Friday, December 8, 2017

August 2017

August 2-
^Kristen always brings me new ideas to try and they always turn out. Pretty lady!

August 3-
 ^Ray babe just chilling with the kids. We got the toy bins out. My kids loved playing with their old stuff.
^August I decided to go paleo for the month. No sugar, dairy, wheat or soy. Can eat meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds. The food has been decent.

August 4-
^Today Kristen and I ran 10 miles at the lake. Nice job girl!
New hair for Shayla! Yay! Love it when she visits! She gets a side of me most people don't. :)
^Madison's date night at "The Goon" as she calls it, since she didn't get to go for her birthday in March. Make up day. She loved all the attention and we love to give it to her. All smiles, this girl.

August 5-
 ^Kai chose to get baptized today. We are sure this is a choice that will bring him great direction, growth, comfort, peace, trials and blessings to grow from. 
 ^The after party set up.
^Thank you for the support family and friends. It's going to be a great year!
 ^Kai has a great spirit. Eight is great!
^Bollinger reunion! Uncle Bruce got us all Swiss shirts to wear. These are the cousins we grew up going on trips with. Love to see them all and the growth in our family. Thanks for hosting Heather and Rob!
^Busy day! After the reunion we rushed to our neighborhood carnival party I helped with over the past couple of weeks. Booths, train, face painting, food trucks, cotton candy, snow cones and games. It was a huge success. We are tired!

August 6-
^I never mind matching my girls. :) Triplet hair!

August 7-
 ^Swimming is definitely a challenge, but must happen for the tri coming up.

 August 8-
 ^We did Heather's hair and then she helped me make paleo brownies for trade. They are delicious and will get me by during the paleo month. dates, nuts, honey, coconut oil and cocoa.
^Every night after dinner we have fruit. We ate outside tonight. It was a beautiful night, as you can see.
 ^Band practice. Gearing up for Cherry Hill at the end of the month. :)

August 9-
^Tri training in full swing. Early morning bike ride today. 20 miles. :) Gorgeous views, friends and rainbows.

August 10-
 ^Lazy kitty always finds the sunny spot. Jealous!
 ^When having rolls is cute. :) Fun day at the pool. The Caldwell's joined us and I can still get Ray to sleep. :)
^We joined the Linton's for Joseph at Hale tonight. Thank you friends! Shows and friends are the best!

August 11-
^Sweet Afton came for a hair appointment. I'm so glad! Super fond of the CA friend now living in Thailand. Love her spunk and excitement for life. Great to catch up too. It's like therapy. Grateful hair keeps me in contact with so many friends.

August 12-
^Michelle drug me along for 12 miles today. Not sure what was up, but I felt super weak and lightheaded today. It was rougher than usual. Thanks friend! After running I got nauseous for some reason, but was able to sleep it off and never lost my cookies.
^Tonight we got Mexican food with friends and went and saw Dunkirk. So hard not to eat chips! The fajitas were good though. I brought paleo treats and cashews to the movie to get me by. Thanks Bill and Nikki!

August 14-
^Lizzy and Cam's came and swam at the pool today! Yay!
 ^We last hung in the Dominican in March. Tsunami and then Wonder Woman with these buddies.

August 15-
^Punch brothers, I'm With Her, and some Nickel Creek with Melissa, Justin, Bri and Phil. It was freezing, but great. We love live music!

August 16-
^More riding. I don't do it enough. I like it.
^This kitty, Auz...:) Whiny!
^Karalynne helped me with some swimming strokes to help with efficiency. I have a lot to work on! Liking the wetsuit buoyancy!
^I met Shayla downtown and we did the church history museum, the Christus and walked the temple grounds with her fam. I can't believe we haven't done some of that yet. We will have to do it again.

August 17-
 ^When friends come in town, it's open door policy. I'm good seeing friends whenev. Especially at the pool. Caldwells came to hang again.
 ^I'm not good at my own ideas, but I'm good at recreating other's ideas. :) We made Sarah's birthday party invites tonight. I think they are cute.
^Yay! Friends! Maren and Shayla came with me as subs to Bunko tonight. :) Picked Maren up at the airport and went straight there. I love friend time.

August 18-
^Ed took the kids to Lagoon for the day while I headed off with the girls. Awesome dad! Winning their hearts by letting them try Coke. Stinker. ;)
^We met up for our first stop at the Timpanogos temple. Great to be there with friends. After we got lunch at CoreLife, Nekter, shopping, tacos for dinner and then we sleep at Kaylee's before our race.

