Friday, December 8, 2017

November 2017

Nov 2-
^Never a shortage of attention. She blends right in. :)
^Monique is moving away to Vegas. Nothing to celebrate about, but I've always been sentimental and needed to send her off knowing what a wonderful friend she is.

Nov 3-
^Steph and I took the kids to a dollar movie- Cars 3. Even if movies are more than a dollar now, and the extras add up, it's worth the time together being entertained. 
^My precious sleeping growing babes.

Nov 4-
^Some more naturally made cookies that are a little healthier and GF. Four ingredients. Any effort counts!
^Just the kids and I. Daddy is taking a break on a guys trip. We hit Thanksgiving Point and then watched a movie together.

Nov 5-
^The guys went to a game and the beach. Not much of an agenda besides chillin, beach and food. A nice deserved break.

Nov 6-
^Same old routines. Home exercises and shakes and then being a mommy helper in Madison's Kindergarten. They are so adorable and innocent. Love to watch them learn.

Nov 7-
^She comes down while I exercise and oft times wants to do what I do. She can do more than me! Strong girl, keep it up!
^The kids did mini Minerettes dance class to support our friend. I think every parent loves watching their kids participate and perform.

Nov 8-
^Why does every kid want to buy things at the book fair?! I did too. They beg, so we usually let them buy one thing, or let them use their own money to purchase.

Nov 9-
^Such good helpers. Just like her fill in big sisters.
^Photoshoot for these adorable smiles.

Nov 11-
^Never too busy to help a friend move! Glad you are closer Steph! Hopefully this is the last move for a while. :)
^Thanks for opening your home to fit me in for a touch up on roots Cam! Such a giver.
^Birthday standard Flemmings date. Thanks for joining us friends!

Nov 13-
^More classtime help. I wasn't able to do this for the older kids as much. Definitely some perks to being the youngest.
^Still making efforts to get together for birthdays periodically. Thanks old, but gorgeous, young and vibrant friends!

Nov 14-
^Plank challenge always delivers!

Nov 15-
^Beautiful skies worth pictures.
^Happy birthday #42 to daddy! Breakfast to start the day and his favorite homemade pumpkin pie to end the day!

Nov 16-
^Another Ray day success. Plenty of snuggles still.
^New phones are always fun. Doesn't he look super jazzed? Nerdball.
^New neato phone tricks. Toys change shape but never go away.

Nov 17-
^Always YES to exercise company. Cutest kind!
^A visit from Jenn! International living in London will make visits more scarce. Thanks for making some time to connect! Gives us all a chance to get together when someone visits.

Nov 18-
^A last minute run to support the A(Andy) to B(Brock) Half Marathon. I was sore by the end, but it was a beautiful run and fun to be with friends for a great work out.

Nov 20-
^She cooperates. Naptime!

Nov 21-
^I made a goal to bring peace to one day for a couple hours each month. It's been a rough few months with discontent. The quiet is so much needed in a messy world. Setting goals is always a good thing. I love these kinds of motivations and feelings for good.

Nov 22-
^We went up to have Ed's ENT friend look in the kids mouths. Fun to peak into the big part of his life once in a while. Thanks for the bread and butter babe.

Nov 23-
^Turkey trot! So thankful for a capable body and mind. Up and around the lake to burn some before the feast.
^Nothing compares to homemade rolls. The one day I have no problem sacrificing the time. Good food is just life!
^I like getting all dressed up for special occasions and love making the kids looks a little extra special too.
^A beautiful sky to look at while we eat and visit.
^Marianne always has a grand spread complete with China from China!
^We aren't really big shoppers, but we ran out and grabbed a few things.

Nov 24-
^Trax to temple square. Going early this year and making it a special adventure.
^We met up with cousins for dinner. Super crowded!
^A big crowd to stick with, but we made it through and made a memory.
^So glad they are mine. Best unit to learn together.

Nov 25-
^Dinner and a movie just because.

Nov 27-
^Lash extensions are pretty great and low maintenance, but so are breaks and naturalness. Taking a break.
^Awarded her calculator for counting to 100! Yay! Progress!
^SO necessary every 6 months for these mouths! We do our best to keep them clean, but they still always need it so much!

^Decorating the tree tradition. We always try and make it a bonding experience.

^Fun to see ornaments that represent our lives and interests. Also love all the symbols of Christmas.

Nov 28-
^Helping make the community festive. Cute snuggly Auz. Exactly how I feel at night. :)

Nov 30-
^Multitasking. Nice work watching after-school TV while feeding Ray on my lap, Kai. Hahaha!

^A quick trip for the guys to celebrate Steve in AZ.