Saturday, September 3, 2016

January 2016

Dec 31/ Jan 1-
^New Years we were invited to my brother Neil's. Fun party. We came before the new year and Ed put the kids to bed. I went to the Parker's quick for a game and then to celebrate the new year together as neighbors with fireworks and all. :)
^Nothing better than starting out the new year right with a lot of rest. Me and Mads too a long nap. :)

Jan 2-
^We had a date night with Hanks and saw Jenn at sushi too. :)

^Mom came over to puzzle with us on Sunday. Grateful for these traditions being passed on. Quality time together is key. Puzzling is relaxing.

Jan 6-
^My sweet, sleepy girl already tired and napping in between our errands. 
^Poor Madison has some kind of rash on her face. It's not bugging her, but it looks bad. :(

Jan 7-
^Thank you Daniel Tiger. :)
^I appreciate the educational shows she watches that encourage good potty behavior. :)
^ Kai was invite to go sled with cute Ruby.

Jan 9-
^Superhero Super Saturday for work. Always super motivating and inspirational. 
^We got together to celebrate Mom, and went and did a little puzzle time together. Our gifts these days are time together. 

Jan 10-
^ This little peanut is now a SUNBEAM! And she definitely brings light and joy.
^For Mama's birthday I had to make her her favorite- sugar cookies. :)

^We are not big TV watchers. We have few shows we like anymore, but decided we would watch the last season of American Idol. :)

Jan 12-
^My pretty little girl all dressed up with nowhere to go. 
^Activity Days service activity. We made lasagnes for a few families in the neighborhood that needed a favor.
^We love how much he loves Karate. And he has a great teacher. We are not looking to outdo anyone or take it too serious. Kai just likes it.

Jan 13-
^Utah is so pretty! The skies beckon me for pics even if they don't do the real view justice. ;)
^Still doing hair. Fun set up. Looks a little complicated, right?
^Awesome daddy took the kids to ski!
^Yay!! Love to watch them learn and gain confidence. They are getting to experience some pretty great things.

Jan 14-
^This cutie usually wants the same thing as mama. Freshest jam I've ever had. :)
^So amazing! I earned a free cruise with my work for hitting my goals and helping people start their fitness journey. This job is really the perfect fit. I love how it's helped my focus and I love the opportunities it provides. Cruisin' in March!! Yay!

Jan 15-
^ Just like a little baby bird at Texas Roadhouse with peanuts. 

Jan 16-
^We have to get out and let these kiddos burn some energy. :) Love family outings.

Jan 16-
^Celebrating with Lisa. Friend support. Be the kind of friend you want to have.

Jan 17-
^Thanks for capturing this Ed. Sometimes bedtime can be stressful, but there are nights that I enjoy it. Prayers, story and song almost every night.

Jan 21-
^Bunko prizes to keep my toesies warm. :) GNOutlet. 
Jan 22-
^"Look mommy!" I did the whole puzzle! :)
^My sis is a magic maker. Lightened it up a little. Always love my hair. Thanks Cam!
Jan 23-
^ We got lunch for my Bday. :) Love Bday month! ;)

Jan 24-
^Maintaining loss and feeling healthy is pretty great! Except when your clothes get a little baggy!
^We hosted family dinner and made homemade chicken noodle soup and corn chowder. I substituted a healthier ingredient... :)
Jan 25-
^Fun to get together and jam with these guys.

Jan 26-
^These little buddies hang out while we exercise.  Cuties.
^I got spoiled today! Kristen came over and made me a homemade healthy lunch and acas bowl. Rebecca sent me chocolate fruit. Lisa brought me cookies and Kris brought me cake. They know me well! :)
^In the evening, Ed took me to dinner at Cafe Madrid with the hanks and surprised me with 2 major gifts. Tickets to Dixie Chicks this fall and a new computer for work! Wonderful gifts to be thrilled about!
^Then we played some games. :)

Jan 27-
^Ed got to go to career day at the kids school and teach about his job. The kids loved seeing a cow heart.

Jan 28-
^I got to be celebrated by these sweet friends at Cheesecake Factory. So nice!

Jan 29-
^It felt like time for a getaway. Short stint to Vegas should do the trick.
^The kids loved swimming in winter. It wasn't super warm, but they didn't care.
^We always got to Hash House. So creative. Giant portions though! Ed's face says it all!

Jan 30-
^We love Egg and I in Vegas. Staple.
^Went and explored the Hershey store.
^Hello vegas! We only had to shelter the kids eyes every now and then.
^More swimming. :)
^They love to be tossed!
^Good trip!
^Why Vegas in January? Why not?
^Pizza is always a family hit!
Headed back to chill, but ice cream first!

Jan 31-
^The weather driving home was pretty yuck! Ice crusted car, but we were just ahead of the storm luckily. Super slippery. Great way to end out January.

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