Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sarah had a couple "firsts" last night that I wanted to share.
-She slept for 12 hours straight for the first time(5pm to 5am. Sarah averages between 8-11 hours sleep time every night. Great for her... and me!! :) She loves her sleep at night...still working on the day naps. :)
-She somehow turned herself completely around in her crib without coming out of her blanket or waking up. :) Little wiggler...we'll have to be more careful since she's starting to move around...rolling over, doing 180's...she's a punkin!!
-Another "first" she had a couple days ago was falling asleep while cuddled into my shoulder. It was the sweetest thing.

Some other new things she likes are:
-Her hands- She's starting to see them and realize they are attached to her.
-Baby Einsteins- She watches intently every morning. :)
-Cooing- She's got all sorts of stories. I love watching her mouth and nose move while she concentrates so hard to get noise to come out. She loves having conversations with mommy and daddy.
-Her thighs- She's getting some nice rolls.(just like her mom j/k) :) Well fed, I say. :)
-Tummy Time- She always seems to be looking up. She has such a strong neck.
-Stretching- She loves it when I stretch her arms and legs to help her become less stiff.
-Baby Bjorn- She loves going on walks in her Bjorn, looking at the sun and trees and feeling the wind on her face. She also likes chillin' with me while I cook and sometimes takes a snooze while in the Bjorn.
-Daddy- It's so sweet to see her face light up when she see's daddy and smiles when she recognizes his glasses.
-Baths- She loves bath/shower time, but absolutely screams every time we take her out of the warm water no matter what time of day. (Much like her Daddy)Must remind her of birth. :)
-Mobiles- The birdies on her swing are definitely her friends.
-Smiling- Much more frequent these days.

Sarah is such a joy!! We love her so much!!


the watkins said...

I remember you talking about books, and what you should or should not do with the baby...but you guys are pros. When we have kids I will have to talk to you about the sleeping. That sounds great! Sounds like things are going well. That is great that your mom was able to come visit!

Julia Wade said...

hmmmm, i wonder where she got those beautiful blue eyes from! :) so fun to see linds. happy birthday to ed today. hope you guys have fun on your little trip!

The Bonham Family said...

Lindz- She is absoutley so cute! I can't believe how much bigger she got just from the last time I saw her. Im so happy for you guy's and looks like you guy's are happy and healthy! Such a darling family. Jen Bonham