Friday, December 8, 2017

September 2017

September 1-
^I needed to test this to see how I felt. Hashimotos books suggest I not have wheat or sugar and basically live this way, so I committed to one month. It was rough, but I did it, and it's obvious our bodies are better off eating Paleo. I'm just not sure I can do it long term. I do feel great though, and gained some extra confidence as going a day without sugar is usually a feat. Definitely motivating. You can do anything you put your mind to.
^To celebrate day 1 off of paleo living we celebrated at Swiss Days with scones! Yum!! Love this tradition and the kids are starting to love yodeling just as much as me. ;)

Sept 2-
^17 miles would have been much longer if Tami didn't show up for me. Thanks for being a great friend Tam!
^After running I wanted to take the kids for an acai bowl since they hadn't had one. Mostly I just wanted one, but it was a yummy healthier way to refuel after a long run. These always sound good to me.
^Pool day with the kids. Making shade with towel forts. :)
^She love art and painting!
^All the kids get a Lagoon Birthday with just mom and dad. She got to pick the list of rides we rode.
^We drove the go-carts for the first time and she loved them! Love you Sarah bear.
^Mmmm. Food. We made BLTA's for the Harman fam. Everyone got along great and we played outside.

Sept 4-
^Thanks for the pre-tri ride Heidi! Too bad the dump smell killed our ride! :)
^Last day Laguna beach is open, so we went on a short hike and hit the wet rides. :)

Sept 5-
^Great sunrise! Kristen went with me to find these pieces we have been looking to add to the house. Decorating is slow going, but it so fun to see it come together. I have had NO surfaces to decorate. Extra storage is always helpful too. Love newness.

Sept 6-
^Grammy took Sarah for an overnighter for her birthday. I love the quality time they get to spend as her gift. More memorable than any gift I have heard of.

Sept 7-
^What a ham. Happy girl just loves to discover, and she brought her light on a day I needed it. Kids are blessings.

Sept 8-
^Ed and his work peeps. I love to see this! What a fun bunch of friends and health professionals.
^Driving to Sand Hollow for the tri with these gals. DQ was needed for tri fuel. :) Ha!

Sept 9-
^Ed had an early morning speech that his work friends so nicely supported. Later he took the kids for burgers and shakes.
^Ready or not...
^...we came and killed it! Weather cooperated and was perfect! I improved my time by a couple minutes. I just always want to improve.
^Thanks to our friend supporters and all the ladies that trained together. #fitfriends! Glad to have it over! Exhale.
^We celebrated later with dinner and Mamma Mia at Tuacahn theater. Loved it.

Sept 11-
^We grabbed dinner to celebrate Cam's day and just chatted about every day life. Having each other is the best. Love you Cam!
^Practice updo's for a wedding. Love pushing my limits and trying new things. Glad people ask and trust me to try. :)
^Best daddy. Took a break from lawn mowing to take Madison to the pool for one of the last warm days. He noticed things I don't and fills in all the cracks. Grateful for a partner that understands teamwork. Trade off and balance so everyone feels fulfilled.

Sept 12-
^He gets better and better as he understand more and practices. Good job buddy!

Sept 13-
^I went to lunch today with Tawni. Funny that he and Ed went to a high school dance together 20ish years ago. :)

Sept 14-
^18 miles today. That's definitely a first for me. Saw the kids on their way to school on my way. Thanks for your support Ed! Glad it's over. A mental accomplishment as well as physical. Went great considering.

Sept 15-
^We're off! Ed's parents celebrate 50 years together this year, so we planned a big celebration in Hawaii. :) Most all of the family was there for this special occasion. :) Never too old for coloring. I mostly do it on planes to pass time.
^We made it! Wow! Paradise. Kauai. Aloha! Great first day. Ed got a jeep for the trip. We saw turtles on the beach. It's going to be a good week!

