Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Month Old Sarah!

New milestones...Sarah is:
-starting to sit up (still wobbley) and stand in her new exersaucer

-loves bath time and started to splash (daddy does baths)
-can grab & hold toys
-is growing more & more hair
-started to laugh and has some ticklish spots
-just noticed she has a thumb & sucks on it sometimes
-has an exciting new scream
-wakes up in the night every once in a while
-is very manageable
-has irregular naps
-eats very well, and likes to stop and look up at me while doing so. SO CUTE!
-size 2 diapers are getting tight
-fits in most 6 month old clothing
-rolls onto her side
-likes to chew on everything
-loves to look at herself in the mirror
-is very alert & friendly
-smiles often
-misses her grandparents & aunts/uncles/cousins and wants them to come visit! hint hint


the watkins said...

Congrats! She looks so cute! That sucks about the DMV, what an ordeal! (oh, and the kidney stones sound like they suck too!)

Heather said...

So so cute!! Hey I am tagging you, get the questions on my blog!!

Julia Wade said...

holy cow, that picture of sarah in the bathtub is TOOOO cute! hope you had an awesome birthday linds.

The Bryner Bunch said...

She is so adorable! I can't believe all of things we have in common as's crazy! I have been a licensed Pharmacist since July 2006, but since I have had Logan, I only work one day a week, which is do-able.

Don't you just love the exersaucer? That is a great invention! They grow too fast it makes me sad:) It was good to hear from you and thank goodness you guys got a nice cop!!! Tickets are the worst!!!

Lish or Coors said...

I love the bath cute!