keeps us smiling!
^Sarah started her acting singing classes with Up with Kids. The kids had to join me for her first class. Excited to see her flourish. 

^Cute bundled kiddos ready to play outside. 
^Meeting baby Hazel. Precious babies. Glad to be an aunt. Congrats Neil and Jodi!
^Cars packed with everyones bag for an overnighter to SLC to see the Christmas lights. This site makes me happy. It means memories.

^Cheesecake Factory for dinn.
^Ed being silly for all the selfie-ness- so of course I'll join in. :)
^We went and saw the temple lights and the Christus. The we got a little cookie treat after and headed back for bed.
^All 3 kids fit in a bed! We are at a fun stage. Goodnight SLC!

Dec 12-
^We got breakfast at Kneaders in the morn.
^Admiring my cute family.
^Then we took the kids to the pool. They had a blast swimming indoors in the winter.
^Fun little overnighter. I love seeing them manage their own luggage. So independent.
^It was a beautiful day for a winter run. I typically won't/don't run in the winter, but it ended up okay.

Dec 13-
^Cozy on the couch with the kids.

Dec 14-
^Madison was the start student for her class. :)
^Aww!! I could eat her up. Yep, it's Madison in Kai's old snow suit. :)
^First time sledding. :)

^Ed is not afraid of finding recipes and trying them out or combining them to make his own concoction. Yum! He made these sweet nuts for me as our neighborhood gifts this year, and got a nickname at work out of it too! ;)

^Being Sarah's Activity Days leader means I get to be there at all her activities. Gingerbread houses. Can't go wrong. Creative juices, frosting and candy!

Dec 15-
^The elf got creative a few times...

Dec 16-
^The kids are off track in December, so we hit the curiosity museum. They grow into liking new things every time. Love Kai's imagination. Silly boy.

^Sarah doing art and Mads being a monkey.
^Neighborhood delivery time. Spreading cheer.

Dec 18-
^Ugly sweater party with some neighborhood friends. White elephants and pizza. :)

Dec 19-
^Took the kids to the movies. It's on occasion and always fun.

Dec 20-
^Every holiday I expect a festive attire pic. We made gingerbread men for the first time. It was good with ice cream. 

Dec 21-
^Ed and Mike did some hiking/skiing. Glad when we get out to do active things. :)
^Madison's preschool Christmas program.
^Complete with Santa. Kai even got a turn. 

^Shayla came in town! :) We did hair and were able to get dinner together later with Angie. Sweet friends I have. So glad our business brought us together. Thanks for the thoughtful gifts ladies and for pushing me to be better and progress. Supportive friends are the best kind.

Dec 22-
^Snowy night for a drive to Ogden! We go up to the same Scrooge play every year with the Johnson side. We got burgers before and then watched the play. We might be a little burned out of the same play each time, but the kids love the tradition. On the drive back our engine kept cutting out! Car alternator almost died!! But we lucked out and made it home and a family friend was able to fix it for us the next day. Lucked out!
^More movie nights. We're not too good for the dollar theater. :) Makes no diff to the kids. They still get popcorn and treats. Hotel Transylvania 2. :)

Dec 24- Christmas Eve
^My family met early and did waffles and sofa swiss bread we grew up with. Later we had dinner, complete with ham, holiday potatoes, fresh rolls and punch.
^The kids did their gift exchange.
^When we got home, Madison was already zonked, but Sarah and Kai got their new jammies and new ornament.  So good to see Christmas cards from friends near and far. We love staying connected.
^Happy Christmas Eve! And to all a good night. Love our house. Nice work, Ed!

^The 2 trees. One for decor and the train, and the other for our personal ornaments and Christmas gifts. 
^Stocking set up.

Dec 25- Christmas Day
^We woke up to a snow covering! So ideal! :) Kids were excited!
^The kids and their gifts. Madison did her ornament and jammies in the morning and then we opened gifts. They got lots of small little things and a couple big gifts. 
^Fun watching them the rest of the day, just play together and with toys, get some rest and chill.
^Merry Christmas Everyone! May the New Year be a good one! We drove around looking for a restaurant. Hahaha! After finding nothing, we made eggs. 

Dec 27-
^Harman Dinner and gift exchange.

Dec 29-
^Thanks for coming to visit me girls!

Dec 30-
^Jenn came in town and Heather was nice to host a little shindig. So glad this still happens every so often. Friendships bring people together.

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