Friday, November 11, 2016

February 2016

Feb 2-
^Photo bombed by the cat. :) I'm glad. Cute picture. I take photos of food a lot for work in an effort to help with healthy food option ideas for clients.
^Girls night! Tuesday nights are only $5, so we use it as an excuse to go out together. Crepes are a total weakness for me at the theater.
^Love these ladies! We invite a whole slew of women in the neighborhood every time. We always get a different crowd. 

Feb 3-
^Madison and her buddy Timmy holding hands, walking out of preschool.

Feb 4-
^Madison and I attend the library story time. Good excuse to get out of the house. Sometimes she is super shy in the class and just wants to sit in my lap.
^Ed and his buddy went to a concert. He cooperates and takes pic for me. Gotta have his life too!

Feb 5-
^Sarah had her Chinese program. We are always so impressed with her progress in Chinese.

Feb 6-
^We love it when the kids get imaginative and play together. All dressed up...
^We met up with the Katz to celebrate their new move to UT!
^I kind of can't believe it! But we are so excited!!
^Donuts are DANGEROUS and oh SO good!

Feb 7-
^Madison helping in primary as one of the reverent children. :)
^Went to mamas for a puzzle. Love visiting and listening to music while we puzzle.

Feb 9-
^Marybeth came into town after moving to Denver. Eating is always a great way to celebrate a wonderful neighbor.

Feb 11-
^Class Valentines Day parties. Sarah did a great job on her V-day box. A black kitty, just like Auz.

Feb 12-
^PROM DAY! We look forward to it every year! What a wonderful tradition, and Brio does a great job for our large group. Good quality and quantity of food. Yum!
^50's theme this year. New cheap dress. Fun to get in character and dress in a different decade. Cami did my hair. 
^Some of the party peeps! Love our neighborhood friends that come. We invite all. Ogdens, Parkers, Prices, Gilchrists, US, Spens, Holmes, Yeates,  and Hawes.
^Millers, Stephans, Huntsmans, Strongs, Briggs, Mayfields, and Johnsons.
^Group photo! Thanks everyone for the participation!

After dinner we take pics, do a group lip-sync, watch prerecorded lip syncs provided by the daring guests. :) Then we dance! Always wonderful memories.

Here's our 2016 vid:

Feb 13-
^Ang and I went to a work training in Idaho where Sagi spoke and then we did a group work out. I love the motivation and encouragement I feel at these events. It's such a great job! Then we drove home in super foggy conditions.
^Ed took the kids out for dinn while I was gone.
^When I got back- the Hanks came for games, and of course, candy. ;)

Feb 14-
^Sarah has a knack for art. Madison gave a talk and was the spotlight. Ed and I just got a pic because we are sweethearts and it's Valentines Day. :)
^ Valentines called for some heart sugar cookies. We do cookies about every other month now. 
^Budding artist. And uber cute!

Feb 15-
^The best daddy- spending time taking the kids up on the mountain.
^Looks chilly! Love it when quality time is spent and experiences and memories are made.

Feb 16-
^Sleepy girl today! Fell asleep twice. Once at Costco with mom, then later at Kai's karate. Yes I'm wearing exercise clothes and Uggs. So fashionable.

Feb 17-
^Linds came in town. Always a good excuse to exercise together and do hair. :) Love company!

Feb 18-
^Daddy daughter date just because. Daddy first!

^Then Sar bear.
^Score daddy! Special time, and ice cream! Yum!

Feb 19-
^This boy asks for shakes for breakfast all the time. He knows what's good for him. Happy to pass this on to the kids.

Feb 20-
^The kids have started to like going on runs with me. I like the company.
^A lunch to celebrate Deb's bday.
^Instead of having a Christmas party-when live is crazy busy, Ed's work does a later party. Great night. Catered dinner and a fun activity bowling. Thanks heart team!

Feb 21-
^Family dinn. A new baby, Hazel, to celebrate and hold. :) The kids at their little tables.

Feb 22-
^Kai guy is losing some teeth! He hates them being pulled at all. They have to fall out on their own. Takes forever! :)

Feb 23-
^Some of our BFF's- the Hanks joined us on Ed's work trip. So glad! Fun to have them along. Yay Florida! We went for a steak dinner to start off with a bang, and then walked around a little. Beautiful night!

Feb 24-
^Play day at Universal Studios! We got rained on pretty quick, but the lines, and the lack thereof were amazing!! Harry Potter world was so fun!
^Pancho fun!
^Love how comfortable we are together! Fun to take silly pics!
^Like this!
^These guys wanted to get wet. We didn't...:)
After Universal we went out for Mexican food.
^Our wonderful friends at home took care of our littles. Great to see they are having a good time and are okay without us for a bit.

Feb 25-
^More pics of the kids being happy.
^We went back for more.
^Good times! As long as we have drugs to get rid of our motion sickness! :)
^Daily Universal sign pic.
^An upside down house.
^Someone suggested we do this. The pizza was like floppy cardboard pizza. Not great, but the Magician was cool. :)

^Dinner wasn't the most satisfying- so we ended up doing a little shopping, and going to get some apps and dessert in a restaurant with a live band. It was so fun! They were great entertainers and Ed sneakily made me get up on stage and sing a song with them. Life's too short. Gotta have fun and enjoy the moment and let go!

Feb 26-
^More pics of the kids. Our friends were so awesome to help out!
^Intermission of conference. Some ping pong. Not bad!
^Then back to Universal one last time. 

^In the evening we went to Blue man group. It was entertaining. Very different, but interesting enough. :)
^Some of the weirdos in the show.
^These two...just fun! Bring out the good in each other.

Feb 27-
^Food was pretty good. Breakfast at the hotel most every morning with the same server.
^Boxed lunches from the conference most every day. Not bad, laying out while working and relaxing.
^Had to see Amanda! It's been so long! Cheer days. We got yogurt and caught up. Fun to see her.
^Our last night pic. :) We would get in jammies and play games in the lobby. 

Feb 28-
^Breakfast in the morn. I started getting sick. At least it waited until the end of the trip!

Feb 29-
^The kids always love the prizes they get when we come home from trips. Cuties. Happy to be back to them.
^Full blown sick. Time to recover from vacay. :)

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