Sept 16-
^The kiddies are well taken care of at home. Uncle Aaron used his creative art skills on the kids pancakes this morn. :) Thanks for helping fam!
^Doing all sorts of fun stuff. Nails!
^Today we hiked the Na Pali coast to a waterfall. 8 miles total and about 7 hours of hiking. 
^We're beat, but what an amazing way to fill up the day with family! I'm not always adventurous, but how memorable when I am! I got in cold water and swam in a waterfall because when else will I do it?
^Art lessons from Uncle Aaron back at home. The kids like it when we travel. ;)
^We went out and grabbed gelato and played around on Snapchat. :)

Sept 17-
^We made breakfast at the condo and got gussied up for church sacrament meeting.
^After church we headed out to the lava tube, lunch, the beach and JoJo shaved ice. Mmm!
^Then we went to another beach, and out to dinner with everyone. :) These rainbows and views are gorg!

Sept 18-
^6.2 miles today, since I know that's what's going to kill me for my upcoming marathon! It was hot, but I did it! Even on vacay! I helps me more than it hurts me! Hopefully now I will have less that "hangs loose"! ;)
^Back home my friend Alicia is entertaining the kids so well! Couldn't be here without all the help. So grateful! Thanks friends!
^Great day at Queen's bath!
^Free and chill day, lunch and a crepe and going with the flow.

Sept 19-
^Today we did a boat tour of the Na Pali coast and the island of Nihau. 
^What an amazing coast!
^With my sweetie pie.
^We snorkeled and the boys scubaed.
Every day has been filled with amazement and gorgeous views and memorable time with family. We miss the kids, but this is pretty darn distracting. Trips are such a relationship builder.
^Yep! We went to McD's for a snack after the boat. We watched The Founder on our flight in and it made us crave a burger. Also pretty unique to HI, they had taro pie instead of apple. I love taro root, so of course I had to try. Taro yogurt is better. :)
^Then we drove of Waimea Canyon and the views were pretty darn amazing. The rainbows made it even cooler and the roosters of course. ;)
^I love it!

Sept 20-
^Surf lesson for the 4 of us. We all got up and had some nice rides. :) When in Hawaii...
^The kiddies back at home with ducks...
^...and us with roosters! Birds are just fun I guess.
^This afternoon everyone came and we kayaked down the Wailua River and hiked to Secret Falls. Every day wears us out. I haven't felt this sleepy in a long while. We just feel like we have to take advantage of all these activities on this beautiful island. It has been much more scheduled than we planned on. Going out with a bang for our last trip of the year.
^We grabbed some shaved ice-not all are created equal. Later Ed and I went and tried Puka Dog. Delicious if you're a hot dog liker. Which I am.:)

Sept 21-
^It's great having a job I can easily do on vacay. Still supporting my ladies with stretchtember group. :)
^Thanks Leanne! Fun at home!
^We tubed down the irrigation canals. Good times!
We tried a new shaved ice. My second fave. Love the scenery.
^Tonight we went to a luau and wore all the Hawaiian get up we bought at Costco our first day. :)
^So many gorgeous varieties of flowers.
^Fun luau pic!

Sept 22-
^Kai's name isn't hawaiian specific to him, Danish from us, but fun to have his name where we were staying. We had to go back for one more JoJo's shaved ice. Yum!
^More gorgeous flowers!
^Last night we met up at Duke's for yummy dinner and hula pie! Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate your 50 years together Harman's! Mahalo!
^I scored and got a seat where i could stretch my legs completely and actually slept most of this overnight flight! Yes!

Sept 23-
^Good to see these little faces! They got t-shirts and ukulele's for their prizes. :)
^Nicole and I took the girls to General Women's Conference for some great counsel and then yogurt after.

Sept 24-
^Helping in this cuties class. :) I always wished my mom could be a class helper. 

Sept 26-
^She's a good sport to support her siblings. :)
^Way to go Kai guy!

Sept 27-
^BeUTAHful run!

Sept 28-
^Guaranteed she ends up being her babysitter. The kids love having Ray over. So cute. #babyfill

Sept 29-
^Lunch on the lawn at school with the kids. Mama came and worked in the yard for 5 hours dividing plants and such. :) 
^Date night!

Sept 30-
^What an angel baby! Love my Mads and naps.

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