August 19-
^We woke up in time, but GPS took us some weird ways and we almost missed getting up to the race. We ended up riding up with the race coordinators. Race went well. Kristen rocked it! It was a great experience to help her complete this goal and so fun to see her family at the end for her. She worked so hard through pain.
^Ed went boating with Stew and Nicole with the kids. Bummer I had to miss. Looks like they had fun. :)
^After the race we drove straight to breakfast at Cubby's. These sweet girls are accommodating my paleo needs. Not ideal for a girls trip I'm sure. After breakfast we went to an awesome place for pedicures. Best idea ever! It felt so good after just having run. Might be a new tradition.
 ^We drove to Park City and checked into our hotel and went to the pool for a minute. After a while we got dinner at Vessel Kitchen which is awesome, and that was pretty much it. :) My paleo bars are keeping me alive. :) Missed out on the ice cream tonight.

August 20-
^My cuties all ready for church. Ed's doing just fine.
^We went to an early meeting and it was really good. Then we got breakfast and went back to the hotel and relaxed/napped at the pool. Mare and I got these lips at an old candy store when we were in WA last month together.
^Later we got Mexican food. I drooled at their nachos. :)
^Then we drove up Guardsmans pass for a beautiful view and some pics. 9 years of these trips. That's so long! We got a cop to take our pics. It was pretty funny...
 ^Breaks are fun, but these pics make me grateful for what I have at home. Cute girls.
^These face masks basically waxed our faces. :) Ouch! It was a super fun process though. Tears from laughing and the pain. Ha!
^These impromptu vids are exactly why I love girls trips.
^Peeling them off. Painful! Beauty is pain.
 ^Like I was saying- beauty is pain people.
^Snapchat might be the best thing ever created. These filters make everything more fun.
^So glad these girls can let loose and have fun.
^We all like to sing and be cheesy fun and immature. Keeps us young. Love these girls as much as these documenting vids.

August 21-
^Happy birthday Kristen! Acai bowls are her fave, so that's what we got for breakfast.
^After we dropped Kristen off at home, Mare and I snagged some eclipse glasses and I took her to her Mom's. :) Poor Ed had to work indoors for the day, but he still wore some glasses for kicks. ;)
^I made it home just in time to see the Eclipse with the kids. Missed you Daddy!

August 22-
^Back to school haircuts! Cutest kids!
^We had a special night for "the talk". She's growing up so quick! It went well. :)

August 23-
^These signs always make me laugh.
^First day of school!
^We love fresh starts!
^Not as many peaches this year, but nothing like having a tree right in your back yard!
^Cam's came to hang for a bit. We always love visitors. Especially these cuties.

August 24- Sarah's Birthday
^Love our beautiful Sarah. Can't believe she is double digits! We celebrated her by eating lunch with her at school. Later I brought cookies for her class. Sarah is smart, loves to sing, loves art, piano, acting, healthy food, and is super social. We get an occasional eye roll, but overall Sarah is happy and a great first born. Happy 10th!

August 25-
^This shorty wet suit helped shave off 5 minutes of my time! Win! 5 minutes less in the water is preferred. ;)

^This party swallowed up the day, but it's always worth it to bring it all together for your child's one special day of the year. Harry Potter party! It was actually pretty simple with the help of friends. Golden Snitches out of Ferrer Roche Lightning bolt cupcakes, Butter Beer (cream soda), I made a sorting hat from a paper garbage sack and a sharpie, We used a Darth Vader piñata and covered it with some $2 black cloth from Walmart, wrote on the mirror with glass markers and borrowed the brick wall from a friend. The only thing I bought were the flags for each house at the costume store.
^Fun party pics and photo booth

^Nice job girls!
^Our fun fam! Cute glasses Sar!
^These were our Quiddich teams. They were sorted by food coloring and sprite in cups based on where they sat.
^Sarah got a beanie boo owl for one of her gifts. The girls played Bingo with Berty Botz, they took shots at the dementor piñata, and played the candy bar game. Successful party! Thanks for celebrating with Sarah, friends.

August 26-
^Thanks for joining me friends! 14 miles by the end.

^The band usually meets for dinner before our shows. :) The kids got slushes before our show.
^Cold Storage at Cherry Hill. This is a fun gig!
^Action shots!
^Rock on!
^Fun night guys! 2 gigs was fun this year.
^Fun group shot.

August 27-
^Sundays are the perfect reason to get dressed up.
^We had another old neighborhood reunion. Probably the last one for a while.
^Thanks to those who made the effort to come. Fun to see old friends.
^She found these wax lips in a drawer. So funny.

August 28-
^I took them to one of my favorite treat places for FHE. Nekter. Yum!

August 29-
^Random pics of the kids. Madison is graduating from her 5 point harness carseat to a regular one. Big day! Kai had his yearly well check and he is doing great. Sarah made a pillow from her birthday.
^We went up to Jordanelle for a practice open water swim. Glad we got one in. It made me feel more confident for the trip in a couple weeks!

August 30-
7 miles at the lake today. Solo. Beautiful views.
^Madison got her official cut for back to school since she starts a week later.

August 31-
^KG!! This is totally her element. She's going to share some of her sunshine for a couple hours a day. Enjoy, sweet thing!
^Sending one kid off to school and now watching this little one. They grow up fast! 

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