Saturday, November 3, 2007

No ZZZ's

No ZZZ's meaning I can't sleep at night! No it's not because of Sarah. She's doing great! She usually goes to bed at 7pm, wakes at 3amish and then again around 7am. She only feeds for about 15 minutes. After her middle night feeding I spend the next 1-2 hours scratching my whole body from head to toe. Poor Ed suffers through the tossing and turning. My insomnia is not because I have an infant, but because I have a cursed skin problem we call eczema. Heaven help me!!


Molly said...

Oh Lindsey! That sounds horrible! You poor thing!

Eve said...

hey lindz..i used to have really bad exzema on my feet and joints (elbows, knees ect) when i was a kid. SUX...i used to scratch my feet until they were raw and i know your pain. You need to use medicated cream and sleep with a thick layer over the affected area covered by tight clothing (to keep the cream in place, such as socks)... have you been to a dermatologist?