Saturday, December 17, 2016

March 2016

March 2-
 ^Litte Mads gets in her jammies any chance she can no matter if we get her dressed or not. Little sunshine just prefers comfort. I understand. Ed sent me flowers just because. Unexpected and sweet. Sometimes we have a hard time finding playdates for Kai, so every now and then I clue in and try and spend more time. Trying.

March 3-
^Took the kids to the library. We try and get out. Always happy once we do. Snuggle time on the couch with dad. 

 March 4-
^Zoo passes keep us motivated to get out. It's a little trek, but one of the activities we try for during off track time. 

March 5-
Austin got baptized. Happy to support these wonderful friends!

March 7-
 ^Rubbing off on the kids. It's fun to watch them do what we do unprovoked. Shakes for all!
 ^Madison wanted donuts for her birthday snack to bring. :) Mini ones. Just like her.
 ^She likes ponies and chocolate. So we bought the delicious Costco cake and made a fence and put ponies inside. :) Our cute 4 year old! Time flies!
 ^She picked Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner. She was just adorable.
^This makes me happy!

March 8-

^Bubbles before the discovery museum seemed like a good idea.
 ^Traditional ice cream when we're done playing. Good day to celebrate Mads.
^She is such a joy to all that know her. Happy birthday for a happy girl. She is the best example to me.

March 10-
^So grateful for these ladies that help keep me accountable. Doing anything with people is totally preferred. 
^Dinosaur museum with friends. 
^Visiting Aunt Cami at the salon quick.
^Sarah's first purchase with her own money. :) Some fashion glasses.
^Surviving a cleanse before the cruise. 3 days. It's a good thing to do at least once a year I think.

March 11-
^Saying goodnight/goodbye to my cuties having a sleepover in Sarah's room.
^ to Florida for an earned incentive trip from work!

March 12-
^I can bring my works with me. We did Shayla's hair quick in the hotel room before we headed to the boat. 
 ^At home, Ed took the kids up the mountain for a ski day. :) Cold vs. hot.
^Neat to have a whole cruise ship dedicated to our company. First night was chill. Laying out, getting settled and the buffet dinner and free pina coladas.

March 13-
 ^Work and play. Work first! Beachbody peeps wake up early to work out. :) Fun to see Tony Horton, the trainer from P90X. It was the first program that sold me on the possibilities of transformation.

 ^To the Bahamas! The boat parked and we sat on the beach all day. Relaxing for sure.
^We got dinner in the dining room and the food was delicious! Much better than the buffet. Then we sat for the nightly entertainment- an a'capella group. It was very entertaining. Of course I get my dessert fix wherever I go. ;) Balance! Shayla and I danced a little to end out the night. Good times!

March 14-
^It's windy on the top of a ship! Good work outs though!
Fun to have no big plan. Chillin in the sun and eating. Check! Feeling fortunate. I never imagined this, but I'm happy about it.
^Grandma helped at home. Wouldn't be possible without help. The kids love the time. Thanks Marianne!
 ^Another wonderful dinner. Fun to get all dressed up.
^Disco party after dinner! And then we pranked people with a fart machine. Yep! That mature. It was hilarious! Fun, free, humor.

March 15-
Welcome to Jamaica! We did a fun tour for the day. On the busses to climb the waterfalls.
 ^Got our water shoes, hiked in the waterfalls (no phones) and stopped afterwards for some authentic jerk chicken for lunch. Then back to the boat. Beautiful wide open scene.
 ^Afternoon work out? Okay! Every day! Especially when you eat like this. ;)
A wonderful dinner in the dining room. Everything I tried was yum. We/I danced a little after. Dancing makes me happy and it rarely happens anymore.

March 16-
^ Seeing all these healthy people makes me happy. Definitely a different kind of cruise. I tried eggs over-easy for the first time. Mostly because I wanted real eggs and it was the only way at the buffet. ;) Work out then breakfast every day!
^Ang took us for pedi's on the ship. So nice. Except that my feet were burned! The only place I forgot sunscreen. Whoops! I survived.
^These two became some great new friends. We get along well. Happy we met from this opportunity.
^Chick pics. Last night on the cruise! And then we fart machined again. :)

March 17-
^St. Patty's and baking bread with grandma for the kids at home. They are getting some experience I don't give them much of. That's what grandma's are for. Thanks!
In Florida we got off the boat and took a rental car to the beach for the day before we had to hop on flights. Shayla's husband, Chase, aka "sherpa" of the trip did a good job helping all of us girls. I found plenty of surprise selfies on my phone from when he was taking pics of all of us. hahaha! Must have felt left out.
^What a great way to end the trip. :)
 ^Flight was pretty miserable. I was freezing!!! And they only offer blankets to first class now. Sheesh! The airline destroyed my bag on the way in, but luckily we had a sherpa to fix it to get me by. Glad to be back home!

March 18- 
^ Cute little Mads had her 4 year old well check and passed with flying colors. She's still a tiny.

March 19-
^Check out that bed head!! :) 
 ^Planting tulips and daffodils before it gets too warm. So fun to add to the yard each year.
^I can always count on this girl to go on a run with me! Thanks Meg!
Date night with the Hanks! Dinner and race cars. Fun, something new, and then games. 

March 21-
  ^Classic skating with the kids. They love it!! It's empty during off track time.
^This little miss drew a bad card with teeth. Had to have a rotten one pulled, darn it!

March 23-
^Madison at her school easter party, and Kai lost another bottom tooth!

March 24-
^ It's been a productive off track time. We visited the zoo. Kai always finds and interesting way to ride the carousel...
^After the zoo we checked and daddy had a break at the hospital where we could go visit him. There was a neat robot frozen yogurt machine that the kids loved! 
 ^After the zoo we raced home for activity days. :)

March 25-
^Grandma took Mads on a date for her birthday. :) I've started requesting dates/memories with grandparents instead of toys. The kids love it!
^Friday nights we watch movies and dad makes popcorn. Fave!

March 26-
^ Sarah had her first piano recital.
^Sarah is old enough to go to church meetings with me now. Fun to have a buddy. :)

March 27-
^Happy Easter! I love when have something festive to dress for. New swimsuits this year. :)
^Must color eggs! These are the traditions I remember from my childhood.

March 28-
^There are many a day that Mads is in jammies all day and I'm in work out clothes for the day. We don't care. We snuggle. She is great at it.

March 29-
^Ed went skiing with his friend, Eric, from work. He knows I like to post pics of his life too. I just take more. :)
^Capturing this cute girl with her new fashion glasses. I think she looks cute. I'm glad she has her own style and confidence.

March 31- 
^Library time with Mads. It may not be long, but it's something to break up the day.
^Grateful for a job that gives me purpose, keeps me accountable, contributes to our fun and helps me help others find more health.

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